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What Is Sequestration? What About Radioactive Leaks?

What is Sequestrations | Sequestration is $1.2 trillion in automatic spending cuts due to go into effect over the next 10 years, with roughly $85 billion slated for this year. Make no mistake, a lot of people in both parties want to cut spending. The reason so many people hate sequestration, though, is that agencies and departments don’t have any input on how it goes into effect—the spending cuts are implemented across the board.

Published on Feb 28, 2013

Abby Martin then talks to RT Correspondent, Ramon Galindo, about the coming sequestration and the expected effects on American jobs.
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Governor: Nuclear waste is leaking an estimated 1,000 gallons a year — “No available technology to plug the leaks”

Associated Press, Feb. 27: Radioactive waste tanks may be leaking some 1,000 gallons per year at Hanford Nuclear Reservation, and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said Wednesday officials are still evaluating how to effectively remove the remaining material from the problematic tanks. The 1,000-gallon figure is a rough estimate based on the early assessment of six identified leakers. Inslee said the leakage numbers are still being evaluated to determine exactly how much has been lost and how fast the waste is leaving the tanks. Inslee said there’s no available technology to plug the leaks [...]

Businessweek, Feb. 27: The Energy Department has expressed concern that contamination from the single-shell tanks may be making its way toward the Columbia River, which supplies drinking water and agricultural irrigation.


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