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Creating Waves of Awareness - alternative healing Co-op in San Francisco bay area

I am Grateful ! To be alive & well, to be involved in the fabulous community of Cafe Gratitude, to be forming, together with other members of the extended Cafe Gratitude community, a co-op; a worker-owned collective, called The Grateful Mind and Body Collective. Our mission is to bring affordable health care options to our community, utilizing a wide variety of healing arts skills, practiced in a cooperative multidisciplinary environment.

Homeopathy is, of course, one of the World's foremost systems of healing, one which I am grateful to have had David Little's mentorship in; grateful as well to have learned and shared with countless others on "Lyghtforce" and "Minutus" email lists.

Our work at Grateful Mind and Body supports optimal health and wellness, attained through the lowest cost and lowest polluting means, which also support in every way possible, our local communities, our fellow (wo)man, and all beings we share the planet with.

We support and practice the "greening" of " health care."
Nutrition, a healthy and hopefully organic diet is a very inexpensive way of supporting optimal health. Exercise is another. Healthy workplace - of course.
When we learn to support ourselves and our communities in these basics of optimal health, we are a large part of the way toward robust health and at the same time:
SAVING MONEY , saving resources, and generally "going green" -while building community.
Once we are practicing supportive GREEN HEALTH, there will still be occasional "health challenges."

The Grateful Mind and Body Collective is an example of a local community based worker-owned collective (co-op) which is dedicated to bringing affordable health care options to our community, so that when ill health presents itself, the member of our community will have a network of healing arts practitioners who are dedicated to their well-being, available at affordable cost.

I can't imagine anything more important to all of us than our HEALTH, our families' health, and in the bigger picture .. a revolution in health care, where GREEN HEALTH means community based health support -- We are committed to building and developing, The GREEN HEALTH movement.

The GREEN HEALTH movement is essential to every aspect of our communities ! Our communities must be afforded the opportunity of REASONABLE cost GREEN HEALTH support in place of the megabuck $$ dollar signs associated with the current so-called "healthcare system" -which is acknowledged by its OWN industry publication, JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) ... as the 3rd LEADING CAUSE of DEATH in the USA.

Do you REALLY want your children's health to be delivered into the hands of the industry which is (conservatively !) acknowledged as the 3rd leading cause of death ?

We don't !
Join us ?
coming soon, to a website near you

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