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The Gleanings-XV | BACK


[I’m suffering these days from cervical spondylosis; and this is, incidentally, a topic for the chapter on BACK, in repertory. But in the whole of homeopathic literature one doesn’t find any mention or any rubric of ‘cervical spondylosis’. There are no mention or rubrics for ‘degeneration of bones’ or ‘degeneration of vertebrae’ (except caries of bones, which is a different process), or ‘osteophytes’ (which, by stretch of imagination, may be equated with exostoses), or ‘slipped disc’ , or ‘herniated disc’, etc., etc. Murphy has given a rubric of ‘spondylitis’ with a singular remedy as ‘Phosphoric acid’.


Providence has given one opportunities to find the extent and limitations of homeopathic therapeutics and try to find possible ways of circumventing those shortcomings or difficulties.


  • A discussion on cervical spondylosis can be found started by Dr Vikas Verma
    under the Clinical Tips Section.


The treatment of this ailment, I found, is only ‘restorative’ (including pain-killers, nutritive, providing for the deficient nutrients: minerals and vitamins, and physiotherapy, and, above all, a radical change of life-style, curtailing, of course, the desk-work), not ‘curative’, in the strict homeopathic sense of the word. So, as with other deformities of the spine as kyphosis, scoliosis, kyphoscoliosis, sponylolisthesis, which are structural defects, hence incurable.]


Rheumatic Stiffness of Back: Stict. Pulm.


Rheumatism of the Back


Calc-Ost. (Calc.c): Indicated in general rheumatism. The symptoms and causations are: Rheumatic affections, caused by working in water. Rheumatism of the muscles of the back and shoulders, after failure of Rhus-t. It is also indicated in gouty nodosities, about the fingers. It may be useful in constitutional gout and in arthritis deformans.

Rhus Tox.: It seems to be the best remedy we have for backache and lumbago, whether the pains are better from motion or not. It seems to have special affinity to deeper muscles of the back. Often like Nat.m.

Natrum Mur. these backaches as well as pains, in the loins are better from lying on the back or on something hard; and he also gets much relief from massaging and warm applications upon the affected part.


Calc-Fluorica: A gout remedy to follow Rhus-t. in chronic cases. Lumbago, worse on beginning to move but improving on continued motion.


Calc-Phos.: Rheumatism appearing in any or every change of weather. On exposure to dampness, we find the stiffness of neck, aching and soreness in limbs; and pains are wandering through the limbs, particularly around the sacral region and down the legs. All these symptoms appear with every change of weather.


Secale Cornutum: It is indicated for sudden “catch” or “kink” in the back.


Nux Vomica: is called for in rheumatism of the back when the patient is unable to turn over in bed without first sitting up. (CMM 677, 680)


Rheumatic Lameness in Back: Kali Phos.

Agg. after rest, and on just commencing to move; especially worse on rising from a sitting position.  There is tendency to paralysis. Comp. Rhus-t. (Essential of Hom.Mat.Med.328)



Backache with Spinal Irritation from Sexual Excesses: Nux Vom.


Backache from Sexual Excesses, and after Emissions: Cobalt

Pain in back < when sitting; > on walking and on lying down. Weakness in legs. Lewd dreams. (Boericke)


Pain in Back from Wrestling and Excessive Sexual Indulgence: Symphytum Off.


Pain from Cervical to 5th. Dorsal Vertebra: Tell., Physos., Chin.s.

A perfect picture of spinal irritation.



Backache from Congested Kidneys with Dysurea: Solidago v.

Kidneys sensitive to pressure. “Favorite when the kidneys are irritated, sore and substantially inflamed, along with severe backache”. Highest potencies.  (Boger)




Spinal Irritation, Backache from Uterine Causes:

Kali-Carb.: The spine suffers severely in Kali.c. patients. In addition to the backache, we will have spinal irritation, which is as vague and general as headache. One must always know what causes this spinal irritation. Does it come from loss of animal fluid, from brain troubles, from emotional causes, or what? In Kali-c. patient you will find it frequently occurring with the uterine symptoms. Thus, the patient has pressure in the small of back, as though there were a heavy weight pushing down there. There is also bearing down in the uterine region during the menses. Burning along the spine, especially along the right side of the spine. This is not a real congestion. It is merely a subjective sensation caused by irritation of the posterior spinal nerves. The backache is worse when the patient is walking. She feels so exhausted that she must drop into a chair. Or support herself in some other way. A pulsation feeling in the small of back in the morning. (comp. Sepia and Cimicifuga). This pulsating and drawing backache is particularly relieved when the patient lies down. This suggests a comparison between Kali.c. and Nat.m. the latter remedy is particularly relieved by lying flat on th back with firm pressure. These two remedies have further relation in the treatment of Amenorrhea. Hahnemann says that Kali-c. will bring on the menstrual flow when Nat.m., though indicated, but fails. Kali-c. also has a peculiar symptom of aggravation in the pain of back intensely after eating. (CMM 738)


Backache after Parturition and Abortion: Kali Carb.

“The particular combination of symptoms that we have under Kali-c., the sweat, the backache and the weakness, are found in no other remedy. It acts well from higher to low potencies.” (CMM 737)


Bearing Down Pain in Sacral Region: Helon.


Pain in Sacro-Iliac Symphysis during Pregnancy:


Lameness of back with Leucorrhea: Aesc.H.

Aggravation after menses: especially across sacro-iliac articulation.


Pain in Sacrum with Hemorrhoids: Abrot.

Usually Aesc.H is thought of  here.  (Boericke)


Excruciating Backache:  Variolinum

Pain shifts from back to abdomen. Aching in legs. Tired all over with restlessness. Wrist pain.


Spinal Curvature or Pronounced Rickets: Med.


Pain in Small of Back: Argentum Nit.

Feeling of soreness in lumbo-sacral region; also pain in the small of back, very severe when rising from sitting posture, but rather relieved when walking. ZINCUM is also better from walking and worse from sitting. The difference between the two remedies is, that Argentum nit. has pain when rising. Sometimes there is pain in the sacro-iliac symphyses, a feeling as if the bones were loose there. Here it is similar to Aesc.H.  (CMM 606)


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Comment by Debby Bruck on March 17, 2012 at 11:50pm

Very nice collection of symptoms and rubrics. Calc carb and rhus tox go together well and listed frequently in this article. I would like to ask about the potency and frequency recommendation when using for gouty nosodities and in middle-aged to elderly persons with arthritis?

  • "Calc-Ost. (Calc.c): Indicated in general rheumatism. The symptoms and causations are: Rheumatic affections, caused by working in water. Rheumatism of the muscles of the back and shoulders, after failure of Rhus-t. It is also indicated in gouty nodosities, about the fingers. It may be useful in constitutional gout and in arthritis deformans."

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