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1- EAR

[Unless there is some pathological problem of the outer, middle or inner ear, most of the day-to-day ailments of the ear are either related to exposure or an extension of the infection from some part of the body, usually the throat. Before opening the arsenal of our remedies we must decide weather it is, at all, a case for medicinal intervention, or the complaint can be redressed by giving some verbal instructions to the patient.  For most of the milder to a bit severe complaints of pain or discomfort, anywhere in and around the ear, can be eased, or totally cured by simple plugging of the ear with dry cotton, for two to three days. I redress some 80% of such cases with this innocuous artifice or contrivance. Whenever a child wakes up suddenly, in the thick of the night, crying with pain in the ear, try this method, and also supply warmth externally by dry heating with a pad of cotton heated by placing it on the ironing surface of mildly hot iron.


If the trouble continues, only one remedy redresses almost 90% of such cases, unless some other remedy (such as Acon., Cham.,Pulsatilla) is specifically indicated, on the basis of causation or otherwise. This remedy undoubtedly is Merc. Sol.: a trusted ENT autocrat. It reigns the entire ENT territory. More of it we will talk in the following chapters. Usmani]


Otitis Media Suppurative, where Silicea is indicated, the process is hastened by Lapis Albus (also see Myristica Seb.)


Otitis Media:  Skookum-Chuck

Profuse, ichorous, cadaverously smelling discharge.


Simple Deafness with Noises:  Salic. Acid

Deafness, tinnitus, vertigo. Dose 3x.   (Hughes)


Catarrhal Deafness; and in Damp Weather:  Mang. Acet.


Deafness following Chronic Catarrh:  Nat. Salicyl.


Deafness of Old Age:  Merc. Dul.


Deafness from Suppressed Head Eczema: Mezereum


Deafness Gradually Increasing without any Definite Symptoms:   Syph.


Deafness:   Comparison between  Carbo-An., and  Carbo-Veg

In Carbo-An. Patient cannot tell whence the sound is coming, its direction and all that. In Carbo-V deafness is owing to utter dryness of auditory canal, absence of cerumen or wax; or there may be offensive cerumen.  (CMM p.491)


Deafness:   Variolinum


Abscess of Mastoid Process:  Capsicum

Capsicum has local affinity for the middle ear, and is most specific for the mastoid process; “other preferable remedies are Aur., and Nitric Acid.”   (CMM p.435)


Otorrhoea with Swelling of Mastoid: Carbo-An

The discharge is thin, ichorous, bloody and excoriating.  Similar in Carbo-Veg

In Carbo-Veg this otorrhoea is as a sequel to exanthematous diseases, as measles and scarlatina  (Ibid)


Boil in External Meatus:  Pic. Acid

Also pustules. Comp. Merc., and Sulphur.


Meniere’s Disease: Also called Auditory Vertigo: Causticum

Causticum is a good remedy for tinnitus aurium, or buzzing and roaring in the ears, when sounds reach unpleasantly in the ears. A voice which is of ordinary tone sounds loud and reverberates confusedly in the ears. When Causticum is the remedy, these symptoms may be concomitant with catarrh of the throat, involving the Eustachian tube. (Cured cases)...

There are two drugs which can be compared here, viz. Salicylic Acid and Natrum Salicylicum, which have caused and cured Meniere’s disease. Other remedies: Carbo-S., Carbon bisulphide, and Cinchona.   (cf. CMM p.735)


Mastoiditis and Simple Earache: Ferrum Phos.

It leads in everything in earache and mastoiditis. “more cases of mastoiditis call for Ferrum Phos than any other remedy. It equals Cham. in earache of children. It may be repeated often.”  (T.K. Moore, Hom. Mag. May 1978)


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