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The Gleanings I: MIND



[The mind chapter is brief because I do not depend, in my practice, so much on the mental symptoms. I find them mostly elusive, treacherous and undependable, to say the least. Every person in his lifetime wears many faces in society. A person weeping before you while telling her story may be the most cruel person with regard to her daughter-in-law or the servants. A lamb sitting before you may be the most ferocious jackal, or a cunning fox, in reality. A most crook person can pose before you as an innocent angel. Man is God’s most crafty creature: a rosary in hand and a dagger under the armpit. 


People give very opposite impression to what they really are. So I subscribe to the methodology of my venerated teacher: the great Burnett. I more depend on pathology and strive hard to make a diagnosis, before analyzing and repertorizing a case. A case without diagnosis is a yacht without a rudder. Only good luck would take one to the shore of ones destination.


Keeping brief my chapter, on Mind, I’ve added personality portraits of three noble mettles, and another of a very deep-acting salt, i.e. Kali-Carbonatum, (plucked from the album of Dr. Farrington). This, I feel is a safer strategy to keep oneself from being hoodwinked, by the false mentals.


I’ve also tried to accept only those mental symptoms that are observable and confirmable by the prescriber. So instead of depending on the verbal narration and disclosures of the patient, the prescriber should depend on the testimony of his own senses. From the narration and disclosures of the patient he can concoct his own symptoms about the personality of the patient, as, e.g. ‘loquacious’, ‘reserved, reticent’,  ‘proud’, contemptuous, cursing, fanatic, religious, etc.   [Dr. M.A. Usmani, (MAU)]]



Rapid alternation of mental states:

e.g. from gaiety to sadness, anger to repentance. Croc. Sat.

Violent mania alt. with refusal to talk Verat. Alb.


Saturation point of understanding: after prolonged mental work, incapable of further understanding or reading. Aethusa. C

Dose: “a grain of good extract”. Hahnemann


Nervous exhaustion: induced by over-study, or nervous prostration from seminal emissions. Anacard.


Examination funk: Anacard.

Dose.  12th. potency  (Ph.D. p.225)


Fidget: in hysterical and originally nervous patients. Zinc. Val.

“Cannot sit still, must keep the legs in constant motion. This uneasiness of feet is not an uncommon symptom in old cases of uterine disease. I’ve used it. I do not remember a single case where I might have failed. I usually use it in 2nd or 3rdpotencies. (CMM)


Fright, complaints from:

1)    Acute:  Acon; Arg.N; Gel; Puls; Verat.

2)    Remote consequences:  Nat.M; Ph.Ac; Sil;

Nat.M especially for chorea or paralytic weakness of this origin.

3) Acute: Ign.       Chronic: Ph.Ac.


Mania following disappearance of neuralgia: Cimicfuga.


Mania, with enhancement of sexual desire: Bar. Mur.

“In every form of mania when the sexual desire is increased, nymphomania or satyriasis.



Nervous Sedative, when nervous fear predominate:    Scutellaria Lat.

Also for nervous irritation, and spasms of children during dentition. (Boericke)


Brain fag of businessmen:    Zincum Phos.

Fagged brain: Zincum Acet.

In water n. & m. (Rademacher, and Burnett)


Mental troubles from over-weaning pride; esp. in females:  Gratiola.

Nux symptoms in females are often met by Gratiola. (Boericke)


Hysterical complaints with rheumatic pains, better by walking about:


Hysterical pt. fainting from seeing blood: Nux Moschata


Hysterical epilepsy: Tarantula His.


Hereditary craving for alcohol: Syphilinum.


Insanity of young girls, connected with menstrual troubles: Thyroid.


Lassitude with desire to lie down all the time: Kali-silicum

Weight in stomach after eating; < open air, draft, cold, uncovering, bathing; < exertion.


Hydrophobia and dropsy: Anagalis.


Irritability of temper with violent ourbursts: Crocus sat.


Masturbation (Female); Nymphomania: Gratiola


Hysteria, incurable cases: Valer. Off.


Incipient dementia: Nat. Salic.

Perfectly rational periods alt. with manifestation of insanity of a somber character.


Wants to run away and hide: Mellilotus

Fear of arrest. Delusions: thinks everyone is looking at her. Fears to talk loud. Unable to fix mind. Memory treacherous.


Acute Mania with frightful delusions: Kali Brom.

Acute mania with sleeplessness, and strange imaginations. The pt. imagines that he will be poisoned, that he is pursued by some demons; that he is hated by every body;or that his honor is at stake. Some such imaginations act on the mind irresistibly, and causes him to resort to violent procedures; thus he will try to commit suicide in order to avoid the supposed danger. All this time the pupils are dilated, and the face is bright red and expressive of anguish and fear. The body trembles and the muscles twitch in various parts of the body. HYOS. much resembles this, and both are parallel remedies, in this form of disease. (CMM. P. 716)

Impairment of Memory from excessive Venery: Kali Brom.

Produces absolute loss of memory. The patient cannot remember words particularly. Associated with this symptomwe will find a distressing melancholy: everything looking dark and gloomy. He cares nothing for anybody, nor for his occupation. This state if begotten of excesses in venery Kali Bromatum is an excellent remedy. (CMM p. 717)   





Platinum is haughty, Lyco. is imperious, but we should not forget that Ipecac. is contemptuous. He despises everyone and everything, and grows stout on it. (T.K. Moore, Homeopathic magazine,May 1978)


AURUM MIND: In all cases in which it is the similimum, there is present a melancholy with disposition to weep; or with a feeling of self-condemnation, as if he was not fit to live. This feeling of self-condemnation, worthlessness may amount to despair, even taking the form of religious mania.He prays all the time. He is sure that he is going to be condemned to the lower regions. All these bring him to this pass that:

  • He starts having suicidal thoughts, even though he may not make attempt at that;
  • But this brings a great deal of anguish, with precordial distress;

Along with these Aurum produces,

  • weakness of memory;
  • decided anger;
  • any contradiction or dispute excite the patient furiously; he becomes red in face, and his pugnacity is aroused.
  • Mental labor becomes irksome; causing
  • Congestive headaches. (CMM P.606)



Mind And Sensorium of ARGENTUM NITRICUM:


[Nitrate of Sliver, in its action on the brain and spine furnishes us with a list of symptoms that will lead to the use of this remedy in many forms of ‘nervous diseases’ ­_ from simple nervous debility to full-fledged locomotor ataxia or paralysis.]

Among the anomalous sensations, which it causes are the following, which are characteristic of the drug: (a very general symptom, which may be present in the headache, ovarian affections,and in many other diseases) is this

  • Feeling as if the body or some parts of the body were expanding. Examples are: head feels enormously enlarged during headache; or something very large and swollen in pelvis with ovarian pain
  • Vertigo is present almost always, when it is the remedy. This vertigo is associated with general debility and trembling from nervous weakness. He reels and stagger as if intoxicated. It is so severe at times that he becomes momentarily blind, with mental confusion, buzzing in ears, nausea and trembling.
  • The patient suffers from mental anxiety.
  • Very impulsive and must be always busy. and yet accomplishes nothing.
  • Subject to frequent errors of perceptions.
  • Hurried feeling, thinking himself always too late, when in reality he is much early as to the time of his appointment.
  • He imagines, if left alone, he will die.
  • Full of apprehension that he has some incurable disease ( of the brain).
  • Errors of perception; thinks he will run into some projection in the street (traceable to the imperfect coordination of his muscles). This is not an imaginary symptom, it has been met with a number times, and it has been actually cured by Arg.Nit. (CMM p.60)





Personality of PALLADIUM:


[Palladium is found in nature with Platinum; hence chemically and symptomatically near to it. It is of use principally for its action on the female genital organs. Its characteristic mental symptoms seem to find origin in the sexual symptoms, and form with the latter a useful and precise group for practical use.]

  • The patient is inclined to weep.
  • Keeps up brightly in company, and is much excited but always worse the day following an evening of entertainment.
  • She is easily put out of humor, and then inclined to use pretty strong language.
  • Pride easily wounded
  • Love of approbation.
  • Imagines herself very much neglected, and as she attaches great importance to the opinion of others, this annoys her very much.


Comparison with Platinum: Plat. Female is very different. She is egotistical in another form. Under Palladium pride is easily wounded. In Platinumthe patient is haughty and egotistical; she looks down on others as not being good enough for her.  (CMM p.617)



Mind and Sensorium of KALI CARB, (K.C.):


  • K.C. patient is excessively peevish and nervous, and very easily startled, especially women. They are startled by imaginary hallucinations: they imagine that someone is in the room as some figures come before the mind, and tantalize them. This anxiety is specially manifested on any noise, as mere shutting of the door, particularly if the noise is unexpected. They are not only startled as many healthy persons would be under similar circumstances, but they are so much frightened, that they are driven into a fit of trembling.
  • You’ll sometimes find the intellect seriously impaired when K.C. is indicated.
  • The patient does not seem to care for anything. This indifference is associated with great bodily exhaustion.
  • When questioned , the patient, usually a female, does not seem to know exactly what to say or what she wants.
  • This condition borders somewhat on that of Phosphoric Acid, but still the apathy of the two remedies is not exactly the same. K.C. has not a sensorial apathy, but the exhaustion is too great to frame the answer to your question. You will find such symptoms of the mind calling for K.C. in puerperal mania and puerperal fever.

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