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The future of Homoeopaths may be deemed but the future of homoeopathy is safe and bright. The cause is very clear. The followers of homoeopathy are being increased worldwide because of its positive characteristics like curative power and no side effect.Everybody who is using modern medicines is afraid of side effects and looking for curative medicines without side effect.
The principles behind the homeopathic treatment are very strong but some are open and some are hidden. The principle of minimum dose is already being used by modern medicine in the field of vaccination for a long time and they are very happy to adopt it. From last six month the pharmaceutical companies of modern medicines are trying hard to use this principle by adopting,NANOTECHNOLOGY’ to minimize side effects of their medicines. They are looking for curative principle of homoeopathy also. And this is main cause of rivalry. The pharmaceutical companies want to remove homoeopaths and adopt the hidden curative principles of homoeopathy. Once the curative power of homoeopathy is detected by any scientist it will be adopted by pharmaceuticals companies.
Modern medicine has already adopted many of the positive characteristics of ayurvedic medicines and they are using it in their own way in their treatment.
The curative power of homoeopathy is not a major problem for other system of medicine but how its works is really a great problem for those who do not want to use homoeopathy remedies but to use its curative principles in their own way. When pharmaceuticals companies failed to detect curative principles in its laboratories they started questions to homoeopaths on this topic.
I do not want to disclose the name but the most of the learned physicians of modern medicines are curious and eager to know how homoepathy works,or what are the scientific principles behind the curative effect of homoeopathy medicines. some of them are using homoeopathy remedies for their families. some of them have converted themselves into a homoeopath and doing homoeopathic practice.
The curative principles of homoeopathy described in different books are never scientifically established that is why different doctors have practicing their own methods. This is time to review the curative principles of the homoeopathy in the light of effectiveness of its medicines in the field of management and cure of the patients. No doubt the methods of practice adopted by different doctor are effective but it does not follow a scientific principle of the day. The curative principle of homoepathy is still a mystery. No homeopathic doctor or homoeopathic institution in engaged to develop homoeopathic curative principles. Everybody wants to advertise their own method of treatment leaving the old principles which develops a contradiction in the mind of critics and new homoeopaths.
We are living in the age where every science is evaluated every year,every week,every hour,and every minute. Homoeopathic science comes in the same category. Still homoeopaths are using not more than 20% of its potentials due to lack of knowledge and lack of research in the field of homoeopathy. Forget the weak principles of homoeopathy. Treat the patient,observe the development in the patient and make a scientific principle and follow it in further treatment.

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Comment by Debby Bruck on July 26, 2010 at 11:10am
Thank you for your thoughts.

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