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Leaving home.
Finally then on the 14th of October early in the morning I took the train in Leuven for Bedum, 15 km North of Groningen. In the 6 trains (and one bus) during the almost 7 hours journey there was plenty of time to reflect on the nice birthday celebration my dear Paul, children, stepchildren, grandchildren and friends prepared for me yesterday and all the presents and wishes I received.

At Jean Pierre Jansen’s place, soon after arriving in the late afternoon, the homeopaths started coming in.  Jean Pierre had sent an invitation a few weeks before to practitioners in several disciplines but it were the homeopaths who showed up. No need to say that the meeting, which was supposed to end at dinner time, just continued while enjoying Marina’s lovely meal.  As we know: homeopaths are never without topics for conversation! I had the opportunity to meet Lies Vetter, Harry Hadringa, Piet Brunnink, Jan Elenbroek and Frans van Rooijen life; and an occasion to explain the purpose of my Walk, the plans so far and my ideas about homeopathy in the world today. One of the important issues is that we have to overcome our little disputes and differences and join forces. We have to give the example of tolerance and respect if we are to be treated this way ourselves.

Jean Pierre was informed about the questions I came with. (1. What is your most fantastic homeopathic experience? 2. What is your biggest homeopathic mystery/question? 3. What did homeopathy bring to you? 4. Do you have a message?)

He emphasized the last one: his message is we have to report our cases. If 100 homeopaths have 200 cured cases in a year, then we have 200.000 cases in 10 years. Half a century ago the GP’s  in the Netherlands were in a similar bad position compared to the specialists;  professor Huygens started to register what exactly they did and in this way got them out of their malaise. This example shows us how important it is to register in a simple but systematic way and make the results available for the public. It should be organized by a committee and can run side by side the scientific research on homeopathy.

Jean Pierre also focused on the fact that it is important to have adequate members of the boards in these complex times and to pay them decently for their work.

It was my pleasure to give a copy of my latest book, fresh from the printer: “Homeopathy is everywhere”. And as I announced I’ll bring a present, I wouldn’t come without a remedy…. But it is the hosting homeopath that has to decide who it is for. Everybody has at least one case or patient or person he really dearly wants to help.

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