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From Zuidlaren to Rolde: 17th of October

I can’t remember when I had for the last time a long lazy morning in a bathrobe, legs on the chair, with a cup of coffee, and then another cup of coffee while having  good conversation with two colleague homeopaths… sheer pleasure.

By 10 we thought it was time to go but as it was raining Harry took us in the car and brought us to a pub nearby where we had a piece of apple pie and another cup of tea, looking over the river and waiting for the sky to clear up. Gabriëlle who was going to be my companion for the day, already took my rug sack to the next B&B where she left her car. I suspect them to have agreed behind my back that, with my knee and too heavy luggage I was to be kept an eye on and if possible to be prevented from doing stupidities. It was noon before we decided the weather was good enough and Harry guided us through the area he turned out to know very well. When the company is good, the hours fly.

Along the way I asked Harry the four questions. In fact I already knew the answer to one of the questions: as he repeated yesterday: the case of the HIV man who was treated with PC1 and changed from depressed and feeling unloved into pure love for all and everybody. This was an impressive case shown on the Crossing Bridges Conference in Holland some 10 years ago. I’ve seen that case. A touching example of a similimum at its best.  For Harry it was enough to decide to take a closer look at the PC remedies…. and the rest is history. He recalled another case of a woman with deep suffering and many mother issues.  The remedies Harry gave acted well but didn’t touch the heart of the matter. There didn’t seem to be occurrences in her life explaining such intense pain. It turned out that her parents were holocaust survivors though and then Harry decided to give PC Genocide. He saw a completely different person a few weeks later. His message is the homeopathic community should take into consideration the importance of collective trauma, ‘miasms’ and issues in their cases. We now overlook this crucial aspect, while with the inclusion of PC remedies for collective problems (also Toxines, CFS, Rape, etc) in our clinics our results could improve dramatically.

I realized too late I haven’t asked Peter my questions. He bicycled into the night the 16th from the restaurant where we had dinner last night and in two day she is moving to England. I will have to ask him later.
Gabriëlle and I arrived some 4 hours later in our next stop. It was a stroll through a magnificent nature reserve with heather, mores, woods and millions of mushrooms. The weather was soft and the forecast was even better: up to 20 degrees!

Our B&B turned out to be an organic shop with an artisanal cheese factory. And a bathroom with a bath! What more can one wish?


A walk from Rolde to Schoonlo: 18th of October

Gabriëlle Zeevenhoven gave the ‘Walk for Homeopathy’ flag to Dineke van der Horst, who decided only yesterday to join me. She picked a great day for walking: soft and sunny weather and a gorgeous path through woods and along mores. The colors of autumn were at their best: yellow, burgundy, red and purple. We hardly saw a living soul on our hike, except from cows, sheep, horses and goats. Not later than 4 PM we arrives at the village of our destination and found a place where we could have a cup of tea on the sunny terrace. It was time for Dineke to leave. During our walk I asked her my 4 questions. An acute case of a man in great pain, who already was seen by a dentist and in the emergency in the hospital and who came to her is despair, cleared in less than half an hour after a dose of Hepar. Seeing the miracle of this unbearable state subsiding within minutes was for her the most impressive homeopathic experience. Her ‘homeopathic mystery’ she’d rather call it an awe for something out there that contains the potential of healing in a person when the pictures match. The message Dineke has to give was in line with that amazement: to realize the beauty of all creatures and the creation.


Yes, I can! 19th of October

Because this day I was going to walk alone with my too heavy rug sack and I had so much work piled up from the last days, I decided to take the bus to the next B&B and spend a nice quiet day there. In this way I could do my mails, the requests for remedies and write about my adventures so far.

When I finished my breakfast the lady asked where I was heading today. I told her I thought about taking the bus. She said it was going to be a most fantastic warm and sunny day, maybe the best we’ll have. I could always walk until halfway and then take the bus. Couldn’t I see what a beautiful morning it was?

And so at 9 ‘o clock I left the house with a rug sack on my back and a smaller one with my computer, camera and some other stuff on my belly. I could give it a try. The hike today was 24 km: too long anyway. But indeed the fresh morning with wisps of vapor rising from the fields in the first warmth of the sun was not to be missed. I stepped into the woods. In the beginning my ankle was painful but luckily that subsided. I was pondering over the feeling of fragility that slowly crept in as I approached age 60. When I was younger usually hiking resulted after a few days in a glorious feeling of being strong, what did I say, in being invincible. Maybe this belonged to the past. And anyway this rug sack was too heavy.

The woods were silent, smelled refreshing, the light was pouring through the leaves. Not one time I lost my way: when one is alone there is less distraction. By noon I arrived nearby the first village where I could probably take a bus. My clothes were soaked from sweating but I felt in good shape. I decided to walk the one extra kilometer to the village to eat something but then return to the path and continue. Since this was already a bit further than halfway, why then not do the whole trip?

On a sunny terrace I had a soup and started, maybe a bit overconfident at the second part. The legs were OK but the shoulders protested. But because I started the hike to the final destination of today, Sleen, I had no choice but moving on. There were moments that the beauty of the woods was overshadowed by the aches here and there but all in all I felt capable of doing the trip. And so I did!

The last three kilometer the bus took me to the B&B that turned out to be a little bit outside of Sleen. And here I am, all smelly from the perspiration of the day and painful shoulders but with the satisfaction of somebody who made it.

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Comment by Anne Vervarcke on October 30, 2012 at 3:15pm

Dear Debby  and Muhammad,

you don't know how much your support and positive thoughts towards this project help!

Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on October 29, 2012 at 6:00am

Yes, our positive thinking and moral support can remove all hurdles on her way!

Comment by Debby Bruck on October 28, 2012 at 1:02am

Dear Anne - I was thinking of you on my walk today. I'm wondering how many people in our community walk, hike, or challenge themselves in some way toward a life goal? How many people set out with one foot in front of the other to achieve a character trait like consistency, forgiveness, moderation, balance or other beneficial quality to improve their identity? 

Each day that I step out, either cloudy or sunny weather, I will be thinking of you. Maybe our thought can help carry you. We will learn from your blog what has happened on this journey over the course of months. Know that we are with you. 

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