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United in Hahnemann: Rounding off the Walk in the Netherlands


After a snowstorm and a day of minus 9, the next day had the most horrific weather: cold, raining and windy… and a walk along dikes and open fields. Steven van Lelyveld might have regretted he’d chosen that day to keep me company, but he bravely stood up to it and kept up the spirits. We walked the 18 km in one go and enjoyed warm tomato soup by three in the afternoon at our destination. Goedele De Nolf who came from Belgium, took an extra day on her way to a course in Holland to walk with me. Although my knee was swollen walking seemed to be no problem. Taking the ferry in the crisp cold Tuesday morning I started my last track of the Walk in the Netherlands. The shy sun was reflected in the calm waters and walking alone with a feeling of fulfillment the Long Road turned into joy….

On the 12/12/12 at 12 ‘o clock, we planned a celebration to conclude the Walk in the Netherlands. All the pillars of homeopathy were invited but of course, since everybody is hard working and the celebration was only announced two weeks in advance not everybody could be there. The 30 people that came were then the representatives for all their colleagues we wanted to honor as well.

The celebration opened with a Speech at 12.12 at noon. The first part of the Walk was evaluated and the conclusion was clear: I’ll go on! Next month in Belgium, the end of February Berlin and then to Köln.  The rest of the year's planning is to be followed on my website. Visit all my blogs

Then it was time to reveal a little surprise: a poster of Hahnemann made of all little pictures of the homeopaths in the Netherlands. The participants received a symbolic decoration and a book Homeopathy is Everywhere as a present. Then a big check with the amount of the donations was handed to a representative of AHRF, Nico Beentjes , who explained about the project he is going to fund with it. Before we all had a glass of champagne, we wrote our homeopathic wishes on the cards attached to white balloons with The Next Step printed on it and Homeopath heel je leven and let them fly to the heavens.

Finally after we sang the Miasmatic  and Josefien even made everybody join the sacred dance, no less than 4 volunteers showed up to take over the flag of the Walk. They are destined to keep the idea alive and continue the action in the Netherlands. A better rounding up of the Walk I couldn’t have wished

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