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Violation of Conscience Is Worse Than A Patient's Death

It requires a little explanation to the patient, and if he is intelligent enough to understand it, he will wait for the remedy to act. But the physician who thinks most of his pocket book will say: “If I don’t give him a liniment to put on that limb he will go off and get another physician.” Now, let me tell you right here is the beginning of evil. You had better trust to the intelligence of humanity and trust that he will  stay and be cured. If you have learned to prescribe for the patient  even though he suffer, if you have learned what is right and do not do it, it is a violation of conscience. I say now that the death of a patient is nothing in comparison with violation of the law on the part of the doctor. In both instances the doctor gets the worst of it. The doctor who violates  the law also violates his conscience, and his death  is worse than the death of the patient. Generally the physician who has knowledge enough and grit enough to wait will see, before the patient dies, the homoeopathic remedy that will control the case.

[From: Warnings and Advises of Dr. J. T. Kent in Homoeopathic prescribing, by Dr. Satish Kumar Rana]

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Comment by Dr. Satish Kumar Rana on March 31, 2011 at 4:21am

Dear Hans,

Everything appropriate should be done weather it is waiting, repetition, or a change or medicine. Sometimes, when we are in a hurry, we miss the reaction of vital force and in this process of frequent change and repetition we altogether loose the case. 

Comment by Hans Weitbrecht on February 21, 2011 at 1:49pm

Dear Members

This comes a long pretty pathetic, -- wait for how long?  Yes-- we think Kent was waiting for weeks and months in chronic cases, but realistically, hours to days is appropriate. Homoeopaths like Hahnemann waited 5 days the most to see definite action, in acute cases minutes to hours.

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