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The Gleanings VIII Rectum and Stool



[Carroll Dunham has said somewhere that the positive symptoms of the homeopathic material medica, are the characteristics, i.e. colors, odors, and consistency of the body discharges, as e.g. of stools, urine, leucorrhea, nasal discharges and phlegm; and also the color and configuration of tongue. I think he was right. These are certainly positive symptoms which should make our selection of the single remedy simple, from among the last two or three indicated remedies. So it is a practical tip for successful prescribing. One should always try to get these symptoms distinctively.


The reader will note that I haven’t mentioned Merc.Sol. in the section of Dysentery. I know that some 80% of cases of dysentery are curable by this precious remedy. This is the reason that I didn’t mention it. The routine medicines are not mentioned in the Gleenings


In the Ano-Rectal therapeutic, I find that BELLIS PERENNIS is not mentioned anywhere; while I feel that it should be given a serious thought and trial in the maladies of the rectum. It is a remedy for the trauma of the soft tissue and the deeper organs. It is a proven remedy for the trauma of the breasts, cervix uteri and vagina from masturbation or violent sex. It saves these organs from developing pathology or malignancy from these causes. In the peri-anal tissues, when it is injured by the hard, lumpy and difficult stool, it is of great service. If it is complicated with the presence of hemorrhoids, it can complement the indicated remedy, for example Nux Vom. For the deep trauma of the abdominal viscera from surgery, and of the womb and cervix from prolonged labor, this is the remedy. It saves the organs from developing further complications. M.A.U.]



Constipation, of the Most Aggravated Kind: Alumen

Stools are as hard as stones. Color black.


Inertia of Bowels and Rectum, Stools Hard and Black: Opium

No inclination whatever to pass stool; flatus accumulate in the upper part of intestine, and presses upward against the diaphragm. This symptom is very common after long-lasting and debilitating diseases. Dose:repeated doses until colicky pains are produced. This will indicate restoration of peristaltic action of the bowels. Now is the time to inject cocoa-nut oil or soap and water, to soften the stool.” Comp. Plumbum     (CMM p.271)


Constipation with Sinking Feeling in Stomach: Hydrastis

Also dull headache.  (Boericke)


Constipation with Gouty Acidity:  Gratiola


Obstinate Constipation with Flatulence and Hemorrhoids: Collinsonia


Constipation with Plugged Feeling in Rectum: Anac., Plumb., Med.

Constipation after Purgatives: Nux.v., Hydrastis, Sulph.


From Mechanical Injuries, and other Malignant Pathologies: Ruta


With Backache, and Hermorrhoids: Euonym., Aesc.


With Enuresis: Caust.

With Fainting: Verat. a.


Pain Compels Child to Desist from Effort: Lyc., Sulph.


With Prolapsus Uteri: Stannum


Bowels more Apt to Move in the Evening than in Morning: Collin.




Diarrhea, aggravation night: Sront.Carb.

The patient is scarcely off the vessel before he has to return. It is better towards morning at 3 or 4’ o'clock.
(CMM 656)


Early Morning Diarrhea:

Stools are watery and followed by tenesmus, which distinguished the drug from Bry., Nat.S., Rumex., Sulph. and Psor., all of which have morning diarrhea, driving out of bed.  Concomitant symptoms are: the stomach seems to swell up immediately after a full meal. Just like Arg.n., Borax., Carb.v., Chin., Colch., Lyc., Nat.s., and Nux.Mosch. The symptoms are particularly apt to occur after excessive beer drinking. Kali.biis one of the best remedies for chronic effects of excessive indulgence in ale and bear.


GNAPHALIUM: is one of the little used remedies that has diarrhea worse in the morning. The stools are watery and offensive with nausea and vomiting. It is sometimes useful in the beginning of cholera infantum.Urine dark and scanty. Irritability of temper continuing even after the diarrhea. (CMM p.726)


Early Morning Diarrhea: Nymph. Odorata

Backache.  (Boericke)


Diarrhea:   Sul-ac.

“General sense of tremulousness, without actual tremors. Hurried feeling.”  (Guernsey,  Pharmacodynamics)


Diarrhea after Cabbage: Petr.


Watery Diarrhea with Colic: Nectranda Am.

Bluish rings around the sunken eyes. Restless sleep.


Effortless Diarrhea with nervous exhaustion: Oenothera Bi.

Incipient hydrocephaloid. [It has also whooping cough and spasmodic asthma] (Boericke)


Diarrhea after Eggs: Chin.ars.


Summer complaints with Vomiting and Diarrhea:  Resorcin

Diarrhea of Undigested Food, immediately after Eating: Alston.C

Has to leave the table before finishing a meal.   D. 1x potency.


Gushing Diarrhea with Chill and Fever:  Elatrium


Chronic Dysenteric Diarrhea: Epilobium

With tenesmus and mucous discharges. Ptyalism, dysphagia; wasting of body and much debility.  (Boericke)


Acute Dysentery and Diarrhea, with Fever: Cuphea



Serious Cases of Dysentery:


Carbo Veg.:Burning pain situated deep in the abdomen, usually in one or the other bend of the colon. The abdomen is greatly distended and tympanitic. The pulse is weak and intermittent. The discharges from bowels are horribly offensive, brown, watery and slimy in appearance.

Arsenicum Alb.: Irritability of the fibre. The patient is just as sick and just as near death’s door as Carb.v. patient; but he is restless and complain of burning thirst and yet exhibit an intolerance of water. The discharges are about the same in character. Ars.However has less tympanitic distention.

China: Dysentery of Carb.v. is also similar to China. Both have dark offensive fluid discharges, both have the distention of the abdomen, both have great weakness and hippocratic face. With China however the movements from the bowels are provoked by every attempt to eat and drink. Belching gives but temporary relief. The flatus is not so offensive as with Carb.v., nor are the burning pains so marked as under Ars.(CMM p.488)


Dysentery with Soreness and Burning in Bladder: Erigeron


Dysentery when Tenesmus has Ceased: Sulphur

and mucus and blood are still discharged.


Spring and Early Summer Dysentery:

Dysentery occurs periodically in spring and early part of the summer. The stools are brownish and watery, mixed with blood and mucus, and attended with great tenesmus. Distinctive symptom is the appearance of the tongue which is dry, smooth red and cracked.(CMM p.725)

Severe Dysentery, pains, Frequent Stools with Pure Blood; Kali.Chl.

Intense tenesmus making the patient cry out. Great prostration.


Dysentery in Typhoid:  Vaccinum M.

This keeps the intestine aseptic and prevents re-infection. (Boericke)


Dysentery with Frightful Pains and Vomiting, Violent Thirst: Leonurus

Tongue dry and cracked.


Dysentery with Tenesmus of Bladder:   Merc.Cor.


Foul, Fetid Flatus: Rhus Glabra

It is claimed that this remedy will so disinfect the bowels that the flatus and stools will be free from odor. It rectifies putrescent conditions. Profuse perspiration arising from debility. [Chin.] Dreams of flying through the air.         (Boericke)



Worms, Round and Threadworms:  Chelone

“It is an enemy to every kind of worm, infesting the human body.” (Boericke)


Hook Worms: Thymol

“Specific for Hookworms disease. (Chenopod).”


Tape Worms: “most efficient, least harmful.” Cucurbita


Crawling in Rectum due to Round Worms: Teucr.


Ascaris Lumbricoides: are removed by a dilute solution of Iodum  (Clarke)


Inveterate cases of Worms:  Scirrhinum

When Cina and .



Hemorrhoids and Constipation: Rhamnus Pursh.

An effective folk remedy for constipation. Dose: 40 drops one night, followed by 15 drops before every meals. It restores normal function by its tonic effects. Homeopathic proving reveals its relation to jaundice and cirrhosis; hemorrhoids and constipation. Gastric headache. Broad flabby tongue,foul breath.


Hemorrhoids, very Sensitive to Touch: Mur.Acid


Piles with Great Pain and Engorgement of Rectum: Negundium Amer.

Ten drop doses of tincture, every two hours.  (Boericke)


Piles with Scanty Menses: Lach.,  Alum.


Piles with Much Itching: Petroselinum


Hemorrhoids with Bleeding: 1) With rectal irritation and diarrhea: Glechoma

2) With hard stool:  Laminum Alb.


Hemorroidal Pains like those of Anal Fissure: Sedum Acre

Constricting pains , worse few hours after stool. Fissures.


Painful Bleeding and Protruding Piles: Scrof. Nod.




Graphites:One of the best remedies in this affection. The anus is so extremely sore that the patient can’t easily sit. He has also hemorrhoids which burn and sting.  

Ratanhia:Great constriction of anus. Stools are forced out with great efforts and the anus aches and burn for hours afterwards.

Paeonia: Fissures of anus with great deal of oozing, thus keeping the anus damp and disagreeable all the time. This is associated with great soreness and smarting, and enormous hemorrhoids. (Thuja: moist fissures).

Nitric Acid:When there is a feeling as if there were splinters or sticks pricking the anus.

Silicea:Patient tries to force a stool, but it partially descends and then slips back again.


Note:Graphites is distinguished from all these remedies by the fact that they have more or less tenesmus or constriction of the anus; while Graphites has little or none. (CMM 497)  


Fistula, Ulcers, Fissures and Hemorrhoids: Paeonia

Along with fissures, Paeoniaalso have ulcers, fistulae, and hemorrhoids.  Anus and perineum are covered with crusts. Atrocious pains after stools. Itching of anus. Chronic ulcers.   


Carcinoma of the Rectum; Prolapsus Recti:  Ruta G.   


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Comment by Dr. Aamir Mustafa on January 25, 2012 at 4:41am

Dear Dr. Usmani can you tell me during selection of medicine are you focus on general symptoms or Patient's Personality and Temperament?

Comment by Dr. Aamir Mustafa on January 25, 2012 at 4:37am

Thank you Dr. Usmani provide a huge knowledge pack in small paper.

Comment by Dr. M. A. Usmani on January 7, 2012 at 10:47am

Dear Debby, a good M.M. will do. Read Kent Esp.

Dear Dr.Anand, Perhaps Sulphur will do. The case seems to going towards dysentery. Then Merc.Dul.

Thanks Dr. Rafeeque.

Dr. Usmani


Comment by sajjadakram on January 6, 2012 at 10:37am

Dr Usmani will  guide you properly.Antimonium  crud is close.


Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on January 6, 2012 at 6:10am

Thanks for providing the hidden points in huge books!

Comment by Debby Bruck on December 30, 2011 at 3:14am

Dear Dr Usmani ~ Can you tell me the difference between Alumen and Aluminium homeopathically? Thank you.

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