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Since Kees already pointed it out and since it is known by people whom I taught or personally informed, I want to clarify on this knowing ‘im Forveld’.
To my utter surprise and amazement I discovered three years ago I could know the patient‘s remedy beforehand, without having to see or to talk to him or her.  The implications upset me for months. I wasn’t looking nor asking for this and it all of a sudden changed the direction of my work, ambitions and motivations.  Besides the fear of being ridiculed I thought it was the end of my teaching career but most of all, it meant the direction of my live was no longer in my own hands. Understanding the benefits of this gift though, I couldn’t but surrender.

This implied ‘confessing’ to my students and some colleagues I know and trust. Being known and invited for doing live cases in public, the remedies which were always determined beforehand, often were so-called small remedies with insufficient data to prescribe on. Sometimes the remedies were totally unknown and I couldn’t find any homeopathic information to back up a prescription.
Instead of dismissing me because I was demonstrating them something I couldn’t teach (the prescribed remedies are similima with deep acting cures) my confession was warmly received and students wanted me to continue to teach homeopathic method. As long as they don’t have this gift, they have to rely on method and it feels safe and relaxed during case-taking ‘with at least someone knowing what the outcome is’, as they put it. Thanks to 25 years of studying passionately,  I think I can make a legitimate claim to be able to make the difference between a similimum and a nonsense prescription.  And it still makes my heart sing to hear the language of the remedy expressed in a patient, to learn a lot of unknown remedies in this way and to anticipate the feeling of wellbeing that lies ahead.

The last three years I noted the remedy beforehand for every single patient I saw. It always turned out to fit perfectly after taking the case. In this way trust in the intuitive remedies grew and I rely on known and ‘unknown’ remedies likewise.  As the inspiration is not limited to my knowledge, many unknown remedies come up. If participants want, they can get the remedy on a piece of paper before we start the intake; the conclusion after analyzing carefully had never been another one than was mentioned.

Besides my own patients, homeopaths whom I know and trust, ask me remedies for their difficult cases. Since I don’t need any information besides their name, I can help many more patients in this way. In order to be completely neutral and unprejudiced, I tune in to receive remedies before the question comes.  When I teach abroad and will see live cases often the remedy is determined before appointments with the patients are made. The remedies still fit when there are changes in the chronology or last minute cancellations and replacements.

From my point of view I can see where homeopathic method is valid and reliable and where it is not. This helps me during teaching and motivates me to try to fill the (many) gaps in our knowledge.

Most likely this ability will become more and more common in the times to come. Though I can’t tell what the prerequisites are, it is very likely that many are tapping or will tap into this ocean of knowledge and replenish it in doing so.

Needless to explain what magnificent potential a similimum has, therefore I can’t but see a bright future for homeopathy, inevitably, as Kees stated.

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