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Two Months On Dialysis, Two On Homoeopathy

Miss Prasad, 32, came to us about two years ago. Walking with strange steps, due to her swollen feet, a look of anxiety, fear and confusion on her darkened, ashen, waxen face, the face so characteristic of a CRF patient on dialysis, yet, with eyes hopeful of salvation; as she had heard about our clinic’s reputation of treating complicated cases of all sorts.

Another reason for her optimism was that she had lived almost a normal life for fourteen years under a great homoeopath Dr. B. R. Sur’ s treatment. While she was suggested to quit studies once she was diagnosed having Nephrotic Syndrome at thirteen years of age, homoeopathy / homeopathy helped her carry on and complete her education and even get a job. Time changed for the worse once the Doctor retired from practice at 94 years of age. And in another three years she was put on dialysis twice a week.

Life on dialysis is a life of limitations. And she had been trying to lead it effectively for the last three years. Water, the sign of life; water, the source of life; water, the mainstay of health; had become a double edged weapon for her. Clutching her little water bottle in her hands, suppressing her strong thirst due to her stronger fears of water retention, she narrated her whole history with a parched and cracking voice due to the excessive dryness in her mouth and throat.

Only after much assurance that water would not harm her under proper homoeopathic / homeopathic treatment, did she muster the courage to take a larger drought from the bottle. This fear of water remains so deeply entrenched in her even after two years of treatment she has not increased her intake of water to that of a normal human being, which made her treatment unusually slow and it took almost a year to achieve what we do in a month or two.

Yet what she has achieved is not small by any standards. Apart from being able to eat all the prohibited fruits and foods she can now sleep peacefully, live without water retention and concomitant discomforts, she not only got her menses after two years of break, her complexion has brightened up and her dependence on dialysis reduced by more than sixty percent.

While fear of water became the limiting factor in Miss Prasad’s case, love of water became the driving force in Ms. Prabhakar’s, who came to us after seeing Miss Prasad’s improvement. Though, double the age of Miss Prasad, and a diabetic for twelve years, this lady was just reverse in her attitude, a true Punjabi woman, full of courage and zest for life. “Would I have to live my life with just one liter of water a day?” and “Shall I remain dependent on machines for ever? Were her worries to begin with and the moment she felt the first signs of improvement her son would call to ask, “Sir, aaj mamma ko ek mathri de dein?” or “Sir, can we give mamma an orange or curd today?”

This lady showed the best progress i could expect. Since some improvements in her general condition were felt on the first day of the treatment itself we decided to postpone the first dialysis and the lady was more than willing to take the ‘risk’ her water intake was more than doubled the first day itself and she showed corresponding increase in her urine output. We could postpone the second dialysis in the first week it self. The family showed exemplary cooperation and with the help of their love and care and regular reporting we succeeded in making the improvement steady. And she has not required a single dialysis since August 2006 when the treatment started.

Thanks to the family’s deep interest in her health, which led to frequent pathological tests, we could get a really detailed record of her steady improvement. Her creatinine levels used to fluctuate frequently between 12.4 & 3 whereas Urea levels remained above 112 with dialysis while with Homoeopathic / homeopathic treatment for the last almost two months have touched 2.7 & 50 respectively.

Today patient is happy,enjoying her normal meals &water, creatinine levels further dropped & she is free from her frequent breathing troubles.

Written by- Dr. Shikhar Kaushal with inputs from Dr. Shubhangi Kaushal. (First published in 2007).

We have enough patients to prove now that homoeopathy / homeopathy can not only help and cure CRF / CKD patients to a great extent but also help patients already on dialysis live much better lives and reduce their dependence on dialyzers. The lady whose case is given above continues to live till today (07/03/2010)) without any dialysis and her creatinine levels have touched 1.7 during the last month which was the minimum recorded during our treatment.

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Comment by Dr Rajneesh Kumar Sharma MD(Hom) on June 3, 2011 at 12:31am

Thanks Dr. Shikhar, very informative.....

Comment by Debby Bruck on November 8, 2010 at 3:33am
Valuable learning going on here. Thank you Dr Shikhar
Comment by Dr Shikhar Kaushal on July 31, 2010 at 1:13am
@Dear Dr. Ajay perhaps you haven't read the article carefully i have not pointed finger towards any other homoeopath on the contrary i have only paid the respect due to a very senior homeopath Dr. B. R. Sur (One of the two major homeopathic colleges in Delhi had been established by him and later taken over by the goverment) i have simply mentioned that he continued practice till the age of 94 years and then voluntarily gave it up, and that the patient had been able to live a normal life under his treatment for over one and half decade it was only after he gave the case up that her travails started.
@Respected Dr. Sajjad and Dr Rashmi - Yes you are right Dr. Sahib we are here to learn and discuss, basically i have never written articles to be discussed with homoeopaths but only for the masses and the layman and mainly to bring it to their notice what homoeopathy can do for them and mostly the articles are written after the cases get cured or recover remarkably and get stabilized and remain so for some months when we are sure we have attained something worthwhile then only we go out and make it public. By that time the patient has been given various medicines as and when required that too in rising or different potencies and it becomes impossible to mention all the doses given over a few months or years.
This particular case however was started with Silicea 30 single dose and given four to seven days of observation period to respond she showed improvement on the next day itself and the dialysis due two days later could be safely and comfortably postponed and since then it has never been required for about four and half years now.
Here i would like to highlight the importance of the tests (very rarely we rely on the pathological reports in other cases where an allopath would not touch the case without a string of tests) but we can get important clues from the urine tests and this patient had increased pus cells and being a diabetic and a close Silica constitution we thought it best to start the case with that remedy and it brought the creatinine to 5.6 from 8.5 within two days and then down to 3.5 about a week later. Lyco. Nat. Sulph. Apis. Sepia. Thuja. Medo. Carbo.Veg. And Ars. Alb. were the other important medicines that helped at various stages.
Comment by Dr Rashmi Chanana on March 9, 2010 at 5:01am
which medicines were prescribed in ur case we would all like to know . pkz shikhar and gina post the basis of remedy selection and remedies used.
Comment by Gina Tyler DHOM on March 7, 2010 at 2:05pm
Dr. Shikhar posted;'The lady whose case is given above continues to live till today (07/03/2010)) without any dialysis and her creatinine levels have touched 1.7 during the last month which was the minimum recorded during our treatment.'
My reply: Thanks for posting this wonderfull case! I Too am one of thos miracle kidney cases.
I was born with only one working kidney,My entire life was suffering/pain/infections on a daily basis! Modern allopathy had no answers for my decline in health. I was cured 100% when homeopathics were prescribed (constitutional anti miasmatic prescription). No more pain/infections,100% function for almost 16yrs now!
Comment by sajjadakram on March 6, 2010 at 10:32pm
Dr Sahib,
Thank you for posting the case but the details are missing.What were the basis of remedy selection and which medicine was used.We are all here for learning from each other.Hope you will not mind.
Best regards.
Comment by Dr Ajay Yadav on March 6, 2010 at 10:16pm
hi. This is nice one from you doctor. But, as I say each time, "Homeopathy never fails, its the homeopath who fails." It's good to see your case, but I think its not good to finger on any homeopath. He has done what he thought, but you had rectified it as a good one. Thanks Dr Ajay

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