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The blog world is fueled on outrage. And the latest outrage among bloggers with a skeptical bent is the Huffington Post's advocacy for alternative medicine. If you've never heard of it, Huffington Post is a web news site with a liberal political slant. The site has also given space to alternative views such as articles on vaccine damage by Robert Kennedy Jr. and alternative treatments for swine flu. The zero tolerance policy of skeptics will not abide any talk of alternative medicine in their drive to marginalize it, so over the past week we've seen screeds like this:

"We must not turn from the task before us. The Huffington Post has spit in the eye of reason, and worse, has aided in the proliferation of horridly deceptive health news, thinly-disguised infomercials, and frankly dangerous lies. We have nothing left but our honor, and our honor demands vendetta."

Let's try to respond in a positive way by praising news sites when they publish positive articles on alternative medicine. Don't pass them over without comment, because you can e sure the skeptics won't.

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