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TOD :Cough & Time. Morning with vomiting (Coccus Cact 30 OM), Night lying down (Hyosc 30 HS), Sleep during (Lach 0/3 HS), Just after Lying (Drosera 1M, 1 dose HS), cough always (Corrallium Rub 30 2hrly)


TOD: Try Acid Nit 1M instead of 200 in Apthae and find long lasting results. Try it. In inveterate case of Apthae one can try Kali Chlor 30. 


TOD: When ANT TART is prescribing for rattling in chest gave it in 10M potency 3 dose divided in to 9 (Spoonful H2O) TDS for a better result

TOD Naja 30 BD and Ant Ars 30 TDS shall prevent Asthma  if it gives in the beginning of cold attack. Spongia 30 TDS shall prevent asthma @moon phases.  


Try Kali Carb 200 1 or 2 doses in pimples if it occurs at chest and dorsal region too. Camphor Q shall antidote bad effects of hydrocyanic acid in tapioca. So it shall try in Goiter of tapioca eaters.

TOD: Smoker’s cough- Stannum Iod 3x, Smoker’s Bronchitis Naphtheline 3x.  Inveterate cases of skin disease Anthracocili 30 & Oleander Q. Try SANG 1M in migraine.

TOD: Try chammommilla 200 (Repeated doses), Calcaria Carb 200 (Infrequent) Coca Q (8 drops BD) for numbness of Hands

TOD: Try Actea Spicata 30 (Rptd), Violoa Odorate 30 (Infrequent) & Medo 10 M (Single Dose) in Carpel Tunnel Syndrome & Pain wrist instead of RUTA

Heat of Hands even in rainy weather – Rhododendron.

TOD: Try Sarasaparilla 1M in cracked heels, Castor Equi in 30  cracked nipple, Acid Nit 1M in cracked anus, Cundurango 30 in cracked corners of mouth & Syphillinum 10M in deep cracks.

TOD: Try Spongia 30 TDS 2 days prior to Moon Phases in Bronchial Asthma < during moon (Full or New). Try For convulsion  < full moon Calc, New moon < Bufo.

TOD: Try Cyclamen 30 BD in pain right upper arm & Ammonium Mur  30 in Left Upper arm


:AFTER OVER EATING – General Medicines: Ant Crud & Puls ,Head ache – Coff, Astham –Carbo Veg 1M, Diarrhoea – Petrol, Constipation: Mag Sul, Flatulece: china.

Ailments from decayed vegetarian food: Carbo Veg & Animalis. Fever after over eating BRY 200 , Capsicum 30. Ailments of children after celebrations- Coffea

TOD: Cough from change of weather – try Verbascum 30 (mullin oil) Cough in wet weather & no cough after lying down – Manganum Aceticum

TOD: Cough from exposure to sun – Ant Crud, Coca.  (hope that we will meet in person 2marrow at Pathanamthitta. Reach at 9 AM Sharp)

Heart Day Special: Angina Pectoris: Latrodectus 30, CCF – Strophanthus Q, Valvular Disease with dyspnea: Laurocerasus 30, Heart disease with Thirst - Bufo30

Ailments from exertion under sun, exposure to sun, taking bath after exposure to sun –ANT CRUD 1M. Solstice Sun (Day of the year having longest period of sun) CALC.

Pain Elbow, Tennis Elbow – Menispermium 30, Asclepias Tub Q

TOD: Autumn and October aggravation. (Those complaints recurred in autumn and October, ask a leading question is it there in previous autumn or Oct?) – Zirconium

TOD: Acetonemia (especially in Diabetes with History of Diabetic coma) Senna Q, Carbolic Acid 30

Chill blains or small vesicular eruption on sides of hands and soles of foot that breaks to form scales later in winter – AGARICUS M 30

Rageds or deep cracks in heels during winter – Sarasaparilla 1M followed by Syphil 10M. Carcked lips Bry 1m or Nat Mur 200. Coreners of mouth cundurango 30

Inveterate case of cough in winter: Syphillinum 1M, 




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Comment by Dr. S. G. BIJU on December 3, 2011 at 6:51am

Thanks........I will post few more TOD today, Your commend inspired me post more TOD

Comment by Dr. Nikhil Wani on December 1, 2011 at 11:06pm

Great post, it is often useful because it is clinically verified for number of times.

Comment by Dr. S. G. BIJU on September 7, 2011 at 8:23am
To avoid repetition ant Tart is suggested in 10M potency. Ant tart 30 and even 200 promotes production of mucus in number of cases its 6 c potency is an instant sputum producer the shall be used as an expectorant. But in 10 potency it will arrest further production of mucus and dries up sputa collected in resp tract. If one would get nice results from 30 & 200 then there is no question of changing in to 10M but if not getting just try that's all. TIPS are like that it may vary from person to person that is why I put a 'try' before each TOD.
Comment by Dr. Amod Gupta on September 6, 2011 at 2:32am
thank u sir.i want to clear the point  that ANT TART give best result in30,200than why should we use 10M pleas explain .
Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on August 25, 2011 at 12:11am
Thank you so much for sharing those secrets with us. I have often found your clinical tips very practical and usful, especially in the management of failed cases. Thanks.

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