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When Similimun is not the Similimum

Dr. M. A. Usmani

My homeopathic practice spreads over almost five decades. My first clinic was inaugurated by a very noble soul, a great Hahnemannian homeopath, of very ripe age, whom my friend, the late Dr. Abdur Rehman - reputed for his great book on ‘Relationship of Remedies’ - spotted from very congested bazars of the old city. His name has slipped from my memory. Alas! He was an 'immaculate' personality and strictly principled doctor. He was enthralled on witnessing the arrangements of my nascent clinic. He recited many prayers from the scriptures in his excitement. When I built my own clinic, a year or so later, Dr. Ilyas Masood inaugurated it on 23rd of August in 1970.

Families after families came under my therapeutic influence. They mentioned and recommended my name to other families and their relatives. People were satisfied by my way of treatment, but I was not. People mostly got better - better than ever before - but still not fully cured. It is why they kept coming. I felt affront. But the modicum they received from me they felt it incomparable in their whole medical history. This satisfaction kept them coming, and recommend me to others.

I was in search of the cause of the failure of the similimum to attain the final success. After a long ratiocination I came to the conclusion that those cases were much better treated who received Tubeculinum, or Bacillinum from me on the onset of their treatment. The horizon started getting clearer with more ex-cogitation and experience. Importance of nosodes started dawning before my eyes. I found that nosodes give solid foundation to chronic treatment. It was perhaps eighties or nineties that a seasoned homeopath alighted on the scene. His good name was Dr. Abdul aziz. He came or migrated from Peshawar. He was very fond of mixing Tuberculinum with Bacillinum. It became a sort of fortified vaccine (in the modern parlance). It was very fortunate combination. History of tubercular ancestry is very rife in our country. Giving a dose of Bacitub - the name I chose for the above combination - lays a good foundation for the cases that have tubercular taint in their ancestry.

This combined nosode worked wonders in cases of chronic sinusitis. Recurrent tonsillitis with post-nasal catarrh, with tubercular background, of course, started getting rectified with miraculous agility and completeness. Success with one kind of nosodes opened the door for the inclusion of other nosodes. My rich experience with them has convinced me of their universal utility in more or all relevant diseases. I started utilizing them and found them working so flawlessly and immaculately that nothing was left desired: the results were so comprehensive and all-inclusive!

Such diseases and such symptoms which I never thought of ever fully clearing, got swept away, as from charm, never to come back again. And their kind and variety was such that I could never think of relating or handling them with these pathologic nosodes. These were simple miracles that have started happening, before my eyes with successful prescribing. I was wonder-struck to witness what pathologies were caused by the usual ailments, for example unchecked measles, mumps, whooping coughs, typhoid, etc.

Now asking detailed family and personal anamnesis of pathologic history has become a necessary part of my enquiry. This nosodic approach has straighten up years’ long lingering cases to the satisfaction of both: the doctor and the patient, the care giver and the cared. A similimum, based on the exhaustive take of the personal and socio-psychological make-up of the patient goes, at most, to the penumbra of the case. And this similimum acts beneficially but remains short of the full restoration of the case. After weeks or months or perhaps a year or so, one has to find another similimum. Thus every new similimum will go a little further, but will remain penumbral - still falling short of the full recovery, unless the pathologic similimum is found that alone sweeps clean the whole case.

In a case, e.g., of tonsillitis with fever, severe flu’ and hacking cough, only the symptoms of the disease will count; no one will try to find weather the patient is brave or timid. Cowardice of bravery is the character of the patient. It has nothing to do with pathology of the case. A brave person is as vulnerable to infection as a coward. So the similimum should be a conglomerate of the disease symptoms of the sick person, not the account of his moral character.

If Merc. Sol. Comes out as indicated medicine by the detailed symptoms of the patient, it will cure, whether the patient is coward or brave, jovial or touchy, serious or playful. The case of recurrent sore throat that is cured with Merc. Sol. only to come again within few weeks with the same scenario. The same irritants will go on making him sick unless he is given Tubeculinum, or Bacillinum on the basis of family history. Then and only then will he be able to ride over his incumbrances, never to fall sick so often and so easily.

The logical outcome and conclusion we reach at is the same conviction of mine that the survival of homeopathy depends on its therapeutics being securely based on scientific foundation of pathology. Unless the exact ‘pathologic’ nosode is prescribed, the case will remain as if on the hold, and on the tenterhook of ever-shifting array of new and new similmums. “You’ll go on giving the similimum to your patient till he dies”- Burnett once quipped. The similimum that will finish the case will only be the pathologic similimum that is the actual pathologic nosode. The last mentioned nosode will attain the status of idiosyncrasy which must be satisfied to achieve the true and lasing cure. So:

  • Find always the pathologic similimum, and not the temperamental or behavioral similimums;
  • Success of therapeutics depends on the true knowledge of pathology, and the application of the same, not on the sociological or psychological and the temperamental complexes of the patients.

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