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Dr Ajay Yadav's Comments

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At 12:17am on June 22, 2010, Heike Kaschek said…
Dear Dr. Yadav,
it is really amazing that we can nowadays learn from friends all over the world. As you will see from my page I am living in Japan at the moment. My native country is the land of Hahnemann. I have recognized by now that many Indian practioners have a very deep
understanding and feeling for homeopathy. What is the reason for this? Looking forward to hearing from you.
Sunny and kind regards from Takasaki

Looking forward to hearing from you and I appreciate your friendship very much.
Kind regards from Takasaki
At 8:24am on June 10, 2010, Dr K Saji said…
Hope I can learn much from u people here....
At 2:25am on May 11, 2010, Renata Biscan said…
thank you aso much Dr Yadav..
At 6:31am on May 10, 2010, Rebecca Brislan said…
Had a hard time answering your message. Good to be back and thankyou. Hope you are well. :)
At 11:17pm on May 4, 2010, abir pramanik said…
hi dr yadav, actually dr kent died before the publication of 6th edition of entire of his philosophy based on 5th there is a chance of certain changes in his philosophy on light of 6th edition..i m trying to search those if anything i find i will inform u n hope u will do so also...
dr abir
At 3:08am on May 1, 2010, Yvonne Siblini said…
Dear Dr. Ajay,

Kaisa hai? It was so nice to see you in your clinic. Thank you for the time you took to see me.

Kind regards
At 7:45pm on April 24, 2010, Lily Bonnici said…
Thankyou so much for the warm welcome.
At 9:17am on March 27, 2010, Dr Priti J Shah said…
Hello! Dr Yadav.
At 4:33pm on March 21, 2010, Kay Louise Fairclough said…
Hi Dr
Apologies for loooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnggggg delay in reply! My studies continue to be enjoyed. I am VERY new to Practice and it is a big world I am discovering!
At 2:54pm on March 17, 2010, Dr. Lilly Partha said…
Hello, Dr. Yadav, very nice of you to welcome me. Looking forward to learning more about your practice as well as the various features of this group.
At 9:44am on March 17, 2010, Dr.Bijal Karia said…
Looking forward for updates on homoeopathy from yyour side.
At 9:42am on March 17, 2010, Dr.Bijal Karia said…
Thank you Dr. Ajay Yadav for introducing me to HWC
At 8:50pm on March 11, 2010, Christina Richmond said…
HI Dr. Ajay, You ask how you can assist... I truly appreciate your kindness and asking. I'm a bit overwhelmed with the HWC site and a bit overwhelmed with Yahoo Groups and social media in general. There is SO much! I think the HWC site is my favorite so far and I am so pleased to be speaking with kind people such as yourself. Frankly, there are some Yahoo Homeopathy Groups that are not so kind... So, I don't know how you can assist me at this time, but I will reach out if I think of something. I think I just need to learn the site first...

May I be of assistance to you in some way?

At 11:18am on March 11, 2010, Dr.Sonali Zunzunwala said…
Thanx Dr.Ajay , for your valuable guidance as usual......:) sure i will learn more from you as well from other members also.

At 4:16pm on March 9, 2010, Christina Richmond said…
Thanks Dr. Ajay! I posted a thank you comment to both comments I received but I'm not sure that will go to you directly.
At 1:36am on March 7, 2010, miro posavec said…
Hello Dr. Ajay;

I was pleased to get your note. My efforts in Haiti were only to provide some tools. I wish I had more skills to help everyone in a meaningful way. I was reading your posts on skin care.

I have been studying some acupuncture as well, and there are some excellent and effective wrinkle reducing protocalls that you may want to investigate and use in your practice.

I would love more information on how you apply Homeopathy to skin care. I have many clients with Eczema, and currently use Cell salts, and ointment.

Very best regards

Miro Posavec
At 3:21am on March 3, 2010, Alexandra Carneiro de Melo said…
Well, there is a bit of awareness due to George Vithoulkas, but allopathic medicine in this country, rules close to God.
The way that Vithoulkas found to a pacific existence was to built his academy and live in an island away from Athens and to join forces woti the allopathic medicine not allowing any Greek homeopath to practice unless he is a medical doctor.
At 9:51am on March 2, 2010, Dr. Wequar Ali Khan said…
Dr Ajay thank you for the greeting.It enlightens my heart indeed;

EID which translates as happiness and celeberaion.comes three times in Islamic calendar.

First is EID UL FITR the celebration which comes after the fasting days of RAMADAAN.Socially the most celebrated one in muslim world.Fitra is the price of a standard weight of grain,which has to be given for the poor on the day of Eid before your EID prayer in morning.

Second is EID UL ADHA, the festival of sacrifice,which comes on completion of HAJJ.This has more of a religious dimension.This is celebrated to pay homage to and remember the Sacrifice asked by ALLAH of Prophet IBRAHIM to sacrifice his son Ismael,and his steadfastness to go through this trial,and come out successful.and Ismael being spared,by replacement of a lamb in his place.

Third is EID MILAD UN NABI, or celebration of the birth of our prophet MUHAMMAD (Peace Be Upon Him).This is celebrated,to.remember his life's work and emulate it in every aspect.This has more religious dimension than other festival in Islam.There is no special congregational prayer involved in it.
At 2:54pm on February 26, 2010, Barbara Mary Victoria Scott said…
Hi Dr. Yadav, had to have a little nap after I did get something up there on facebook without a place to sign, Can someone help me out to get it together so that it can reach the most people possible?
Steep learning curve here...
At 11:24am on February 26, 2010, Rajendra Singh said…
You are welcome. I would like to thank you too for serving the community. I am also a Lion. I belong to Lions Club of Addis Ababa HIBRET. Addis Ababa is the capital city of Ethiopia. We belong to district 411A.

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