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I had presented this case in LIGA 2011 in New Delhi it was under poster presentation am posting the same slides as shown in the conference .

though the presentation was self explanatory, please be free to ask in case of difficulty.

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Comment by Dr Gopal Patel on October 23, 2012 at 8:35am
Thank You Dr Natvar yes amazing result in many cases also.
Like for the cough you took Drosera 200 I took drosera 0/3 , even if the cough is for more than 6 months I had few cases like that just one dose works well.
Actually we have to keep doing more research as you will always find something new in homeopathy , if LM 0/30 can give such a result how about 0/50 or 0/100 am currently trying to make that , but we are Far behind in the research field how many of us have even tried above 0/6 or 0/12,
In Germany I have heard Doctors even using 0/200 or 0/500 , if any one has heard of the result please post some review so we can try it out.
I am an Aries like Dr Hahnemann always interested in experimenting and making new things and invention.

The sad part in homeopathy is that people do a lot of research worldwide and I have personally come in contact with many who give excellent results, what I have realised is no person or no method they do is universal and perfect they are successful in some but don't get results in another like many are very successful in renal cases as they have come to some conclusion after over 20-30 and more years of practice but may not do well in vitiligo or even simple cold, some have excellent result in vitiligo but others no matter how hard they try never get any result.

Like that lot of Doctors have many good results to offer, we do have a small group where every 6 months we go to a new city and invite other homeopaths practicing for over 20 years who are ready to share their knowledge, and be open to what ever method they use and no time limit and what ever tips they tell we have a open mind try it in the practice and all those cases we fail we gets better results and give back the review.
The doctors in turn also learn something new and that's how we share the knowledge,
I have seen many doctors practicing very well but they are not been able to explain the method in a confernace. Maybe the method of practice is diffrent and other homeopaths do not like the ideas.
But ultimately if we do lot listen or have a prejudiced mind not even wanting to try out their methods and keep our ego high that I am the best then we are lost in our world small world.

like if 5 years back when I failed in getting the cholesterol value down but just by a single tip from one of our expert doctors who has been practicing since over 50 years confidently told me to ask the patient get it check in 18 days. Now over a span of 50 years of practice he would have seen hundreds of similar patients and then only he would have concluded to a point that in such a condition only this group works well.

Its like we are in a journey from Mumbai to London by foot each of us are starting from Mumbai there are some who did not have a prejudiced mind and directly started from midway Greece and some who even expected a near solution to certain problems and reached the outskirts of London with out going through all this hardwork walking all the way from Mumbai.

So it is us to decide reach a point after 20- 30 yrs of practice or go to a point of someone's 30 yrs of practice and still add something better.

And getting tips from old masters and our seniors who have been practicing since over 50 years is not so easy who will share away all those years of hardwork so easy it is time and patience that decides the relationship.

Homeopathy is hardwork and not so easy when ever I used to meet or write to late Dr Diwan Harish Chand his advise every time was when you get time keep reading Homeopathy there will be a time when you won't be able to read and you will regret it.
Comment by Dr. Natvar Pansuria on October 23, 2012 at 3:12am

Dr. Gopalbhai saheb,  u got amazing results from LM...

Comment by Dr Gopal Patel on October 17, 2012 at 10:57pm
Truthfully Dr I myself had many patches on my scalp since When I was in 12 std that is about 20 yrs back, the only cause I could recollect was since kg I had been studying in a hill station which had a very cold climate and Was shifted to living in a hot climate.
This cause I find in almost all of my patients shifting from a cold climate to a hot climate or vice versa.
Since many years I had personally tried to find a solution to my patches.
After lot of self experimenting with medicines and analysis I was able to control it with few medicnes but again after some time it never worked, after taking the totality of my symptoms the medicnes never showed the effect. As what I was looking for is like patches disappearing in few days and itching stopping in 1-2 days which few medicnes only gave me the results,
Now many of our here friends may argue or suggest about taking the totality or you missed this or should have taken the follow up or checked the relation ship etc.
But each case practically we do not get the expected result we may be successful with the same logic and principle on those type of cases but that same logic can't be applied on psoriasis or cancer or any other condition permemantly.
Now my hunt is for 1 - was suffering from scales 2- tired of taking medicines every day as when I stop it would reappear , 3 out of the many medicines experimented on myself I found - ok I have a group that acts well atleast if I stop the medicines the scale would reappear after some time ,

Now my scales was not red it was only white on the scalp and I observed one thing very particular like if I go back to a hill station it would appear on my scalp the very next day. And thought the year in winter the scalp would be full of scales.
So just a quick search from boericke psoriasis worse winter - I got petroleum ,
Now after taking petroleum itching and scales disappeared very fast.
Ok now I found a wonder ful remedy that works on me so I wanted to experiment on diffrent scales of potencies ,
Scales in C were experimented in all but the relapse was coming again.

if you see the chart in the last you see the action and relapse , till the last few years I had been taking 10m but very 5-6 weeks one dose , so in a season maybe I would need it 3 times , then I switched on to 0/3 just one dose acted so quick in the 1st day itching stopped and scales started disappearing in the 2 nd day with no scales on the 4-5 day now was quite happy with this result but I needed it atleast 1-3 times in a winter season 4 months then thought the year no problem or no medicines ( before I had to take medicnes through out the year)

It was only about 3 years back when the season started and scales was appearing I wanted to try the effects of LM 0/30 and took one dose.
To my wonder it was so powerful that I did not need to take it for a full year again. Through out the year free from any patches.

Now even before when I was able to control the psoriasis with medicnes I had over many patients and atleast 95% was successful in the result.
My observation.
All cases I would just observe the symptoms and modality and treat , never the mind or any other body symptoms if he is suffering of , as when I took all of them the indicated medicnes never acted well. Mind - all of them are anxious or depressed , over the years of 13 years of my practice I literally used to fail on the totality for psoriasis , I started feeling better only when I took the causes , the modality and visually what appeared and sensation of that person only. After experimenting on myself and it worked well I found the same result in my patients also.
Above are illustrated 2 similar cases both worse in cold weather and the result with 0/3 initially on them the scales used to take some time to clear up , but in 0/30 it was totally diffrent.

Even today I cannot say I can cure psoriasis because there is always a relapse we can only control it. Atleast those suffering from scales if you ask them how difficult there life is you would understand , living with anxiety or social stigma, bleeding , burning , itching , scales peeling , pulling sensation on the skin , atleast with Medicine all gone. But treatment has to be continued till all clears up and then only to a minimum like just 1-2 doses a year. or preventive when there is change of climate like for a holiday to a cold region.
Comment by sajjadakram on October 17, 2012 at 9:48pm

The selection of the remedy is based on local signs and symptoms with modalities. Good.
Can we get the same result exclusively with c potencies?.Inspite of this both in private clinics and hospitals the rush is with allopathic skin specialist? Can we change the preference of the public and how?

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