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New York Times
Dilemmas for Doctors
In the November 5 issue of The New York Review, Dr. Jerome Groopman wrote about his experiences observing interns and residents at Massachusetts General Hospital and the way that new technologies and practices have affected the work of young doctors. He recently talked about the subject with Andrew Martin of The New York Review.*

This two-page interview covers many important issues relating to medical students, patients and the medical profession in America today.

Perhaps people would like to post comments about various issues touched upon.

1. Compassionate care by physicians today
2. Money determining factors
3. Patient compliance and freedom
4. Interns getting adequate rest and treatment to perform to best ability
5. Freedom of physician to judge what is best care for patient instead of standardized regulations
6. Having 'evidenced-based' medicine rule the day, when information changes year to year
7. Malpractice
8. What happens when governmental guidelines are wrong, but required to follow them?
9. What happens when experts disagree?
10. Does fear of law suits guide decision-making of physicians?
11. Monetary limits on medical law suits?
12. Read on page two about surgeries that are little more than placebo
13. What is "fully informed decision-making" mean for the patient?

I will end with this excerpt of the interview:

JG: I think it’s important that a physician try to understand the experience of illness as best as he or she can. It’s clear in certain necessary but difficult and disfiguring surgeries like mastectomy. There are patients who experience gastrointestinal disease, colitis, inflammatory bowel disease. And these are sensitive and often highly symbolic parts of our bodies. It’s incumbent upon a doctor who cares for patients dealing with maladies that affect these organs that have resonance with us on a symbolic level to probe and to try to understand the experience of the patient.

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