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Understanding AIDS From The Homeopathic Prospective

Dear Homeopaths,

I will discuss with you the approach of AIDS by the great homeopaths Peter Fraser, Peter Chapel and Misha Norland. As homeopaths we have to understand and treat AIDS "homeopathically" and not just by the name of the disease. Let us begin by understanding the evolution of the man, evolution of society and the miasmatic theory. All are interrelated with each other.

Understanding the Nature of Disease

If you have to treat any disease, then first of all you have to understand that disease. By understanding the disease I do not mean that understanding the pathology, epidemiology and other factors. But I mean understanding the disease in the sick individual according to the principles of homeopathy. We have to understand  the miasmatic theory behind AIDS and how to treat it.

There are two different types of patients to treat.

One is the active AIDS patients and the other is the HIV positive patients.

According to the theory of Peter Fraser

When humans bring about a new state suddenly and completely, this leaves no time for individuals or the cultures as a whole to adapt. The result is an immune type of reaction, a sudden and extreme disease that spreads suddenly and very quickly. This was the pattern of syphilis in the 1490s as much as it was of AIDS in the 1980s. As a society begins to adapt to the new state, the disease becomes less of an immediate threat and more of an adaptation to a more a chronic form of the disease. This certainly happened with syphilis, which in its early years was an almost immediately fatal disease, but within less than quarter of a century began changing its nature to the slow deep disease that we recognize today.


The Psoric Miasm

When man moved from a state of unawareness through speech to awareness, he reacted with a psoric miasm and a deep steady struggle to deal with what the world throws at him. As he becomes adjusted to that state, he reacts in a slightly different way. Rather than struggling with everything and keeping it at bay, especially through the slow expressive itch eruptions, he takes on the attack with strong, sudden and dramatic fevers and illnesses. The state is often know as an acute miasm, but the disease that it more closely resembles is rabies:  referred to as the hydrophobic miasm.


The Sycotic and Tubercular Miasms

With writing and literacy we move into a new phase. An understanding of the larger world in which we need to preserve our place causes a feeling of inadequacy and the reaction to this is the sycotic miasm: one of the growth, inflation, cover up and secrecy. When the society and its members become acclimatized to the sycotic state, a slightly different feeling pervades. The fixity and lack of natural movement imposed on feudal society becomes suffocative and oppressive. Man reacts to this suffocative feeling with a desire to escape and explore, two keynotes of the tubercular miasm.


The Syphilitic Miasm

With printing and industrialization the feeling of being a small part of the bigger machine is met with syphilis, a destructive reaction in which suspicion and fear are important elements. In time, the  society  became used to the industrial world and was forced to accept its role to confirm and dispense with individuality, though at the same time to rage against the system. In both the hydrophobic and tubercular miasms this element of rage and fighting back is more obvious. In the cancer miasm the element of acceptance is stronger, while fighting is expressed more subtly. Carcinocin does have a strong element of rage and one of the features associated both with the remedy and with cancer in our society is a propensity to war and fighting metaphors.


The Microcosm of Disease in the Individual

The microcosm of an individual’s life reflects the pattern found in the macrocosm of society. The new born baby is unaware, but soon learns speech and self awareness. At this time he might be prey to the first sins of the psoric skin disease. As he grows into this state he faces the hydrophobic miasmatic illnesses, which are often called “the Childhood diseases”. As he goes to school and learns to write we might expect to see the sycotic affections: snotty nose, glue ear and warts. The tubercular asthma and lung troubles might follow.

The AIDS Miasm

The teenager enters the bigger world, learns to deal with sexuality and relationships and takes on a syphilitic interaction with authority. In time, there are powerful pressures on the young to conform, pass exams and get a job: these are cancerous traits. As adults today, they enter a  world that puts them under tremendous pressure to succeed. This world does not have any rules or certainties nor a predestined future path. This is the AIDS miasmatic state.

The AIDS Miasm corresponds to the state of the teenager.This has come out in many of the modern provings where the provers state that they feel like teenagers and are interested in many of the things that interested them when they were teenagers, particularly music.

Much of the development of homeopathy over the last 30 years has been involved in clarifying the qualities of remedies and in finding clear ways of seeing those qualities in patients.


It is common for patients to present with concerns around the issue of the AIDS Miasm. Thus, they will often talk about things like appetite, isolation, sexuality and confusion; however, it is when their response to these issues is characteristic to the AIDS Miasm that we need to look for a AIDS Miasm remedy.

A feeling of Isolation is a definite marker of the AIDS Miasm. The remedy called for in this case is likely to be one found in the rubric:

  • MIND | FORSAKEN feeling, isolation; sensation of, which contains primarily miasmatic AIDS remedies. However, in a great many cases although the sensation might have been inspired by the contemporary situation, the reaction might be of another quality


In this case the more general rubric: MIND FORSAKEN feeling is likely to contain the indicated remedy. The three remedies listed in bold in this rubric gives examples of how each of the older miasms might react.

  • Psorinum has the sensation that they have been left to struggle through the trials of life alone and that it is only their constant efforts that will carry them through. Pulsatilla has a sycotic sensation that they have not managed to get enough support and friendship to help them when things are difficult. They also have a need to cover up his feeling.
  • In the syphilitic remedy Aurum, the sensation is that they had failed in their responsibilities and so their friends have all turned against them.


Selecting A Remedy Based Upon Miasm

There is another danger in relying on miasmatic theory to find a remedy. The only sure way of correctly selecting a remedy is to find a matching disease picture of a remedy. The many tools we have are merely ways of finding the remedies to look and compare. This is deeply unsatisfactory to many homeopaths.


The remedies of the AIDS miasm should be the remedies that can be used in the treatment of HIV. However, there are aspects of the disease that raise important questions about how HIV can be treated homeopathically. The first of these revolves around the fact that the disease expresses itself not directly, but through secondary, opportunistic infections. Many of these would not constitute a threat to the healthy individual, but for those who are HIV positive they are serious and can be life threatening. Often these infections must be addressed immediately, because if they are not there will be no patient to treat in any other way.


The fact that the HIV causes an infectious epidemic disease that is currently pandemic in sub Saharan Africa suggests that it may have to be treated as an epidemic disease rather than an expression of the constitutional disorder. If a constitutional prescription enhances the immune system without tackling the underlying viral infection, there must be a danger that the increased availability of viral factories will speed up rather than delay the disease process.


Opportunistic Infections

Neuropatholgical disease was a feature of AIDS from it's early manifestations. A number of opportunistic infections particularly associated with AIDS, including toxoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, cytomagalovirus, progressive multifocal leikoencephalopathy and a range of inflammatory neuropathies can cause damage to the central nervous system or to the peripheral nerves resulting in the expression neuropathological symptoms.

Neurologic AIDS Dementia

However,  the  evidence is mounting that AIDS dementia, which is the most prevalent of neurological manifestations linked to HIV is not a result of opportunistic infections but is a direct result of the virus. Thus AIDS dementia is beginning to appear in HIV positive patients even whether the infection has been held in check or suppressed by anti-retroviral drug treatment. While the major miasmatic nosode, including AIDS, all have a clear picture arising out of proving.

Symptoms of AIDS Nosode made from a blood Sample

Hemorrhagic fever has certain qualities of the AIDS miasm of similar origin to AIDS, transgenic features, a terrifying infectivity and especially a quality of breaking down barriers. However their action rather than leaving the organism open to infection, results in a syphilitic destruction of the body rapidly and fatally liquefying the inner organs. Crotalus Horridus is the most important of the remedies for this type of condition. Several other remedies made from toxins that contain serous destructiveness help, too.

  • image source wikipedia Timber Rattlesnake by Tad Arensmeier


AIDS Remedies

There is an interesting trio of remedies: Plutonium, Anti-matter and Rat which have some very clear similarities. They have many AIDS miasm features but they have differences. The proving of the AIDS Nosode was conducted by Misha Norland and The School of Homeopathy, and in Holland. These nosodes have invariably produced very clear and definite pictures.


AIDS and Bird Forms

The other particularity developed form of life is the bird. As the birds are the creatures of the air and live their lives unbound by the restrictions of the earth, they have a particularly strong connection to the AIDS miasm. Norland has conducted an extensive proving of a trained Falcon.


AIDS and Drug Remedies

Another group of remedies is the drugs. Substances abuse has become a major issue in the modern world. It is so important and become such an intractable problem precisely because it so closely meets the overpowering needs of so many individuals. The themes of Isolation and disconnection and particularly of disconnection from the pan of modern existence are found throughout the drug remedies, as are feelings around the need of spiritual meaning. The most important of all the drug remedies has always been opium, but its more powerful derivatives morphine and especially heroin, and diamorphine come even closer to capturing the sprit of AIDS miasm. [crystal meth addiction]


AIDS and Mineral Remedies

The other mineral remedies in this part of the table that have AIDS miasm features are the very well know remedies Arsenicum Album, Phosphorus and the less well known but classically proved Tellurium and Selenium. 

Obsessive Compulsive Behavior

AIDS fulfills the qualities of a miasmatic disease in a way that nothing else has since syphilis in the final years of the Fifteenth Century. AIDS Nosode clearly in the recent provings shows patients often surrender to standard medical interventions or develop monomanical approaches to learning all about the  disease and then refuses the treatment. Patients may feel that the health care giver is the partner, who must explain every move to the satisfaction of the patient or they will be dismissed.

  • Fear of exposure and feeling unacceptable.
  • A feeling of peace and calm with surrender to a higher power [This is in contrast to the state of mind present when contracting the illness]


The Mask of AIDS

Because the illness is almost always kept secret until some great force precipitates its revelation, the patient seemingly has within himself a very low self esteem often times masked with a sometimes thick veneer of bravado and self–importance. Once out, a great relief is felt and another stage is set.  This stage can then be a breakthrough into acceptance and forgiveness, also by loved ones and family.


AIDS and Taboo

The worst aspect is that what they do touches on three fundamentals taboos: sex, defecation and homosexuality. Self destruction stage, exemplified by numerous sexual partners, sexually transmitted disease, recreational drugs and prescribed drugs for venereal and linked diseases i.e antibiotics, sulphanilamides, steroids and antifungals.

  • The picture of Agnus castus in its end pathology looks similar to the picture of AIDS, but to justify the prescription of this remedy the particularities attributed to it should be present.


The picture of the AIDS Miasm 

  • Connection | There is a feeling of oneness with my fellow man and the whole of the universe.
  • Devine Connection | The need of Spiritual wholeness is great: Synergy through  pursuing creative ,enjoyable and relaxing and spiritual pursuits together.
  • Grounding
  • Communication 
  • Empathy and Clairvoyance
  • Clarity



The microcosmic breakdown of the immune system seen in AIDS is reflected in the macrocosm. The breakdown of the immune deficiency system is mirrored in ecology by such phenomenon as the ozone hole, monoculture diseases {combated by Agrochemicals in a manner analogous to the multiple drug therapies employed in the conventional treatment of AIDS} and in sociological terms , by abuse. Here the boundary of the self is violated. It is also worthy to note that Chiron ,the asteroid associated by astrologers with wounding and healing was discovered at around time that AIDS became known.


The appearance of AIDS in haemophiliac  and intravenous drug users indicated that it was an infectious disease and that the infectious agent was carried in the blood. The appearance of AIDS in female partners of high risk men, indicated that the infectious agent was probably present in the semen. The cases of babies suggested that breast milk might also be the carrier .The obvious conclusion was that all body fluids including saliva, were possible carriers of infectious agents.


Youth Beauty and Love

The AIDS proving brought out a few particularly resonant phrases that are undoubtedly central to the modern state and to the entire Miasm. One of these was “Youth, beauty, love. All I could think was youth beauty and peace. The phrase ,youth beauty,love kept repeating in my mind over and over again. Exquisite and precious mental pain – I had no shell to protect


2. Disconnection

I feel above it all, as if the harsh realities of the world can’t touch me ,they just register and bounce off. By the afternoon I felt above it all, serene, even rested, was able to listen to  land lord being racist and let it pass over my head instead of getting worked up.


Not Belonging | He felt I don’t belong here at all.


As if in a dream


Detachment | Feeling of Happy and connected, though still too detached from wife.


The Observer




The Past | The connection is particularly to the subjects childhood. Journey back to childhood- Childhood memories. I have been traveling physically through a lot of very early childhood stuff.

Isolation | The ultimate expression of disconnection is isolation and this is very strong in the new and associated remedies. Though the many of the new remedies are in the rubric Forsaken feeling ,this rubric applies more to the feeling found in the Psoric and hydrophobic Miasm. It is the subrubric Forsaken feeling – sensation of Isolation ,that is fundamentally more of the AIDS Miasm. I really want my own space but do not have it. I want to spend my time on my own ,have my own home.


IndifferenceBy the afternoon I felt above it all , serene.even rested….was able to listen to landlord being racist and let it pass over my head instead of getting worked up.




Anesthesia | While driving had an accident .Not had accident before. I acted calmly. Just got back into my car, felt a bit kind of numb shock state. 








Dispersion | Sensation of going into nowhere, into nothingness.


Excessive sexual activity is something that was associated with the early picture of AIDS and it allowed the disease ‘s rabid spread.



One of the most memorable dream themes to emerge from the AIDS proving was one of luxury and sumptuousness. There were dreams of beautiful buildings and of great treasures. Dreams: There are lots of boxes in this house and very big rooms, but everything was decorated beautifully.  There were chandeliers, beautiful furnitures , beautiful paintings, antique, carpets and there were railings and you just looked down and there was a great feeling of Space.


Dream: in a catholic church very rich god paintings, colours  and statues.


Dream: They brought in these crates and opened them up .The crates have false centers that were packed full of treasure There was gold dripping out and jewels and crowns. They were full of treasures and I was really excited- but I was moving out. I walked to the patio where there was my box which was full of old junk.


In the AIDS nosode the feeling that the subject has forgotten  is perhaps is more important than the reality. Lethargy and confusion- feels that she has forgotten something ,or to do something.


Continually sensing that I have forgotten something or forgotten to do something.


In the electronic age even the boundaries between species have started to dissolve. AIDS itself seems to have originated in a transgenic leap from African Primates.


HIV is a retrovirus that employs the host’s genetic process to do the work of reproducing it. In HIV infection the virus enters T4 cells in the blood. Once inside the cell the virus releases an enzyme ,reverse transcriptase ,which causes small pieces of RNA in the virus to produce a relatively short length DNA . The piece of DNA becomes part of the infected cells genome and starts producing RNA which will in turn become part of a new virus. In this process the host T4 cell , a leukocyte which has an important role in working of the immune system , is destroyed and the whole system is severely compromised.


The AIDS nosode is very left sided and one prover even became left handed. Noticed that when I was playing football , I was kicking with my left foot which I never would have done usually.

On the whole the new remedies and the remedies for the AIDS miasm are strongly left sided.


Confusion is a keynote of the AIDS miasm and the tendency towards feminization and the tendency for women to find empowerment leads to many forms of gender confusion.


Homosexuality is has been associated with AIDS since its first appearance. The appearance of opportunistic infections in apparently healthy young men was called Gay related immune Deficiency GRID.


Probably  the most important pathological feature of Homeosexuality in the AIDS Miasm is feeling of the confusion and  inability to clearly express sexuality. This was well demonstated in one of the early AIDS nosode cases. At parties he also used to be approached by men. He had always hated this. Since the proving this has stopped. Now he finds that women are attracted to him ,which he is much happier about.


Sex is about as close as our physical and emotional experience can get to dissolve the boundaries. Since the myth of AIDS as well as its discovery is bound up with the gay community in San Francisco we will home into this casual sex with multiple partners attempting an impossible union, too much thinning of the boundary, and certainty has resulted in frequent venereal infections  and associated allopathic treatments as well as providing the path of infection. This hunger of intimacy expressing as its perversion is superficial union may be associated with a low self opinion { and its compensations in arrogance } and isolation feeling.


Exquisite and precious mental pain – I had no shell for protection.


Everyone is watching me, flush very easily .Feel vulnerable.


Several remedies including the nosode have dreams of AIDS . Dream a friend  told me a mutual ex boy friend had all alone being having sex.


AIDS miasm also has a feeling that they are likely to contaminate others ,this is an underlying feeling in Syplitic remedies as well, but it is not one that the subject can admit, to him or herself. Where as it is more openly expressed in AIDS remedies.


The feeling that disease is an entity, one that has taken over the subject is also apperent.


This is also a sycotic symptom but in sycosis it is because the subject is weaker than the powerful influence. In the AIDS misam it is because the subject has sufficient boundaries to prevent the influence from entering.


The infections that are damaging in AIDS are not directly caused by the virus but are ones that are allowed in by the weakened immune system. Although the original syndrome is defined by a few specific infections , PCC and Kaposi’s sarcoma is particular, these were just the ones that stood out because of their general rarity.


The overwhelming feature of the AIDS and the miasm in general is non specifity. The most common venereal disease in the modern world is non specific uretheritis and the quality of being ill- defined , non specific and hard to pin down is very important in the pathological manifestation of the AIDS miasm.


Lack of confidence is a key issue in the AIDS nosode , feeling of being awkward and shy – averse company and talking.



……………………………to be continued




  1. The AIDS  Miasm  by  Peter Fraser
  2. The Second Simillimum by Peter Chappell
  3. Signature , Miasm , AIDS  by Misha Norland

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Comment by Hans Weitbrecht on December 30, 2011 at 9:50am

Nice article, only -- not relevant.

AIDS is a syndrom, -- made up of previously seperate diagnosed diseases.

In each individual case the homeoapthic principle can be utilized: the same cures the same = cure by symptom similitude.

This excludes miasmatic constitutional or any other grounds for selecting a remedy.

Selecting medicines on other than homeoapthic grounds is ALLOPATHY

I timely reminder is Org.: Par. 1

Comment by Dr.Sharad Shangloo on December 29, 2011 at 1:23am

Thanks Dr. Habib Khan

Comment by Dr. Habib Khan. on December 25, 2011 at 5:23am

Nice article 

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