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Dr. J.T. Kent, in his post graduate lecture as delivered on 22 - 24 October,
1895 said as under :
”Psora is the oldest, the first, the foundation of all physical sicknesses.
Had psora never been established upon the earth the susceptibility to other
diseases would have been impossible; all other acute diseases would have
been impossible. Psora is the underlying cause of disorder; is the primary
disorder of mankind. It expresses itself in the varying chronic
manifestations. If the human state had remained in order psora would never
have been developed. The origin is in the very first sickness of the human
race, a spiritual sickness, and from this state it progresses to the state
of Psora which in turn laid the foundation to all other diseases. “Itch” is
simply a limited thing, something superficial and not at all synonymous with
At page 9 of the Chronic Diseases, Their Peculiar Nature and Their
Homoeopathic Cure, translated by L.H. Tafel Dr. Hahnemann states “Psora is
that most ancient, most universal, most destructive, and yet most
misapprehended chronic miasmatic disease which for many thousands of years
has disfigured and tortured mankind, and which during the last centuries has
become the mother of all the thousands of incredibly various (acute and )
chronic (non-venereal) diseases, by which the whole civilized human race on
the inhabited globe is being more and more afflicted.”
He further states “. . . . not even the most robust constitution is able to
destroy and extinguish it by its own proper strength, Psora, or the Itch
disease, is beside this the oldest and most hydra-headed of all the chronic
miasmatic diseases.”
At the same page Hahnemann again said “the oldest history of the oldest
history of the oldest nations does not reach its origin.”
Dr. J.T. Kent said in his post graduate lecture that “The chronic miasms are
all contagious. However, it needs to be remembered that neither Syphilis,
Psora, nor Sycosis could exist unless there was a condition in mankind
suitable for their development. Psora could not exist in a perfectly healthy
human race. Syphilis correspond to impure actions; he goes to where syphilis
is and associates with those who have it. It is a result of his own action;
impure formication or adultery; Psora as a disease corresponds to that
which precedes action; that is wrong thinking and willing. Man thinks,
wills, and acts. All diseases come from something more interior than man’s
physical, is an influx. Influx is in the direction of the least resistance
and therefore in the direction of man’s love and the results flow in the
same way. Diseases correspond to man’s affections; represent man’s
interiors. All diseases upon the earth, acute or chronic represent states of
man’s interior”
It is not acute miasm but it is a “Chronic miasm”. Nothing can stop the
progress of Psora except the dynamic simple substance or vital force of a
homoeopathic drug applied on the Law of “Similia Similibus Curenture. It is
to be remembered that Coffee, Tea and Malaria have played a great, a very
great role in the development of Psora. Hahnemann was the first doctor to
inform the world about the bad effects of Coffee
Stage of Dynamic Infection: It is an attack made by the dynamic force of a
fundamental dynamic disease known as Psora on the interior of vital force of
the susceptible living person and making it sick.
During the various aspects of social and economics of his daily life, man
thinks, wills and acts. Some moments come in his life when he begins willing
evils by thinking falses to achieve his ends. As soon as he wills evils, the
innermost of his dynamic vital force becomes susceptible i.e. tendency of
the dynamic vital force is affected easily. The moment his vital force
becomes susceptible at the same moment the dynamic force of morbid agent,
inimical to life, known as Psora, attacks him from the atmosphere, by
touching dynamically the interior of susceptible dynamic vital force of the
human person and deranges it. This is how the dynamic infection takes place.
In homoeopathy it is known as dynamic infection which is different from the
expressions infection as used in other medical sciences. After proper
restoration of Psoric sick to normal health by use of the similar dynamic
antipsoric homoeopathic medicine, dynamic Psora will not be able to attack
and derange the vital force of ‘living person’ again.
Stage of Dynamic Prodromal period : After the psoric dynamic infection it
remains silent for 5 days. It begins to affect further in the case of some
persons on 6th day of dynamic infection, and in the case of some other on
7th or 8th day, still some others as 10th, 12th, or 14th days. From 6th to
14th days it remains inside the innermost of dynamic susceptible vital force
which is known dynamic Incubation period. So the dynamic incubation period
of dynamic Psora is 6th to 14 days. During this incubation period Psora
completes the derangement of innermost of vital force.
Continuous Progress stage : After remaining in incubation period it further
weakens and deranges the life force. One fine evening a feeling of chill
starts. During the night general heat all over the body comes which
terminates in the perspiration. A layman considers it a little fever due to
cold, but this in fact is not so. Then there is an outbreak of very fine
vesicle. During the first hour of its formation the vesicle is seen
containing a lymph clear as water but quickly changes into pus which fills
the tip of vesicle. The liquid which comes out of this vesicle is very
infectious. It has (1) Psoric dynamic force which can further affect the
vital force of other healthy men merely from touch; (2) Psoric physical
substance i.e. physical action; (3) Chemical substance i.e. chemical action;
and (4) Physiological action. This vesicle afterward enlarges on the skin,
spreads and finally covers the whole surface of body. This vesicle appears
and erupts on that very spot where dynamic force of Psora entered the man.
It has a peculiar itching sensation which makes the psoric person to
scratch. The nature of this itch is voluptuous, delightful, tickling,
compels the patient irresistibly to rub, to scratch. If the patient is
prevented from rubbing and scratching a shudder, trembling passes over him.
The scratching satisfies him for a short time but is followed by a long
continued burning, and not by soreness. The frequent itch of Psora is < in
the late evening and before midnight.
Psoric vital force is much more infectious than the vital forces of Syphilis
and Sycosis which need a little break or friction in the skin. But psoric
discharge needs only touch. It does not need any friction or break in the
skin. Simply touch, without break of skin, is sufficient. In fact there are
thousand ways of knowing and unknowing touch. For example :
1. A doctor suffering from Psora may give touch to a patient during feeling
of pulse;
2. Through gloves tied by psoric patient;
3. A strange place of lodging where bed has been used by a psoric patient.
Use of towel, soap, and any other article in strange place of lodging used
by any other person suffering from Psora;
4. Through psoric midwife at the time of delivery;
5. Baby suckling of milk from psoric wet nurse;
6. Through kiss of baby by any psoric person;
7. Use of shaving blade or razor by a barber already used on psoric client;
8. Used of musical instrument already used by a psoric person;
9. Some broken skin at the root of nails of a doctor/midwife at the time of
10. Using cups and spoon already used by a psoric sick; and
11. There are many other ways of touch.
The itch of psora is very deceptive. It disappears, inter alia, in the
following ways and the man thinks that his itch has been cured:
It disappears : (1) of itself without any known cause; (2) After fright,
mortification, grief; (3) From cold air; (4) Baths (with cold water, cold
shower, rolling in snow, with mineral water, in the river), (5) Bleeding,
(6) Catarrh, (7) Fever, (8) by an attack of an Acute miasmatic diseases, (9)
Diarrhoea, (10) After wrong treatment.
After disappearance of psoric itch, ‘secondary symptoms of Psora arise which
covers the ‘sick as a whole’, his interior of ‘vital force’, his mind, his
body, all organs including heart. A Psoric sick affects the other persons at
that very psoric stage at which he was suffering from, by touch only, by
deranging interior of ‘vital force’ of the ‘living person’ to whom he
touched. All symptoms of that stage of Psora will immediately be transferred
from innermost to the outermost to the touched person from that very stage
and not from the dynamic infection or dynamic incubation period to the
progress period.
As the article has already covered much space, I would not be doing justice
if I do not save some space discussing the initiation of other two dynamic
chronic diseases i.e. Syphilis and Sycosis. As such I shall not mention the
secondary symptoms of Psora here. I shall mention these symptoms in my next
article which I intend to write in near future.
When the Psora affects it infects the ‘whole person’ from innermost dynamis
to periphery and then it also includes the ‘heart’. H.A. Roberts while
giving the secondary symptoms of Psora of the ‘psoric sick as a whole’ has
also mentioned the following symptoms pertaining to psoric heart.
”In the heart there are functional disturbances with violent rushes of
blood to the chest, and a sensation of weakness, goneness or fullness about
the heart. The sensation as of a band is psoric. This miasm, or stigma,
manifests its reflex relationship of gastric or uterine irritations by
marked palpitations or sensations as of hammering about the heart. With the
heart symptoms there is always anxiety and fear on the part of the patient.
The psoric patient always fears that he will die from heart trouble, but
the psoric patient is the chronic who lives long and produces income for
the physician, for he is the victim of so many unpleasant sensations that he
requires much attention, and his habit of fixing his attention upon one or
more organs as being the cause of his discomfort demands constant attention
from the physician. He does have many uncomfortable sensations, such as
sharp cutting neuralgic pains about the heart. These patients think they are
about to die and want to lie down and keep quiet, but there is no danger; it
is the sycotic and syphilitic heart patients who die and then suddenly and
without warning. The psoric heart conditions are very much influenced by
strong emotions, joy, grief, fear, and so on. These conditions are < eating
and drinking; there are palpitations and eructations of large amount of gas;
sometime the pulsations or the heart will shake the whole body. The psoric
patient is always conscious of his heart condition, and it is he who is
constantly taking his own pulse.”
Should we restore the heart only taking into account the above mentioned
symptoms of Psora pertaining to heart alone ignoring the other symptoms of
the ‘individual psoric sick as a whole’ under the Nature’s Law of Similia
similibus Curenture? If we will restore the heart only then it will not be
the judicious and rational application of the Law of Similia Similibus
Curenture. We are only deceiving the suffering humanity that we are giving
the same patented homoeopathic medicines/mixtures irrespective of whether
the ‘sick’ is suffering from psora, Syphilis and Sycosis. Then is it not a
’sin’* in the Homoeopathic world to manufacture the patents/combination of
medicines in the name of homoeopathy for an ailing heart and teaching the
students in the homoeopathic medical colleges to prescribe those
patents/combinations to use it as an aid to restore the ailing heart alone?
If it is so then why the Homoeopathic profession is keeping mum and totally
silent against such an inhuman approach? What the general public would think
about the homoeopathic profession in the absence of our protests?
Friends, we should keep the Hahnemannian principles in mind and treat the
individual ‘psoric sick as a whole’ recognizing his individual psoric
symptoms, his psoric individuality and entity and NOT taking into account
symptoms of his one organ i.e. his psoric heart and treat it with antipsoric
homoeopathic dynamic similar medicine. Only similar antipsoric dynamic
medicine decided by taking the ‘sick as a whole’ into mind can put the
psoric ‘sick as a whole’ in reverse order of symptoms and not any
antisyphilitic, antisycotic, or apsoric homoeopathic medicine.
Dynamic Syphilis
Next true disease is dynamic syphilis. Dynamic Syphilis in homoeopathy is
the dynamic miasm of the proper venereal disease (in allopathy) originated
from impure coition, and has been traced to have existed for nearly more
than nine and half centuries. The syphilitic miasm may be inherited or
acquired by direct infection. Unless cured by dynamic appropriate medicines,
it persists, till the termination of life.

*In the Atharva Veda ‘sin’ is defined as under:
”sin”, the breaking of a norm, the wanton cursing of a fellow man, and
similar transgressions result in illness . . . . we also encounter the view
that a patient may suffer for the guilt of his parents, “in consequence of a
sin committed by thy mother or thy father. Those who become aware of their
sin offer the following prayer to the almighty.
”From the sins which knowingly or unknowingly we have committed, do ye, . .
. . release us!”
Friends if the ‘sin’ is the breaking of norms, then why the breaking of the
Nature’s ‘laws’ and ‘doctrines’ found out by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann and
enunciated in the ‘Organon of Medicine’ and ‘Chronic Diseases’ is not a
’sin’? Are not the manufacturing of patents or combinations of medicines
working against these infallible ‘laws’ and doctrines is a ‘sin’? If it is a
’sin’ then why not the true homoeopathicians who follows these Nature’s
’laws’ truely and faithfully are not speaking against this ‘sin’? Is keeping
mum against any’sin’ committed by some vested interest is also not a ‘sin’?
If this a ‘sin’ then why the homoeopathic profession not raising voice
against this ‘sin’ to enable the homoeopathic higher authorities to take
some action against this ‘sin’.
Dynamic Infection stage: This is an attack of dynamic Syphilis on the
dynamic vital force of human person already infected by Psora. The infected
person will become a ‘Syphilitic sick as whole’ instead of ‘Psoric sick as a
The susceptobility of Psora attracts the other morbific agents inimical to
health, one of which is known as dynamic Syphilis. It needs following two
things. (1) the susceptibility of Psora; and (2) a friction - a slight break
in the skin - to infect the human person. Without the susceptibility of
Psora and friction, dynamic syphilis will not attack and derange the vital
force of human person. Since the vital force exists in each and every cell
of the body, in each and every nerve of the body, in each and every thing
from which the human person has been made, the stronger vital force of
dynamic Syphilis affects and deranges the vital force of living person
generally at the time of intercourse because of friction. Through the nerve
endings the vital force of dynamic Syphilis deranges the innermost of vital
force of the human person if any one of them (lady or man) is suffering from
dynamic syphilitic miasm. However, a friction can takes place in other ways
also. Few examples are as follows. (1) A crushed lip may be infected by kiss
of the infected person; (2) During delivery of child, doctor or midwife can
be infected from the syphilitic discharge from vagina of the mother, if the
doctor or midwife has hang nail; (3) Dental forceps used from one infected
person to another non infected person; (4) From musical instruments; table
utensils used by infected person to another person if he has cracks in
corners of mouth or cracks on tongue.
The infection occurs in a moment, a minutest division of the millions part
of a second. It does not take even a second or minute. After that attack of
dynamic syphilis no washing with any lotion, no ointment, no external or
internal medicine, no antiseptic, no surgical measures can be of any use.
The dynamic Syphilis controls the ‘whole sick’ his whole body, all organs
including heart, and each and every cell from which the whole sick composes.
It permeates every thing of the ‘sick as a whole. No micro ultramodern
instrument can reach up to the innermost of dynamic syphilitic deranged
vital force of the human person to find out how the dynamic Syphilis is
deranging the dynamic innermost of vital force. This dynamic syphilitic
derangement can only be known through the individual syphilitic symptoms.
Due to stronger influence of dynamic syphilitic miasm, the dynamic Psora
becomes latent. Dynamic Syphilis over rules the already deranged Psoric
vital force and begins to develop its own individual rules and its own
individual symptoms from the innermost to the periphery of the whole sick.
However, dynamic latent Psora has not lost its own entity and individuality
and keeps giving its own individual symptoms which have been recognized as
symptoms of dynamic latent Psora. After proper restoration of Syphilitic
sick with the similar dynamic antisyphilitic homoeopathic medicine dynamic
Syphilis will not attack and derange the vital force of ‘living person’
again. Of course, further similar dynamic remedy may be required to cure the
left over Psora by appropriately prescribing the antipsoric remedy depending
upon the symptoms of the ‘sick as a whole’.
Dynamic stage of Incubation period : After deranging the innermost of vital
force the dynamisation of dynamic Syphilis remain in incubation for 10 to 90
days in the innermost pf vital force. In some human persons it takes 12
days, in others 15 days or 21 days, still in others 40, or 50 or 90 days to
develop and manifest its own individual symptoms. The period before the
symptoms appear is called “incubation period”. During this incubation period
the vital force of dynamic syphilis is deranging systematically the vital
force of human person.
Continuous Progress stage : After 10 or 12, 15 or 90 days, usually 12 to 15
days, a hard eruption usually one appears where friction has taken place.
Usually it is on penis or female private parts. Rarely on lips fingers etc.
This hard eruption is like a button, hard at bottom. There is no pain and no
itching in it. Pure dynamic syphilis has no itching. The eruption is called
hard chancre. This hard at the base. Lymphatic glands of one side usually in
the groin are affected, i.e. they become hard, can be moved under finger.
They remain separate from each other and do not join with other glands. The
infected lymphatic gland do not suppurate. There is no pus in it. Even under
wrong treatment it does not burst out. It remain hard for months and years
and does not suppurate. There are other conditions in which the lymphatic
glands matted together, but in case of dynamic Syphilis, they remain
The enlargement of lymphatic is called bubo. The bubo suppurates and pus is
formed only under homoeopathic treatment with indicated dynamic
antisyphilitic similar medicines on the basis of only syphilitic symptoms of
the ‘sick as a whole’ and not with antipsoric, or antisycotic, or
apsoric/acute medicines. It does not suppurate with any wrong treatment.
Surgical measures can only remove the bubo but cannot remove the Syphilitic
dynamis from the interior of Vital Force from where it controls and disturbs
the ‘whole living sick’ with sick instruction, signals, and directions to
the vital processes going on in the interior of infected vital force.
So long hard chancre is not disturbed dynamic Syphilis will progress slowly.
But if it is made to disappear by wrong treatment or surgical measure, then
the vital processes in the interior of infected vital force would work very
fast and vehemently and second stage will come soon. Dynamic syphilis has
three stages. Dynamic Psora and dynamic Sycosis can be put back in reverse
order from their progress stages with antipsoric and antisycotic similar
dynamic homoeopathic medicines, but the dynamic Syphilis will cover all the
three stages even with homoeopathic dynamic antisyphilitic similar
medicines. Hard chancre and enlargement of lymphatic glands come under the
first stage of dynamic syphilis. This dynamic syphilis is taken by the
’living person’ from that very stage up to which it then exists and from
thence it further goes on in the progressive way and not from the stage of
incubation period.
H.A. Roberts stated “ . . . If this manifestation is in turn treated by
suppressive measures, the disease attacks the internal organs, tending
always to attack that part of the organism which is least able to resist. It
may be the central nervous system, arterial system or the heart; it may be
the liver or the intestinal tract. Any or all of the tissues of the body
feels the deadening influence of this intruder. These manifestations may be
suppressed at one place after another, so that the man lives out his days
with this incubus in his system, ever ready to develop into some new
manifestation at the most trivial provocation. Grief, sorrow and worry are
potent influences to develop these manifestations; or it may be exposure to
the elements, a slight accident, stress of business relationship, or any one
of many other causes, that start the irritation; but unless this is met by
the art of similar antisyphilitic remedy, he passes his days in discomfort
and distress and comes to a premature old age.
”This stigma has its effect upon the protozoon, and the offspring shows the
effect in many ways. When the offspring is effected with the syphilitic
taint he will not show the direct effect in the primary chancre or ulcer,
for by the time the disease has passed into the second generation the fault
has become thoroughly married to the life forces and becomes a part of his
being. This results in many constitutional tendencies such as deformities,
chronic catarrhal conditions of the nose and throat, malformations of the
teeth and of the bony structure, ulcers and many other manifestations. In
the second we find none of the primary local manifestations, for the
manifestations have changed their character, showing that the economy is
thoroughly impregnated with the deadening and destructive effect of the
I would like to say that the ‘living person as a whole’ is one since his
birth. The dynamic syphilitic disease is one taking its birth from vital
force to body. Then why vested interests have bifurcated this ‘whole’ into
different ‘fragments’ and treated these fragments in the name of different
nomenclatural diseases with patents/combination of homoeopathic medicines?
Is it not a drug butchery and fault of our education in homoeopathic
Due to dearth of space here I shall not mention all the symptoms of second
and third stages of dynamic syphilis here but would mention the same in my
next article which I shall attempt to write soon. My purpose of writing up
to this point is that we should not treat the organs of physical body as a
separate diseases infected by the natural dynamic diseases merely on the
finding of other schools but we should restore the ‘sick as a whole’ to
health. All patents/combinations/mixtures of medicines in Homoeopathic
system of medicines, manufactured on the basis of nomenclatural diseases are
useless to prescribe for the ‘sick’. These will merely remove some symptoms
of a part of the ‘sick as a whole’. Rather it is dangerous as the removal
of some symptoms of the nomenclatural diseases i.e. few symptoms of one part
will instigate the deranged vital force to work vehemently and vigorously to
fill that gap by which step the vital force becomes more weaker and in the
end death becomes nearer and certain.
Dynamic Sycosis
Sycosis is the next and third Nature’s true disease. It also needs the
susceptibility of Psora and friction to affect the ‘living person’. Many
medical experts indicate that it is Gonorrhoea. But Dr. J.T. Kent discovered
that it is not Gonorrhoea. He discovered that Gonorrhoea is an acute
miasmatic disease as it is self limiting and it has all stages, a dynamic
infection stage, a prodromal state, progress stage and decline stage. It
also needs psoric susceptibility and friction to affect the ‘living person’.
Its suppressive treatment will not produce warts, growths and tumours etc.
So it is listed in the acute miasmatic diseases. But Sycosis has only
dynamic infection stage, dynamic prodromal stage and continuous progress
stage and no decline stage. Its decline stage will come only with the
treatment of antisycotic dynamic homoeopathic medicine under the Law of
Similia Similibus Curenture which only put the sick in reverse order of
symptoms. Both the Gonorrhoea and Sycosis have the same prodromal period and
same discharges. Their discharges also resembles a discharge from simple
inflammation of urethra which also includes pus and mucus. Urethra burns
during urination. As such pus, mucus, and burning in the urethra exist in
the following three sources; (1) Sycosis; (2) Gonorrhoea; and (3) Simple
inflammation of urethra. The discharges of Sycosis and Gonorrhoea are
contagious- (able to be transmitted dynamically) - from one person to
another - where as discharge of simple inflammation is not contagious. This
contagious discharge has (1) Dynamic action (as found in CM, MM, CMM, 50
millesimal plane of potencies or more subtle than these potencies); (2)
Physical action; and (3) Chemical action.
Dynamic Infection stage: This is an attack of dynamic morbific agent
inimical to health known as Sycosis on the dynamic vital force of human
person already infected by Psora. The infected person will become a ‘Sycotic
sick as a whole’ instead of ‘Psoric sick as a whole’.
The dynamic susceptobility of Psora attracts the vital force dynamic
Sycosis. For its attack on the vital force of ‘living unit’ it needs
following two things. (1) the susceptibility of Psora; and (2) a friction -
a slight break in the skin - to infect the human person. Without the
susceptibility of Psora and friction, dynamic Sycosis will not attack and
derange the vital force of ‘living human person’. At the time of intercourse
the stronger dynamic force of Sycosis attacks and deranges the vital force
of ‘living person’ (lady or man) through the nerve endings. However, a
friction can also takes place in other ways also. One attack of Sycosis
gives immunity to that ‘living person’ forever. After proper restorations of
Sycotic sick to health with the similar dynamic antisycotic homoeopathic
medicine dynamic Sycosis will not attack and derange the vital force of
’living person’ again. One attack of Sycosis will give immunity forever.
However, Gonorrhoea being an acute miasmatic disease can attack many times 5
or 6 or 7 times after intercourse with already infected person (lady or
During intercourse or friction the sycotic infection occurs in a moment, a
minutest division of the millions part of a second. It does not take even a
second or minute. After that attack of dynamic Sycosis no washing with any
lotion, no ointment, no external or internal medicine, no antiseptic, no
surgical measures can be of any use as the Sycosis is imbedded in the vital
force. As such the dynamic Sycosis controls the ‘whole sick’ including his
body, all organs including his heart, and each and every cell from which the
whole sick composes. It permeates every thing of the ‘sick as a whole. No
micro ultramodern instrument can reach up to the innermost of dynamic
sycotic deranged vital force of the human person to find out how the dynamic
Sycosis is deranging the dynamic innermost of vital force of the ‘living
person’. This dynamic Sycotic derangement can only be known through the
individual sycotic symptoms. Due to stronger influence of dynamic Sycotic
miasmatic dynamic disease, the dynamic Psora or Syphilis become latent.
Dynamic Sycotic over rules the already deranged Psoric or syphilitic vital
force and begins to develop its own individual rules and its own individual
symptoms from innermost to periphery of the whole sick. However, dynamic
latent Psora or dynamic latent Syphilis have not lost their own entity and
individuality and keep giving on their own individual symptoms which have
been recognized as symptoms of dynamic latent Psora or dynamic latent
Syphilis. After proper restorations of ‘Sycotic sick’ with the similar
dynamic antisycotic homoeopathic medicine dynamic Sycotic will not attack
again and derange the vital force of ‘living person’. It will attack the
’living sick’ only once during the while life of the ‘living human person’.
Dynamic stage of Incubation period : After deranging the vital force of the
’living person’ the dynamisation of dynamic Sycosis remain in incubation for
8 to 12 days in the innermost of vital force. In some human beings it takes
8 days, in others 10 days or 12 days to develop and manifest its own
individual symptoms. The period before the symptoms appear is called
”incubation period”. During this incubation period the vital force of
dynamic Sycosis is deranging systematically the interior of the vital force
of human person.
Continuous Progress stage : After incubation period of 8 or 10 or 12 days or
after suppression of sycotic discharge, continuous progress starts. It
affects, penetrates, and deranges continuously, the mind, every organ, each
and every cell, and progress will not stop until and unless it is treated
with antisycotic homoeopathic dynamic similar medicine. No antipsoric,
antisyphilitic, and apsoric/acute or any dissimilar medicine will help in
restoring the ‘sick’ to health. Its progressive affects will continue till
the organs are dead or till the death of ‘living sick’. Only similar
antisycotic dynamic homoeopathic medicine can stop its progress and put back
the ‘living sick’ in reverse orders of symptoms, from inner to outer, and
from above to down. Indicated similar antimiasmatic, or antipsoric,
antisyphilitic, and antisycotic specific homoeopathic medicines are those
which not only remove the present symptoms of the ‘living sick’ but also put
him back in reverse order. If any medicine removes the symptoms only and
does not progress the ‘sick’ in the reverse order that medicine is a
palliative medicine only and will not restore the ‘living sick’ to health.
Dr. J.T. Kent said as under in his post - graduate lecture in 1895
”. . . Among the early manifestations are inflammatory process, inflammation
of the bladder, testicles, vagina, uterus, ovaries, peritoneum. When cannot
be suppressed inflammatory processes not likely to occur but constitutional
symptoms go on.
”After suppression rheumatic state come on, a most painful disease,
writhing day and night in torture, continual motion, aching in the
periosteum day and night may not be attended with swelling. Sometimes affect
the joints and have an acute inflammatory rheumatism. Aches as if the bones
would break, sometimes > by motion. This torture goes on weeks and months
unless relieved by a remedy. Old school resorts to opium and vile drugs
until finally soreness of muscles, tendons contract . Soles of feet sore and
sensitive to touch, purple, unable to walk and walk like a cripple with
shambling gait. You can recognize the disease by this gait, may ask how long
ago did you have that discharge suppressed. Settles at last on hips, back,
knees, muscles and soles of feet stiff and sore. Gradually becomes anaemic,
greenish pallor, waxy like spread over skin; gradually increases, lips
become pale. Woman takes on pelvic cellulitis, difficult menstruation, gluey
discharge, ulcers in the uterus, pain on top of head, endo etritis. In this
stage likely to have warty excrescences, in female first on labia, about
anus, along the perineum; in male along the corona glandis; they fill out,
pulpy, bleeding, spongy, pedunculated, often have little seeds; often smooth
and shiny; bleed from slightest touch; have a sweetish pungent odour,
nauseating, penetrating; fills room when parts uncovered; can be recognised
when observed a few times. With coming of warts the sick sometimes improves;
patient seems to thrive on better appetite and general appearance; old
school suppresses again with calomel, nitric acid, and ligating. In vigorous
patients they continue to come. The state advances until in the female
cauliflower excrescences come upon the uterus, bleeds upon the slightest
touch, recurrent haemorrhage. Sometimes hereditary manifestations, often
many years after exposure; Sometimes in wife of one who supposed himself
cured. Epitheliom belongs to hereditory sycosis. Lungs and kidneys most
likely to be attacked. Several years after suppression takes cold, goes out
in a rain, and catarrh, asthmatic cough, dyspnoea, pallor, waxy, finally
miliary tuberculosis, galloping phthisis, unusual form which ends the life
in sycosis; whole lung tissue studded with very miliary tubercles. Some
suppurative remedies establish a fire in the whole lung tissue. Bright’s
disease is a common ending 16 to 18 years after a suppressed discharge; is
called Bright’s disease never sycosis. Epithelioma or phthisis never called
sycosis. . . . Babies die during the first and second summer of cholera
infantum; wary, marasmus, and have all sorts of troubles; girls start out
early with leucorrhoea. Eruption belong to syphilis and psora in infancy;
catarrhal discharges in infants belong to sycosis. In syphilis bones, skin,
hair, cartilages. Sycosis mucous membranes and margins of mucous membranes.
Epithelioma about the face at margins. Those that come upon the skin away
from margins are psoric; crusts of old people spread, not at margins, is
psora. Young married woman gets up after first confinement with
difficulty, ovaries troublesome, lochia does not cease, growth on labia.
Venous stasis, subinvolution, prolapsus; all the pelvic organs in a state of
debility, reproductive functions are impaired, sterility, aversion to
”Sycosis affects the soft tissue and not the bones, syphilis both and psora
everything. Man may not take catarrhal form but it may begin with an
orchitis or rheumatism. If you find a case that has had gonorrhoea
suppressed and is suffering with terrible agony, restlessness, can’t keep
still, neuralgic, tearing pains along the nerves, not much swelling, better
from motion; looks like a case of Rhus and superficial prescription is
given; but Rhus will not help because it is not antisycotic. The muscles are
contracted, there are cramps, soreness, not much swelling, cannot walk at
times because feet are so sore. You must cover the whole nature of the case
of Sycosis.”
Friends it is now very clear that there is one ‘living sick’ suffering from
only one natural infallible disease known as Sycosis which has involved the
’whole sick’. His mind and every organ including heart, and his every cell
has been permeated with sycosis. He has been suffering from one diseases and
not with different diseases of his organs. He can only be restored to health
with indicated similar homoeopathic dynamic antisycotic drug and not with
antisyphilitic, antipsoric, or apsoric/acute homoeopathic dynamic drugs.
But the vested interests have divided that one ‘living sick’ into different
fragments by declaring some nomenclatural diseases of his different organs
which have been affected with the advance stage of sycosis. Why? Because
they are interested to sell their patents/combinations/mixtures of different
homoeopathic drugs in the name of these nomenclatural diseases. The innocent
and ignorant ‘sick millions’ do not know the truth, the reality of the
disease he is suffering from. They purchase these
patents/combinations/mixtures, use them, and when find only complication in
sickness instead of some relief, then they rebuke Homoeopathy. They begin to
say that Homoeopathy has complicated their sickness. Many modern
Homoeopathists have written many books on these nomenclatural diseases
taking into account the allopathic findings of a fragment of the ‘whole
sick’. Is it not a ‘sin’ as they have gone astray from Homoeopathic norms?
If it is a ‘sin’ then what our homoeopathic leaders are doing sitting tight
in the chairs?
If we do not understand the course of these facts we are likely to tread in
the dark selecting a dangerous homoeopathic medicine, an antisyphilitic or
antipsoric dynamic medicine instead of antisycotic medicine, and spoil the
whole case. It is necessary to understand the sycotic range of homoeopathic
dynamic medicines in order to prescribe the correct medicine for the sycotic
’sick person’.
As already mentioned above if we find a ‘sick’ that has had Sycosis
suppressed and is suffering with terrible agony, restlessness, cannot keep
still, neuralgic, tearing pains along the nerves, not much swelling, better
from motion and prescribe Rhus Tox in dynamic potency, it will not cure, it
will not help, as our is a superficial prescription. Why? Because Rhus Tox
is not an antisycotic remedy.
We should also maintain correct relationship of antisycotic dynamic
medicines. We should not jump from one dynamic medicine to an apparently
another medicine and then to another as some are inimical to each other in
dynamic Sycosis that may otherwise follow in dynamic Psora or dynamic
Syphilis and those inimical in dynamic Psora may follow well in dynamic
Sycosis. We should see that antisycotic dynamic medicines agree and follow
each other.
One of the troubles appears with the true homoeopathicians at present time
is to beard the lion in his den and get the truth. For this purpose our
efforts should be to get admitted very frankly from those modern
homoeopathic prescribers that the ‘suffering millions’ treated by
suppression of these patents/combinations/mixtures of medicines can never be
cured. In fact this way of drug butchery is a curse for such doctors who
prescribe these patents/combinations/mixtures in the name of homoeopathy and
not for true homoeopathy. But the suffering millions who are suffering from
such drug butchery and do not aware of the truth blame the science of
Homoeopathy. Since some so-called lions are sitting in such dens that it
appears difficult for the Hahnemannian Homoeopathic profession to beard them
in their dens and get the truth about these patents/combinations/mixtures
being sold in the name of homoeopathy. One of the best measures now remains
for the Hahnemannian profession to destroy these secret dens by propagating
against such like patented combinations/mixtures and make the general public
to understand the dangers of drug butchery so that suffering millions may
not purchase such like patented combinations/mixtures.
The profession should also become lion hearted to propagate against their
propaganda like short cut methods, saving of time, no need of miasmatic
approach, after clinical trials carried on people etc.. How they can justify
that the so-called clinical trials are not suppressing the true diseases?
Are clinical trials enough instead of provings of such patented
combinations/mixtures etc.? Under which authority they are trying to destroy
the monumental work the ‘organon of medicine’ by replacing the word
’proving’ for ‘clinical trial’only?
In this connection letters from Dr. Ms. K.H. Matani, Bombay, S.C. Gupta,
Director, Dr. Roshanlal Aggarwal & Sons Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, and Dr. Romesh
Nayak, Bombay, Published in the ‘Vital Informer’ for the month of July,
2001, under the heading ‘In Your Court’ stating about ‘Combinations
Seminar’, ‘No Trial, Only Copying’, and ‘CCH For Sale’ are very relevant and
these letters are speaking the truth.
The Homoeopathic Mode of Treatment - The Permanent Cure
After discussing all the above points it still needs to be clarified as to
how to cure the ‘sick as a whole’ under homoeopathy who prima facie appears
to be having an ailing heart. This I have tried to explain in the earlier
portion of the paper. I would, however, once again say that I will not be
guided by the mere fact of the patient saying about the involvement of
his/her heart on the diagnosis of the orthodox school. If I do so I will be
failing in my duty as a homoeopathist and will be acting like the old
orthodox school. Since the dynamic true disease can only be perceived
through symptoms of a true disease from which the ‘sick’ is suffering from,
my first and foremost duty is to take or perceive the totality of symptoms
of an individual ‘sick as a whole’. It is the condition of the individual
’whole living sick’ that will suggest the dynamic true disease and dynamic
medicine and not the nomenclatural disease. The condition of the individual
’whole sick’ means totality of symptoms which differentiates him from a
healthy man and from any other ‘sick person’. Thus it is the totality of
symptoms, and not the name of disease, that will help in finding out the
dynamic homoeopathic medicine for restoring the ‘whole sick’ to health.
Nature has various infallible dynamic laws on its command as a result of
which the whole universe has been performing its functions dynamically and
infallibly but we are not aware of these laws. These infallible dynamic laws
set right each other instantly to perform the functions of the universe
correctly without any mistake. One of the infallible dynamic law of Nature
is the law of ‘Similia Similibus Curenture’ which is made by Nature but
discovered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. He enunciated this dynamic law in
aphorism 26 of the ‘Organon Of Medicine” as under.
”A weaker dynamic affection is permanently extinguished in the living
organism by a stronger one, if the latter (whilst differing in kind) is very
similar to the former in its manifestations.”
It is a clear fact that this law is performing its function on dynamic
plane. A weaker affection and stronger affection must be dynamic affections
and are performing their functions on dynamic plane. If we will apply this
Nature’s dynamic law in case of sickness then the “sick as a whole” and the
phenomena of sickness must be on the dynamic plane.
As such we are bound to work out the following on the dynamic plane:
1. Similarity between the perverted symptoms of the ‘whole sick’ (not of the
nomenclatural disease/diseases) and the symptoms of the active true dynamic
chronic miasmatic disease;
2. Similarity between the symptoms of the worked out active true disease and
the symptoms of the dynamic homoeopathic drug;
3. Similarity between the perverted symptoms of the ‘whole sick’ and the
true Acute Miasmatic Disease leaving behind the symptoms of the latent
Chronic True Diseases;
4. Similarity between the susceptibility of the sick and the potency of a
dynamic homoeopathic drug;
5.Similarity between the modifications of the ‘sick as whole’ and
modifications a dynamic homoeopathic drug;
6. Similarity between the modifications of each and every symptom of the
sick and the modifica- tions of each and every symptom of a dynamic
homoeopathic drug;
7. Similarity between velocity, pace, periodicity, motion, and wave of
symptoms of the ‘sick’ and velocity, pace, motion, and wave of symptoms of a
dynamic Homoeopathic medicine.
Without the above mentioned similirities a reaction of the interior of vital
force of the ‘sick’ is not possible. It is the reaction of the ‘sick as a
whole’ on the dynamic plane against a dynamic stimuli which has to cure him
and not the dynamic medicine itself. The Homoeopathic dynamic drug is only
the stimulus that starts the vital reaction of the interior of his vital
force on dynamic plane for re-establishing the harmony by correcting the
dynamic phenomena of the dynamic disease. If so then is it not a fact that
one proper dose of similar dynamic homoeopathic medicine is sufficient to
work as dynamic stimulus to start the vital reaction of vital force of the
’sick as a whole’? Then how is it possible that the patents/mixtures whose
reaction we are unaware of can restore the sick to the perfect health
without knowing the miasm, at the dynamic plane, of which the sick is
suffering from?
After carefully collecting the symptoms and working out the nature of the
true dynamic sickness, and understanding the “sick as a whole” I shall
proceed with the treatment of the ‘whole sick’ in accordance with the
principles laid down in the ‘Organon of Medicine’.
With the aid and after careful study of the ‘Organon Of Medicine’ and other
allied literature I would like to express that the ‘sick as a whole’ should
be examined to obtain the similarity, on dynamic plane, between the
symptoms of an individual ‘whole sick’ and a homoeopathic potentised
medicine. A single symptom whether subjective or objective, no matter how
strange, rare, and peculiar it may be, cannot form the basis for deciding
the dynamic homoeopathic medicine unless the ‘sick as a whole’ including his
mind, body and all other modalities and modifications, are taken into
account. I would like to put here in brief the symptoms of the ‘sick’ which
should not be ignored while examining the ‘sick’ during case taking. I have
tried to give them in order of their merit.
A. Uncommon Man’s symptoms:
i. Will (uncommon loves and hates of the sick). (a).
(b). Dreams (constant)
(c). Sex
(d). Food
(e). Special senses (provided the
sympoms are not the results of
some pathological tissue
(f). Remaining ‘A’ to ‘Z’.
ii. Intellect (uncommon reasoning). It includes illusions,
delusions, and hallucinations. etc.
iii. Memory (uncommon memory symptoms)
(a). Active
(b). Weak
iv. Sleep (uncommon symptoms pertaining to sleep)
B. Uncommon Physical General Symptoms.
i. Uncommon loves and hates of the entire body. (a). Loves
(i) Heat, sensation of;
(ii) Heat , lack of vital.
(b). Motion
(c). Air
(d). Remaining ‘A’ to ‘Z’
ii. Uncommon other physical General symptoms. (a) Symptoms
pertaining to the entire body;
(b) Modalities, time, circumstances and
conditions affecting the entire body, sex,
food, wet or dry weather, storm or
atmospheric electricity, foggy or snowy,
or change of weather, Sun heat or local
heat, Autumn or Winter or Spring or
Summer, Cold or Winter, modalities of
menses i.e. feeling worse just before,
during or after menses, sides of the body, and periodicity
(c). Discharges : place of; and
(i). Its colour - green, yellow, bloody, etc.
(ii). Consistency - viscid; ropy, stringy etc.
(iii) Blood fail to clot.
(d). General symptoms reflected through
certain organs for example burning in
nose, ear, instomach, head, eye etc. It
becomes a symptoms of ‘physical
(e) Sleep (other than dreams);
(f) Chill;
(g) Fever;
(h) Perspiration;
(i) Menses
(j) Remaining ‘A’ to ‘Z’.
C. Uncommon particular symptoms.
i. Uncommon loves and hates of the particular part/parts of the body;
ii. Aggravation or amelioration of the part/parts of the body. Few
examples are mentioned below ;
Examples : (a) Dr. J.T. Kent stated a case where a patient had pain in
aggravated by motion in arm but she was constantly walking the floor;

(b) Phosphorus patient has ‘general modality’ of
aggravation by cold but has ‘particular modality’ of stomach ameliorated by
(c) Arsenic Album patient’s ‘general modality’ is
aggravation by cold, but ‘particular modality’ of stomach is ameliorated by
cold; and
(d) In Lycopodium ‘general modality’; is aggravation
by warmth, but ‘particular modality’ is amelioration by warmth.
D. Common Man’s symptoms. All categories of symptoms as mentioned under
E. Common Physical General symptoms. All as mentioned under ‘B’.
F. Common Particular symptoms. As mentioned under ‘C’.
G. Acute Expression/Acute Exacerbation/Morbid anatomy created by persistent
deranged dynamic vital force due to miasm/miasms.
H. Drug Butchery or combination of injurious effects of non-similar dynamic
potentised drugs used continuously on the interior of vital force of the
’sick’ with the Nature’s Dynamic true diseases.
I. Past medical History of the ‘sick’.
J. Medical history of his parents, forefathers.
K. Apparent obstacles to cure.
It is necessary to understand that velocity, pace, periodicity, motion, and
wave of each and every symptom - uncommon as well as common - must be
observed for consideration to select a correct similimum as some medicines
are short acting known as apsoric medicine, not suitable for complaints that
are deep in the invisible interior and are long lasting as these do not go
deep into the invisible interior of creative life force, and some go deep
and bring changes in the invisible interior deranged by the chronic miasms.
For further factual individualization or factual individual character of
each and every symptom, besides examining under anatomy, physiology, and
pathology, every symptom needs to be examined under the following six
varieties of modifications. These modifications would help us to
individualize one complete symptom from another complete symptoms. Without
these modifications a symptom of the sick cannot become an individualised
complete symptom.
1. Side; (a) When there are two parts such as the ear, eye, and extremities
etc.; and
(b) When a part is divided as in the case of forehead.
2. Time;
3. Modalities, circumstances, conditions etc.;
4. Extension to;
5. Localization; and
6. Kind and character.
For example take a symptom ‘frightful thought’ (Causticum and Rhus Tox).
When examined under the above mentioned six varieties of modifications will
give its further correct individuality as ‘frightful thought in the evening’
(Causticum only) and so on.
To delve the finest and minutest shades of differences in individualising in
two similar symptoms or in two similar modifications of a symptom, these
modifications are further modified by the above six varieties of
modifications. Again for two similar modifications of a modification, these
are again modified by the above mentioned six varieties of modifications.
This process of modifying of a symptom or modification is repeated until the
most minute and fine details, the reality of a symptom, is found out. While
modifying the modifications of a symptom following words are required to be
kept in mind as they depict the condition of individuality of a modification
in finer and minute form.
1. Before 2. During 3. After
4. While 5. When 6. Until or to.
For example Sadness before chill, during chill or before eating, while
eating or after eating.. Restlessness when eating, before convulsion or
after convulsion, pain in the head in the evening till 4 p.m. and so on.
A study of Materia Medica further reveals the following facts :
1. That different symptoms of a the part or parts and those of the ‘sick’
himself may have contradictory modalities;
2. That the modalities of the symptoms of one part of body do not
correspond with those of another part;
3. That the different symptoms pertaining to the same part have different
modalities; and
4. That the different symptoms of the same part and of different parts may
have contradictory
Above are some of the points which would help us to understand the
reality, the truth, the real fact, individuality and entirety of each and
every symptom of the ‘whole sick’ for placing it in its evaluation for
working out a correct similimum based on the symptoms of the sick. But many
authors of ‘Modern Homoeopathy’ have compiled many books merely on hotch
potch symptoms of the nomenclatural disease taken from the allopathic books
and showing homoeopathic dynamic medicine juxtaposition and have spoiled
the reality, the truth, and evaluation of symptoms of the ‘sick’. In other
words they are trying to remove the symptoms of a so-called disease and do
not believe in activating the reaction of the vital force of the ‘whole
sick’. This misguidence has spoiled the truth of Homoeopathy and has given
birth to the pseudo science of homoeopathy by manufacturing the
patents/mixtures of various drugs which are meant merely for nomenclatural
diseases, and can never restore the ‘sick’ to health.
After collecting the symptoms it becomes necessary to work out, from these
collected symptoms, the strange, rare, and peculiar symptoms of an
individual sick. In fact they are those symptoms which are not covered by
any so-called disease or many so-called diseases, which are not covered by
pathology, physiology, bacteriology or any other allied medical science.
These symptoms will help in working out the individuality of the ‘whole
sick’ and the individuality of active true dynamic disease i.e. active miasm
or active dynamic Psora, Syphilis or Sycosis. Working out the active miasm
will guide us to select the correct anti-miasmatic similar dynamic
homoeopathic medicine specific for that active miasm of the sick which will
put the ‘sick’ in the reverse order of symptoms. After curing the active
miasm, other latent miasms will become active and symptoms of the ‘whole
sick’ will change. In the similar way we should work out this miasmatic true
disease of the ‘sick’ and prescribe anti miasmatic dynamic homoeopathic drug
specific for this natural second miasmatic disease and so on and finally the
’whole sick’ will be restored to health. Hahnemann states that there is no
treatment for drug butchery, but, however, according to Dr. Kent ‘Series of
Degrees’ will help us in such cases. As such two doctrines ‘Series of
Degrees’ and ‘Correspondence of Organs and Direction of Cure’ found out by
Dr. J.T. Kent must be kept in view while prescribing the similar dynamic
homoeopathic medicine for the restoration of the ‘sick’ to health.
Emergencies - the Touch Stone of Homoeopathy
The most confronted situation is that when homoeopathists have to face the
emergent cases, severest distressed cases, when the ‘sick’ is in agony,
where death seems inevitable and the ‘sick’ is surrounded by weeping
relative and friends, and is crying for a true healing art. The
homoeopathists have to act in accordance with the Laws of Healing and not by
the make shifts of mongrelism or Allopathy.
It is a test for the homoeopathic doctor. If he knows his science and art
and collects the totality of symptoms of the ‘individual sick’ with his
strongest perception and selects the dynamic homoeopathic medicine capable
of producing similar symptoms, he will be successful in snatching the ‘dying
sick’ from the clutches of death with the help of dynamic power of a
homoeopathic remedy. The saving of a human soul will thus be the best reward
to all concerned - the ‘sick’, the homoeopathic doctor, the kith and kin and
all his friends.
In the most severest cases of so-called heart diseases, to start with the
heart or to prescribe only for its pains is the poorest kind of relief to
the ‘sick’ and a great deviation from the Laws of Art of Healing. I must
repeat withn all enphasis at my command that it is not the Heart that makes
the healthy life to exist in the body but it is the Vital Dynamus of the
life which makes the Heart to function properly.
The ‘sick’ suffering with his heart, when going down the last grade, needs
the comfort of True Healing Art, and not the changing theories of orthodox
school. The dynamic homoeopathic remedy is all the he, who knows how to use
it and how to remove obstacles in cure, needs to allay ther severest
Our Materia Medica is full of dynamic gems which save the chronic as well as
an emergent cases provided selection of one of it is based on the Law of
Cases Cured
What a wonderful remedy Pyrogenium is which saved my son from the clutches
of death. One evening in the middle of June, 1969, my son reported
prostration, tiredness and soreness of the whole body. Fear of being touched
and watery flow from nose was present. He did some physical work whole day.
On these symptoms I prescribed two doses of Arnica 30 one at 7 p.m. and
other at about 10 p.m.Though he had a good sleep and he was feeling better
in the next morning, yet at about 1.p.m. on the same day I was informed
about the serious condition of my son. On the way I also consulted another
collegue who very kindly gave his own views about such happeninghs. I rushed
home and saw a very horrible situation. My wife was weeping, sitting at the
bed of my son and a few neighbours were consolling her. I obsderved the
following symptoms.
Desired for darkness, worse in light. Fever 105. Tossing. Desired to change
position rapidly. Vomiting of cadaveric odours. Great prostration and was
crying for help. Face pale and all features were sunken. Oppression and
tired feeling about heart. Great palpitation of heart and he complained that
he could not take breath. Pulsation of heart was audible. Pulse 145, rapid
and irregular. No perspiration except cold sweat on face. Pain in the head
which was being relieved by pressing. Eyes were red. Sordes on teeth. Tip of
the tongue was slightly blue. It looked that his life was for a few hours
First I was puzzled to see that ghastly condition of my son whose life was
crying for help. Since I believed that Homoeopathy never fails I was
couraged to perceive the totality of symptoms and tried to find out some
strange, rare and peculiar symptoms out of those symptoms. Without loss of a
single minute I perceived that the pulse is not in proportion of fever and
the life of my son is in the grip of acute expression of Psoric miasm. But
remembering advice of Dr. R.G. Miller that antipsoric medicines should be
avoided in acute expression of psora I decided to find out apsoric similar
medicine. Taking guidance of strange, rare and peculiar symptom of pulse not
in proportion with fever and taking into account other totality of symptoms
of my son (sick) I worked out Pyrogenium which is apsoric medicine. I
decided to precribe Pyrogenium. I diluted four globules of pyrogenium 200
without wasting of a single second and poured one table spoonful in his
mouth. The medicine worked miraculously. My son began to feel better and
after about 15 minutes of administering of one tablespoon of diluted
Pyrogenium he slept peacefully. He woke up in the evening at about 6. p.m.
and asked for water. He took half tumbler of water and there was no
vomiting. Hhe had no complaint except weakness and slight pain in head. No
medicine was prescribed further and he continued to pick up strength.
After 20 days he developed the following symptoms: Offensive perspiration.
Very sad. After getting up in the morning offensive semi liquid stool.
Itching and eruption on left side of chest. Itching was voluptous. He was
feeling great burning after itching. Tiredness after slight physical
exertion. I oserved that he was becoming sad when he perspired offensive
perspiration. He informed me that such itch and eruption appeared on the
same place few months earlier and he applied some local ointment given by
one of his friends after which it disappered within few days. This was a
clear case of Psora and an antipsoric medicine needed to be prescribed.
Taking the symptom of sadness during perspiration and other totality of
symptoms of the whole case I worked out Sulphur as an antipsoric medicine to
be prescribed. I prescribed Sulphur 200 two globules. He first felt slight
aggravation in itch and eruption but after a few days he began to feel
amelioration. No further medicine was presribed. After one and helf month
there was no itching no eruption and he had no complaint whatsoever and
there had been no repetition.

Case No. 2
I have restored many ‘sick’ to health diagnosed by the orthodox school as
suffering from heart diseases but I shall mention below only one case in
brief due to dearth of space.
Mr. ‘G’ aged 63 years came to me from San Francisco on 1-12-1998 for
treatment. He was diagnosed there as suffering from angina pectoris. In
brief I collected the following symptoms.
1. Stitching and flying pains in the chest extending upward, < waking on.
Since 1st July, 1988;
2. Tightness in chest, for the last few days;
3. Indecisive, since childhood;
4. Anger < contradiction, since childhood;
5. Prefers to sleep on left side, since child hood;
6. Frightful dreams - car is running very fast in race and he cannot apply
breaks. He cannot write answers in the examinations and fears that he will
fail in the examination. For the last 8 or 10 months;
7. Stiffness and pain in back. Recently;
8. Likes to eat salty thins, eggs, fish, and likes tea;
9. Thirst much - one tumbler after every one and half hours;
10. Dull pain in the whole head < morning, waking on. For the last two
11. Dull pain in the forehead, above eye brows extending upwards up to
vertex. For the last two months;
12. Itching in the whole head. Since 1982;
13. Feeling of coldness in the head;
14. Bald head;
15. Tendency to take cold < winter. For the last 3 years;
16. Itching in both ears and wax formation in both ears. Since childhood;
17. Sore throat < after taking chillies and > hot fomentation. Unable to
tell time;
18. Eruption and itching in mouth after taking brinjal;
19. Feeling of flushes of heat in the whole body daily. For the last 3 or 4
20. Itching and eruptionon legs, heads and stomach br /> winter,
last 20 years;
21. Weakness of vision;
22. Nose stuffy < after taking things, < after feeling coldness in head,

23. Feels pain under left rib
24. Pain in knees < walking continuously, > rest;
25. Likes to be alone;
26. Likes red colour;
27. Forgets past events. Since childhood;
28. Mild in behaviour;
29. Talking aggravates all symptoms;
30. Passes urine less;
31. Stomach extended due to air in stomach. Passes offensive gas;
Past Medical History.
Pneumonia at the age 4 years. Typhoid at the age of four and half years.
Tonsils operation at the age of 17 years. By pass surgery on June 11, 1988.
Malaria 4 or 5 time. Diarrhoea at the age of 21 years. Dysentry at the age
24 years Eczema on leg at the age of 15 years. Weakness of vision 12 years
earlier. Tendency to take cold for the 1st 3 years. For all these troubles
he was treated under allopathic system of medicine.
Family Medical History.
Father was suffering from Eczema. He expired from heart attack. Mother was
suffering from allergy and asthema. Brother - one brother had gone under
bye-pass surgery due to heart trouble. Sisters fatty. He does not know any
thing about his Grand Father and Grand Mother. Nothing was told about his
father-in-law and mother-in-law.
After working out the strange, rare, and peculiar symptoms or individual
symptoms of the ‘sick as a whole’ the active miasm was worked out as Psora’.
He needed now an anti-psoric dynamic medicine. The case was repertorise with
Kent’s repertory (corrected version from the original manuscript) and
anti-psoric medicine was worked out as Sulphur. I prescribed Sulphur as
1-12-1998. First day, two doses of placebo, because I was in need of a day
or two to work out the case.
3.12.1998. Sulphur 200 only, one dose, followed by placebo.
5.12.1998. Vertigo < lying and walking. Prescribed one dose Conium 30
followed by placebo.
6.12.1998. He informed on telephone that he felt better. Only placebo was
prescribed upto 2.2.1999.
3.2.1999. He was feeling better except a slight pain in the chest.
Prescribed Sulphur 1M followed by placebo.
10.3.1999. He was much better and there was no pain in his chest. No
medicine was prescribed. I asked him to watch and wait. He went to San
Francisco from where he remained in touch with me on telephone. There was no
trouble with him at all at that place and he informed me that he began to
walk at least 2 to 3 kilo meter daily in the morning.
2.6.1999. He informed me that eczema appeared on his right leg. There was
voluptous itching and water was oozing. I asked him not to take any medicine
and not to apply any local ointment other wise he would again suffer from
his heart problem. I asked him to apply coconut oil or mustered oil. He
followed my instructions.
29.2.2000. He informed me that condition of eczema was better except slight
itch. He was advised no medicine no local application. He followed strictly
those instructions.
2.3.2000. He came to India and visited my clinic. He was very much
satisfied with his restoration to health. He asked me for any help from
America. I requested him to please find out J.T. Kent’s Repertory second
edition published in 1908 by Dr. Kent himself. I was unable to procure this
edition in India at least for three decade and wasted much time through
internet to find out this Repertory. Even those who were having this edition
refused to give me a photostat of this book. I was in need of this edition
for some research work.
October, 2000. He informed through telephone and internet that he was
leading a fine life and there is no itch, no eczema, and no pain in chest.
He also informed me that he had procured second edition of Kent’s Repertory
for me which he would bring personally for me in February, 2001.
24.2.2001. He came to India and handed over to me the second revised edition
of Kent’s Repertory (published by Dr. J.T. Kent himself in 1908, printed by
Examiner Printing House, Lancaster, PA.) for my further research work. He
was quite hale and healthy. There was no pain in the chest. No tiredness, No
itching, no eczema and no vertigo and till today he has no trouble.
As no further space is available to mention more cases I shall restrict
myself after mentioning only these two cases.
It is thus seen that to start the treatment from symptoms of localised
condition is a wrong direction towards cure. To start from location means
starting from Circumference to Centre which is a wrong direction. Cure
should always be from Centre to Circumference - from innermost interior to
outermost in the similar manner as the true disease starts from the interior
of the vital force.
Dr. Kent says:-
”If you have a Heart affection improving on your prescription, and a desire
to destroy life follows, you must antidote the prescription; the symptoms
are taking the wrong direction. When rheumatic affections disappear from the
extremities and go to the Heart, and later the patient wants to destroy his
life, the course is from without in”.
When we apply a homoeopathic dynamic medicine on an individual’s totality of
symptoms, it will not merely give comfort to the severest distress of the
ailing Heart but it will alay that dynamic susceptibility and fundamental
true diseases of the ‘sick as a whole’ which are responsible for producing
derangement in the interior vital force of the living unit and in vital
organs, like Heart etc. and, therefor, the cure has to be from interior to
Homoeopathy does not seek merely to palliate or to suppress pains of the
Heart but it goes to the grass root of trouble and thus it does not give
relief temporarily but it restores the ‘whole sick’ to health gently,
permanently and judiciously.
Hence we are now in a position to declare that Homoeopathy not only treats
all kinds of Heart diseases - its occurrences or recurrences, but its
dynamic root causes, the producing power from the interior of vital force,
not in the fashion, based on the opinions of men, but, on the basis of
Nature’s infallible dynamic Laws of restoring the ‘sick as a whole’ to
health. This is all I could write in a short space. Friends, Nature’s Truth
is infallible. All Truths are simplest. Jai Hahnemann.

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Comment by Dr. Satish Kumar Rana on March 31, 2011 at 4:29am

Thanks! Anand Sahib.

The writer as I mentioned was a staunch homoeopath. He was DMS [Calcutta]. He never used even a single pill of allopathy throughout his life. For every type of pain he used to prefer homoeopathy, where [pardon me] many of us frequently recommend the patient to take anti-pain and land the patient in trouble for ever.

Homoeopathy needs such soldiers.

Comment by Debby Bruck on February 3, 2011 at 11:39pm

I hope this does not get too religious. Homeopaths, on the whole, are on earth to help heal the suffering. Each has their path. We have been down this road before and do not need to dredge up hard feelings and pit on against another. Homeopaths work with natural laws such as the similimum. Only the Creator above can determine and judge. Please let us not judge each other as the highest court of law. Just continue to do your good works and let it be. All You Need Is Love Now, that is the Heart Disease, when we are missing love for one another. 

Comment by Dr Ravindra Saraswat on February 3, 2011 at 9:58pm

if the ‘sin’ is the breaking of norms, then why the breaking of the
Nature’s ‘laws’ and ‘doctrines’ found out by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann and
enunciated in the ‘Organon of Medicine’ and ‘Chronic Diseases’ is not a
’sin’? Are not the manufacturing of patents or combinations of medicines
working against these infallible ‘laws’ and doctrines is a ‘sin’? If it is a
’sin’ then why not the true homoeopathicians who follows these Nature’s
’laws’ truely and faithfully are not speaking against this ‘sin’? Is keeping
mum against any’sin’ committed by some vested interest is also not a ‘sin’?
If this a ‘sin’ then why the homoeopathic profession not raising voice
against this ‘sin’ to enable the homoeopathic higher authorities to take
some action against this ‘sin’.

Sir, Above stanza gives a Teaching or guidelines for those Homoeopaths who use the combinations & patents in his routine practice & by breaking laws & principles ----doing sin, Like Chirst---They do not know what are they doing?

Comment by Dr Rajneesh Kumar Sharma MD(Hom) on February 2, 2011 at 10:57pm
Every Homoeopath must read it carefully. Thanks Dr. Rana.

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