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Uterine Fibroids and Homoeopathy

 © Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharma M.D. (Homoeopathy)

Dr. Swati Vishnoi B.H.M.S.

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Synonyms. 2

Definition. 2

Causes. 2

Hormones. 2

Environment 2

Ethnicity. 2


Pregnancy. 2

Early menstruation. 2

Contraceptives. 2

Family history. 2

Types. 3

Myometrial (intramural) 3

Submucosal 3

Subserosal fibroids. 3

Pedunculated. 3

Cervical 3

Symptoms. 3

Prolonged menstrual periods. 3

Pelvic pressure and pain. 3

Pain with intercourse. 4

Infertility. 4

Miscarriage. 4

Pregnancy complications. 4

Diagnosis. 4

Homoeopathic Treatment 4

Bibliography. 5


Leiomyoma, fibromyoma, myoma, Fibroid tumor, fibroma


Uterine fibroids are benign tumors of muscular and fibrous tissues in the uterine muscle appearing during childbearing age, often presenting with heavy menstrual bleeding and pressure on the pelvis. (Psora/ Sycosis)

A quarter woman in their reproductive years may have perceptible fibroids. Fibroids develop between the ages of 30-50 years of age. It is never seen in women less than 20 years old. After menopause, if a woman does not take estrogen, fibroids shrink. (Causa occasionalis)


The cause of fibroids is unknown, however an amalgam of hormonal, genetic, and environmental factors is responsible to develop symptomatic fibroids.


Fibroids are associated with increased estrogen production. They are rare in women less than 20 years of age as well as in postmenopausal women. Estrogen levels vary with menstruation, with menopause, and with some medications. (Psora+++/ Sycosis++)


Alcohol consumption and a sedentary lifestyle have been associated with fibroids. (Causa occasionalis)


their fibroids occur at a younger age, and are often larger and more numerous than in other ethnic groups. (Psora)


The higher the BMI (body-mass index) the higher is the risk of developing fibroids. (Psora/ Sycosis)


Women who have given birth seem to have a lower risk of developing uterine fibroids. Recent information indicates that pregnancy may protect against fibroids. (Causa occasionalis)

Early menstruation

Women whose first period was before age 10 are more likely to have uterine fibroids. (psora)


Women taking birth control pills are less likely to develop significant uterine fibroids. (Causa occasionalis)

Family history

Heredity may play its role. (Psora)


Uterine fibroids are classified by their position in uterus-

Myometrial (intramural)

Fibroids are in the muscular wall of the uterus.


Fibroids grow just under the interior surface of the uterus, in the muscle beneath the uterine lining.

Subserosal fibroids

Fibroids grow on the outside wall of the uterus.


Fibroids usually grow outside of the uterus, attached to the uterus by a base or stalk.


Fibroids growing in the cervix.


Uterine fibroids cause no symptoms at all. When symptoms from uterine fibroids appear, they can include-

Prolonged menstrual periods

Women who have submucous or intramural fibroids are most likely to have heavy uterine bleeding. (Psora/ Sycosis)

Pelvic pressure and pain

Large fibroids that press on nearby structures such as the bladder and bowel can cause pressure and pain. Larger fibroids tend to cause worse symptoms and cause- (Causa occasionalis)

  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Feelings of pressure
  • Abdominal distension
  • Urinary problems
  • Frequency of micturition
  • Urinary retention
  • Bowel problems
  • Constipation

Pain with intercourse

Fibroids may cause dyspareunia due to pressure symptoms. (Psora/ Causa occasionalis)


This is a rare symptom of fibroids. It probably accounts for less than 3% of infertility cases. Fibroids can cause infertility by compressing the uterine cavity. Submucous fibroids can fill the uterine cavity and interfere with implantation of the fertilized egg. (Psora/ Causa occasionalis)


This is also an unusual symptom of fibroids, probably accounting for only a tiny fraction of the miscarriages that occur. (Psora/ Sycosis /Causa occasionalis/ Syphlis)

Pregnancy complications

Fibroids can greatly increase in size during pregnancy, because of increased levels of estrogen. They can cause pain, and even lead to premature labor. They may also cause intrapartum bleeding. (Psora/ Sycosis /Causa occasionalis/ Syphlis)


  • Ultrasound
  • Magnetic resonance imaging of pelvis
  • Uterine biopsy
  • Hysterosalpingogram
  • Sonohysterogram
  • Hysteroscopy

Homoeopathic Treatment

ABDOMEN – DISTENSION abies-c. Abrot. absin. acal. acet-ac. acon-c. ACON. aesc. Aeth. AGAR. All-c. allox. ALOE alum-sil. Alum. alumn. am-c. am-m. ambr. Anac. anan. anis. Ant-c. Ant-t. anthraci. Apis Apoc. aran-ix. Arg-met. ARG-N. arist-cl. Arn. ars-i. ars-s-f. ARS. Asaf. asar. aur-ar. aur-m. aur-s. aur. Bapt. Bar-c. Bar-i. Bar-m. bar-s. bell. Berb. beryl. bism. borx. Bov. Brom. Bry. bufo but-ac. cact. cadm-met. cain. calad. calc-ar. calc-f. calc-i. calc-p. calc-s. CALC. cann-i. cann-s. Canth. Caps. Carb-ac. Carb-an. CARB-V. carbn-dox. CARBN-S. card-m. carl. castm. Caust. cedr. Cham. Chel. CHIN. Chinin-ar. Chinin-s. CIC. cimic. Cina cinnb. Cist. clem. coc-c. COCC. coff-t. coff. COLCH. coll. COLOC. Con. cop. Corn. Croc. Crot-h. Crot-t. Cupr. Cycl. Dig. Dios. dol. dulc. Eup-per. euph. euphr. fago. ferr-ar. ferr-i. ferr-p. ferr. fil. Gamb. gins. Glycyr-g. gran. GRAPH. grat. guat. Hell. HEP. hydr. Hyos. hyper. ictod. ign. Iod. ip. jal. Jatr-c. jug-r. Kali-ar. Kali-bi. KALI-C. kali-chl. Kali-i. Kali-n. Kali-p. Kali-s. Kreos. Lac-c. Lac-d. LACH. lact. laur. led. lept. Lil-t. lob. LYC. m-ambo. M-arct. m-aust. MAG-C. Mag-m. mag-p. mag-s. manc. mand. mang. med. Meny. Merc-c. Merc-d. MERC. Mez. mill. mim-p. mosch. Mur-ac. Murx. naja nat-ar. NAT-C. NAT-M. NAT-P. Nat-s. nicc. Nit-ac. nux-m. Nux-v. oci-sa. ol-an. Olnd. Op. opun-s. ox-ac. pall. par. paraf. Petr. PH-AC. PHOS. pitu-p. plan. Plat. plb. podo. prun. psil. Psor. ptel. Puls. pulx. pyrog. RAPH. rauw. rein. rheum Rhod. Rhus-t. rhus-v. rob. Ruta sabin. samb. sang. sanic. saroth. sars. Sec. Sep. Sil. sphing. spig. spong. squil. Stann. Staph. Stram. Stront-c. stroph-s. sul-ac. SULPH. sumb. tab. tarent. TER. Thuj. Til. Trios. uran-met. uran-n. vac. Valer. vario. Verat. verb. vip. visc. yuc. zinc-val. Zinc. zing.

ABDOMEN - PAIN - Pelvis - Organs; pelvic – cramping vib.

ABDOMEN - PAIN - Pubic region - menses; during rad-br.

ABDOMEN - PAIN - Umbilicus - Region of umbilicus - tumor; as from a spig.

ABDOMEN - TUMORS - Sides - right - sensation as if med.

ABDOMEN – TUMORS Abrot. Cadm-s. calc-ar. calc-i. calc-p. Calc. Con. Merc. nat-m. staph.

FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX - COITION – painful alumn. apis ARG-N. bell. Berb. borx. Calc-p. calc. coff. Ferr-m. Ferr-p. Ferr. ham. Hep. Hydr. ign. Kali-bi. Kali-c. Kreos. Lyc. LYSS. merc-c. NAT-M. PLAT. Rhus-t. Sabin. SEP. sil. Staph. Sulph. Thuj.

FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX - MENSES - painful - myoma in uterus; from hard and large aur-m-n.

FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX - METRORRHAGIA - fibroids, from aur-m-n. calc-f. calc-p. calc-st-s. Calc. foll. Ham. Hydr. Hydrin-m. Kali-c. kali-fcy. Kali-i. lap-a. led. lyc. merc. nit-ac. PHOS. Plat. Sabin. sec. sil. sul-ac. Sulph. Thlas. Tril-p. ust. Vinc.

FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX - METRORRHAGIA - fluid - alternating with clots Plb.

FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX - METRORRHAGIA – fluid APIS apoc. ars. Bell. Both. Carb-v. chin. CROT-H. Crot-t. Elaps Erig. ferr. Ip. LACH. Mill. nat-m. NIT-AC. PHOS. SABIN. Sec. Sul-ac. Ust.

FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX - PAIN - Vagina - coition – during alumn. apis ARG-N. bell. Berb. borx. Calc-p. coff. Ferr-m. Ferr-p. Ferr. ham. Hep. hydr. ign. Kali-bi. Kali-c. Kreos. lyc. LYSS. NAT-M. Plat. Rhus-t. sabin. SEP. sil. Staph. Sulph. Thuj.

FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX - TUMORS – encysted apis bar-c. calc. carbn-s. Graph. Kali-br. kali-c. lyc. nit-ac. rhod. Sabin. sep. Sil. sulph. Thuj.

FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX - TUMORS - erectile – bleeding arn. coc-c. kreos. lach. Phos. puls. thuj. vac.

FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX - TUMORS - erectile – blue Carb-v.

FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX - TUMORS - erectile – burning calc. Carb-an. Thuj.

FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX - TUMORS - erectile – itching graph. naja Nit-ac.

FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX - TUMORS - erectile – pricking Carb-v.

FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX - TUMORS - erectile – sticking Nit-ac.

FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX - TUMORS – erectile ars. Carb-an. Carb-v. kali-bi. kreos. Lach. lyc. Nit-ac. Phos. plat. sep. sil. sulph. Thuj.


FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX - TUMORS - Labia – pointed ozone

FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX - TUMORS - Labia - sensitive to touch; not ozone


FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX - TUMORS - Uterus – cysts mag-c. sabin.

FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX - TUMORS - Uterus - myoma - accompanied by - pain; burning Lap-a.

FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX - TUMORS - Uterus - myoma – hard Calc-f. merc-i-r. sil.

FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX - TUMORS - Uterus - myoma – painful viol-o.

FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX - TUMORS - Uterus – myoma abel. Apis arb. Arn. ars-i. ars. Aur-i. Aur-m-n. aur-m. aur. bell. brom. bry. bufo CALC-F. Calc-i. Calc-p. Calc-s. CALC. Calen. carc. cham. chin. chol. chr-s. cimic. coenz-q. Con. erod. ferr. fl-ac. foll. frax. graph. ham. helon. hydr. Hydrc. Hydrin-m. Hydrinin-m. Iod. ip. irid-met. Kali-bi. kali-br. Kali-c. Kali-i. Lach. lap-a. Led. lil-t. lyc. mag-m. med. Merc-c. merc-i-r. merc. morg-p. nat-m. nit-ac. nux-v. parathyr. PHOS. phyt. plat. plb. puls. rhus-t. sabal sabin. sang. Sec. sep. SIL. solid. staph. sul-ac. sulph. tarent. ter. teucr. thiosin. thlas. thuj. thyr. tril-p. tub. ust. vinc. viol-o. x-ray xan. xanth.

FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX – TUMORS arg-met. Calc. coc-c. LYC. Nit-ac.


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 Encyclopedia Homoeopathica

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