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If you think about it, the repertory was the original search engine. Long before Google, Yahoo, and Alta Vista, homeopaths were faced with a problem similar to that which made search engines necessary. The search engine user wants to find a web page with information on a particular subject. And the homeopath wants to a a remedy that has a particular symptom. There's been a lot of research into how to make search engines perform better. Much of this information is proprietary, but there is research done at universities that is available to the public. As far as I know, no one has tried to apply these new methods to homeopathic repertorization. Our modern repertories have grown large, so large they've grown difficult to print and computers are necessary for any serious homeopath. I think soon we will move into the post-repertory era, when we use new computer techniques borrowed from search engines to find the remedy.

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Comment by david hartley on May 20, 2009 at 12:17am
Hi Bernie, I am primarily using 'search engine like' technique to solve cases without repertory .. simply study applicable materia medica .. via directly searching 750+ books "Encyclopedia Homeopathica" Repertory leaves much to be desired (imho) and since its entire purpose is to act as a cross-referencing search "index to the materia medica" .. I find it easier to mostly just bypass it, generate my own direct searches of the materia medica. Naturally, it is critical to fine-tune one's search parameters ! I always hope for some SRP (strange, rare, peculiar" symptom ; and otherwise usually hone-in on the simillimum by starting out with search parameters that combine a couple of strong generals plus a modality or two... scaling back from there if insufficient results ... reading up on Rx which I do not know well as I go along.
You wouldn't believe some of the apparent inaccuracies which show up in repertorizing .. Very Interesting to read the provings, and sometimes find that a particular repertory snippet ... has been taken entirely out of context.
For all these reasons, I have now very little use for Radar (computer repertory) -though it is sometimes useful to compile a search in Radar and then export as a complex search into EH.
Comment by Dr. Robert Bruck on May 19, 2009 at 9:27am
Bernie- nice analogy! Also remember that botany and zoology taxonomists have used "keys" to classify organisms since the early 1700's. Ain't no such thing as a new idea!

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