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The Gleanings-II  



Vertigo with Roaring in Ears:  Strychninum


Vertigo with high blood-pressure: Morgan B.


Vertigo with ovarian and uterine complaints: Conium


Periodical sick headache: Chionanthus.

With hepatic derangement. Pain in forehead, chiefly over the eyes. Eyeballs very painful, with pressure over the root of nose. Drop doses for several weeks.


Headache, associated with eyestrain: Onosmodium

“Onos. Has cured more cases of headache associated with eye-strain than any other remedy since it was proved”. [Clarke]

Feeling of tension in the eyes , as from straining them to read small print, and desire to have things far off to look at them. Craving for ice-water and often.

Organ Affinity: eyes; occiput; eyes to occiput; sacrum: these are the chief centers of pain; throat, bowels, breasts, heart and limbs being also affected. The left side of body more than the right. All potencies: from 3x to CM.


Headache with polyurea, clear watery urine:  Oleum Animale

Comp. also: Ign., Sang., Kalm., Meli., Acon., Sel.  (CMM. P.171). See the following rubrics in Kent’s Repertory: ‘Frequent urination with headache’ p. 658.   ‘copious urination with headache,’ p. 686


Hungry during the attack of headache:  Psorinum    (Boericke)


Occipital headache:Special remedies:

Cocculus:a grand remedy; as if the skull was alternately opening and shutting. Pain in the lower part of back of the head and in the nape of the neck.


Gelsemium: Passive arterial congestion. Pulse being full and throbbing. Thick speech.


Juglans Cathartica  (or Juglans Cinerea):the best remedy for sharp pains in the occipital region; often accompanied by nausea, dull pain in the right hypochondrium. Jaundice and other symptoms of liver involvement. (CMM p.212).

Petroleum:Throbbing pain in the occiput.


Carbo Veg. & Nux Vom.:with bilious attacks.


Headache of old age: without acute crisis; a heaviness rather than pain:  Bar.m 


Headache after mental exertion; Brain fagPic. Acid (Boericke)


Violent Headache:

Sanguinaria:begins in occiput, spreads over the head, and settles over the right eye. Patient can bear neither sound nor odor. > profuse flow of urine, or after sleep,


Belladona:severe < from jar, or pressure. Head hot and extremities cold.


Melilotus:  violent cerebral congestion, with headache, that drives the patient frantic; it really seems to the patient that the brain would burst through the forehead. Alternating with lumbago and arthritis.(CMM p.276)

[A case cured having violent headache, alternating with rheumatic pain and disability in knees with Melilotus.-MAU] 


Headache of School teachers, Professors and StudentsIris V.

Sick headache when they are periodical in character, recurring, for example, every Sunday. Pains are throbbing, intense and supra-orbital. They often affect the eyes, and cause temporary blindness. At the height of headache vomiting often ensues; vomited matter is bitter or sour.  (ibid )


Meningitis: Inflammation of the Brain and Congestion of Head: Acon.

Cerebral congestion from lying with the head exposed to the direcr rays of the sun, especially when asleep, it is the best remedy here, superior to either Glon., or Bell. But Glon. and Bell. are preferable in sunstroke, from exposure under ordinary conditions. Acon. may further be indicated in sunstroke, when the  intense heat has had a paralyzing effect on the circulation. At first the heart works harder. It then begins to lose its force and beats from 120 to 130 beats/min. Amyl Nitrite causes similar picture. The face is flushed, eyes protruding, roaring in the ears, vaso-motor paralysis of the heart, secondary to reduced pressure in the capillaries. Acon.may also be used in cerebral congestion  after a fit of anger. (Bry., Cham., Staph.) (CMM p.320)


Compare here  Helleborus Nig.  CMM. Pp. 129, 336. 


Cerebral symptoms from suppression of eruptions:  Apis. & Sulph.

Apis when acute, and Sulph. when chronic.(CMM p.471)


Congestive Headache with Menses: Morgan Coli


Congestion of Head from Study, and Mental work: AUR. MET

Owing to the hyperemic condition of the heart there is necessarily hyperemia of other organs. There is feeling of fullnee in the head accompanied by roaring in the ears. The head feels sore and bruised, and the mind is confused. In extreme cases the face is bloated, and have glassy look. Sparks and flashes before the eyes, which shows hyperemia of the retina. There is sensation as if eyes are being pushed out. Two errors of vision, viz. diplopia and hemiopia  are present. Hyperemia of the brain is caused by the overuse of the eyes or working in hot places.  (CMM p.603)


Sharp pain in the Left Temple and over the Left Eye: Senec. Aur. (Boericke)


Megrim easily induced: Sepia


Headache with Sexual Excitement: Platina Mur., Apis.


Headache with Lachrymation: Chel., Phell., Rhus-t., Spig, Taxus.


Headache with Muscular Soreness: Gels., Rhus-t.


Headache wit Gouty Nodules on Scalp:  Silicea


Headache with pain in Lumbar Region: Radium


Headache with Scotoma: Asparagus


Headache with Yawning: Kali Carb., Staph.

(these all from Boericke p.706)


Sick Headache in Tea and Coffee Drinkers:   Paulinia

Throbbing headache; uncontrollable sleepiness; heaviness of head, flushed face after eating.


Headache spreading from Nape of Neck:

Silicea:Sharp tearing pain rises from the spine into the head. > wrapping; worse over the right eye; < mental exertion, noise, motion. At the height of paroxysm nausea, and vomiting.

Menyanthes:coming from the nape of the neck over the head. Bursting pain, as if the membranes of the brain were tense and pushing the skull open.

Paris Quadrifolia:headache of spinal origin which arises fro the nape of the neck and producing a feeling as though the head were immensely large.

Strontia Car.: Coming up from the nape of the neck and spreading thence over head. Quite similar to Silicea.   (CMM  p.549 f) 


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