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Creating Waves of Awareness

Let me begin with removing some misconceptions about healing. Healing is not a science, but an Art. Of all things Art is the governor, for it is through Art that Government works. Of all Arts, the Art of Healing is the uncrowned Emperor. Poetry may be its Minister and Painting its Culture, Theatre its Jester and Science its Priest, but above all the Art of Healing, Divine in principle and practice, is without doubt the Emperor.

We are not of the general opinion that modern science as a whole and medical science in particular, is an undivided boon to mankind. To achieve that undivided beneficial quality in medical science demands a different approach from the present. For the learned fraternity of doctors uses the principles of the art of war to achieve their goal. You would not think of applying the principles of healing, painting or poetry in warfare though. What use would syringes and band-Aids, paintbrushes or quatrains be against machineguns, hand-grenades and bombs?

Similarly, the principles of war are useless in medicine. Bombarding a diseased body with heavy drugs is the wrong way around. If they want it to be a science, then this is unscientific. Bombs always have the opposite effects of what we truly want.

“The danger of bombs is in the explosion of stupidity they provoke.”

(Octave Mirabeau)

Masters & Fools

William Blake said:

“After having been a fool, a student is to amass a stock of ideas and knowing himself to be fool he is to assume the right to put other men’s ideas into his foolery. Instead of following a few great masters, he is to follow a great many fools.”

In homoeopathy, we follow some great masters – Hahnemann and Hering, Von Boenninghausen, Kent, Clarke and Burnett, to name a few. We call them masters, because their findings and the attached doctrines, uses and their results are beneficial to our health, both mental and physical.

They heal with the smallest of possible doses radically each and every disease, without the use of the knife or fire and perform the physician’s high and only mission – to cure the sick.

William Blake made some more astute remarks about masters and fools.

“Servile copying is the great merit of copying. Mechanical excellence is the only vehicle of genius. Execution of this copying is the chariot of genius. Copying correctly is the only school to the language of Art. Copy the few great masters and stop following a great many fools.”

That is the message. Whether the art is painting, theatre or healing, we have to follow and copy diligently the great masters and not follow any fools. Following in their footsteps in applying the rules of the art, mastery is the well-deserved and tasty fruit.

The orthodox of the Church of Medicine follow quite a few such fools, like Avogadro, Mendel and Darwin, Jenner and Pasteur or Roentgen and Curie. These they call their masters. We call them fools because their findings and the attached doctrines and uses as well as their results are detrimental to our development and our health, both mental and physical.

For one would not unduly and undividedly praise their inventions as beneficial – vaccination causes untold damage as explained by Professor Coulter PhD and by many others in their books on the subject.

Roentgen and Curie discovered radiology and radioactivity. Radiology we all know causes cancer and modern so-called ‘nuclear medicine’ uses radioactive dyes and scanning machines that give you the equivalent of 10 X-rays per year over 60 years in one go. That is a massive 600 times the normal X-ray radiological dose.

Pasteur’s Gospel is also but a shot in the dark, as have explained elsehwere. It leaves everthing to be wished for and has generated resistance problems with diseases that are rapidly becoming insurmountable.

Mendel’s and Darwin’s work gave us the Nazi race laws and the drive for genetic knowledge to make the superrace. This notwithstanding the fact that stupidity and ignorance survive, simply by their sheer numbers. Fools generally do not consider the negative uses their inventions and discoveries can be put to.

Poor Avogadro could not comprehend anything beyond the molecular level and his ‘limit’ does not take into account nanophase products and potencies, as I have explained a previous article. Hence it fails to be a limit, except in a limited, molecular sense.

The Enemies of Progress

As Bhaktivinoda Thakur, an Indian sage of the 19th Century wrote:

‘We love to read a book which we never read before. We are anxious to gather whatever information is contained in it and with such acquirement our curiosity stops. This mode of study prevails amongst a great number of readers, who are great men in their own estimation as well as in the estimation of those who are of their own stamp. In fact, most readers are mere repositories of facts and statements made by other people. But this is not study. The student is to read the facts with a view to create and not with the object of fruitless retention. Students, like satellites, should reflect whatever light they receive from authors and teachers and not imprison the facts and thoughts just as the Magistrates imprison the convicts in the jail!.’

(Thakur Bhaktivinode. The Bhagavat)

Study is therefore more than the retention of facts. Facts alone will not satisfy the true student, as he cannot do anything with them but make lists and classify, divide, count and enumerate. Such is the occupation of bookkeepers. If the goal is to cram as many facts into the head as possible, then study is as good as useless. Study means not that we shall become mere repositories of facts and figures read from a machine, as that does not constitute either study or knowledge or science. For we will find that at some point in life these kinds of facts alone will not help us. The facts are really there to teach us connections between things and to use that knowledge for the betterment of the patient. The masters have shown us what to do with the facts and we shall slavishly copy them.

‘Begin anew!’ cry both the useless student and the shallow critic and discard all they have ‘learned’ to go back where they started. Each will find he has to again cover the ground he already covered and try to catch up with where he was. This attitude hinders the understanding of important things and essential knowledge about disease and its cause is discarded because of it.

There is also the shallow critic, who takes into account what suits his shallow investigation, often designed to deride different paradigms from his own. This is the very thing he deems he is supposed to do. Both the useless student and the shallow critic are the enemies of progress. Progress means elimination and new acceptance, while holding on to the laws and principles. These, the useless student and the shallow critic will denounce with all their might. From this attitude come sterile experiments and uneventful results.

‘These are shallow expressions. Progress certainly is the law of nature and there must be corrections and developments with the progress of time. But progress means going further or rising higher. Now, if we are to follow our foolish critic, we are to go back to our former terminus and make a new race, and when we have run half the race another critic of his stamp will cry out: "Begin anew, because the wrong road has been taken!" In this way our stupid critics will never allow us to go over the whole road and see what is in the other terminus. Thus the shallow critic and the fruitless reader are the two greatest enemies of progress. We must shun them.

‘The true critic, on the other hand, advises us to preserve what we have already obtained, and to adjust our race from that point where we have arrived in the heat of our progress. He will never advise us to go back to the point whence we started, as he fully knows that in that case there will be a fruitless loss of our valuable time and labor. He will direct the adjustment of the angle of the race at the point where we are. This is also the characteristic of the useful student. He will read an old author and will find out his exact position in the progress of thought. He will never propose to burn the book on the ground that it contains thoughts which are useless. No thought is useless. Thoughts are means by which we attain our objects. The reader who denounces a bad thought, does not know that a bad road is even capable of improvement and conversion into a good one. One thought is a road leading to another. Thus the reader will find that one thought which is the object today will be the means of a further object tomorrow. Thoughts will necessarily continue to be an endless series of means and objects in the progress of humanity. The great reformers will always assert that they have come out not to destroy the old law, but to fulfill it.’

(Thakur Bhaktivinode. The Bhagavat)

However, medical science today has come at a point where what was valid law yesterday will be rejected today, because of some theory, subsequently to be thrown out tomorrow by another theory.

Therefore, they have to start the race each time anew, getting further and further behind where they already were. In homoeopathy we see this trend also develop and we do well to pay attention, for the last time this happened, homoeopathy was virtually destroyed in the USA. Mind you, all the so-called new trends in homoeopathy such as drainage and organ therapy were first tried out by Hahnemann before he discovered the Law of Similars and he summarily rejected them as not good enough. We expect our colleagues to study before they make assumptions and to not succumb a second time.

‘Thought is progressive. The author's thought must have progress in the reader in the shape of correction or development. He is the best critic, who can show the further development of an old thought; but a mere denouncer is the enemy of progress and consequently of Nature. The student must hence be creative in his study, if he is to understand. And the critic therefore should have a comprehensive, good, generous, candid, impartial and a sympathetic soul.’

(Thakur Bhaktivinode. The Bhagavat)

Enthusiastic admiration of the previous masters is the first principle of knowledge and its last. The medical scientist who, on examining his own mind finds nothing of inspiration for pure and simple healing, ought not to dare to call himself, let alone attempt to be, a healer. He is a fool and a cunning knave, suited only to the purposes of evil exploitation.

This exploitation of the suffering of the patients is the result of a few events in the history of modern medicine, which find their origins in fragmentary, materialist-reductionist thinking, which we inherited from the medieval times, when Pythagoras and Plato were introduced again to Western minds. Pythagoras was a doubter, who wanted to discover whether what he had learned from Egypt, Babylonia and India was really true and could be proven materially. As if his teachers wanted to cheat him! Such investigations lead to fragmentary thinking, since for each fact of learning, something must be invented to prove it.

Similarly in Medicine, where Hippocrates and Galenius wielded the scepter, fragmentary, contrary thinking was the order of the day, although the Arab physicians healed by similars. Later this also changed to the teachings of Galenius and it was the Arab physicians who taucht their European counterparts during the Crusades and the Renaissance.

Fragmentary thinking became therefore the order of the day and gradually reductionist-materialist thinking replaced the wholeness and implicate order of the previous ages. This trend has continued and led to such fragmentary views that when Pasteur presented his aberrational germ-theory, they were all too ready to finally have a material cause for disease.

In the intervening years, much has changed in medicine, making it increasingly fragmentary and reductionistic-materialistic in outlook, but the biggest change came after World War II.

The Emperor’s New Clothes

After WWII, some changes took place in medicine that are extremely detrimental to your health. The first was the incorporation of the camp-doctors within the mainstream. The Allies took as many as they could find, including laboratory personnel, because they knew the procedures. We all know they took the rocket scientists and think that was it. But doctors and chemists and other life-scientists were considered as important, for they had a lot to teach.

Next was the incorporation of those teachings within mainstream research. From the present-day progression, we can all see that Medical Fascism is gaining ground, with mandatory vaccination, mandatory medicinal intake by schoolchildren and mandatory testing at pregnancy or at least the push for such legislation by all too copliant and even willing Governments.

They would like it so that everything not forbidden is compulsory or if not, to be made so on the shortest possible notice and anything not compulsory is forbidden or if not, to also be made so on the shortest possible notice. This of course includes any alternative to their form of quasi-scientific quackery.

There was however a problem.

How did they integrate a despicable form of research and treatment resulting from it, without incurring the wrath of the entire world?

They instigated an enormous PR campaign in which the childhood diseases were painted in the darkest colours, from the few deaths that occurred from them among the poor and underfed.

They then began with mass vaccination and presented it as a benevolent procedure. The resulting diseases caused by the side effects they must of course research to ‘understand’ them. It also gave them a tool of fear, to demand compulsion. From the history of vaccination they already knew it was a superfluous procedure with its own accompanying dangers. The simultaneous increase in hygiene, better housing and food that were the real cause of reductions in diseases was kept out of the public eye and the vaccinations were claimed to have done the trick.

An increase in vaccines is the next step to make the population sick and instigate more research. These vaccines create ‘a-typical’ forms of the disease which are deadly and on that basis they demanded compulsory vaccination, which succeeded in the US, some States in Canada and Australia, but not in Europe.

When Watson and Crick announced the helical structure of DNA in 1956, medical science had prodded the biologists to further investigate the genes – more fragmentation – so they could exploit the results and piggy-back their own genetic research onto it. Mind you, this was only 10 years after WW II, which should give us pause to think. It must have taken a massive effort – similar to the Manhattan project – to advance that much in so few years, considering the technology available. Gradually, they introduced the idea of genetic causes of disease and more research was directed towards it.

This increased the power of the Medical-Pharmaceutical Industrial Empire a great deal and fed its ambitions to megalomaniacal proportions and so it was that it became the Emperor of Sciences, rather than simply remaining the Emperor of Arts. Lobbying the Governments further strengthened their position and the Emperor grew in power, demanding compulsion for vaccination – if not possible for babies, then for the military at least, ‘to protect them against biological weapons’.

The Governments realised that universal healthcare could be achieved with the help of the Industry and the socialism that took a hold of Europe and elsewhere began to implement it. This meant giving more power to the Medical-Pharmaceutical Industrial Empire, which suited them very well. With legislation backing them, they could finally install their Emperor upon the throne.

Next, they lobbied to make certain other types of treatment compulsory, which failed on a general level, but was successful at the local level in many places. Now they had another weapon in their fight for control of health, reproduction and sanity. For meanwhile they had also developed the pill, to control the population numbers. They moreover increased the number of ‘psychiatric illnesses’, which puts schoolchildren on six different drugs every day, to ‘control their behaviour’. The fact that 60% of Americans are on some form of psycho-active drugs, is telling in this respect. Any other form of medicine is labeled quackery and prosecuted, harrassed and robbed of its tools, by declaring them carcinogenic or some such excuse. That is how much their Emperor has gained in power.

They present their Emperor to us as a more and more dictatorial figure, whose desires in the war on disease must be followed without so much as demurring. Dressed up in the tyranny of conformation, he demands you must submit to everyone of his procedures. From the day you were born, some form of the Emperor’s directives have been forced upon you, no matter how loud you protested. The Emperor demands that we shall be subjected to mandatory suffering.

While you will not be tortured in the literal sense of being imprisoned and subjected to thumbscrews, waterboarding and such like, the substances they subject you to can at least be classed in the same category. Most of the time it does not even leave a mark, except with pox, measles, whooping-cough and possibly polio, which may drop you dead, give you personality and brain-damage or leave you a paralysed, drooling wreck.

They say this is based on scientific evidence. However, evidence is supposed to remove all doubt. The evidence in the ‘evidence-based medicine’ presented by the orthodox brethren produces different results from their suppositions. It does not remove doubt, but reinforces it. While they have impressive arrays of machinery to show us their ‘evidence’, the conclusions derived from it are far from rational and highly doubtful by themselves, as we shall discover.

Their treatment is suppressive, forcing the disease to seek ever newer outlets, primarily because its former outlet is removed by surgery. By pushing the disease further inside, they conveniently hide its symptoms for some time, after which it will break out anew and be taken to be a different disease. They force upon the patient all kinds of haphazard measures, which he swallows, hook, line and sinker. They experiment a little here and add some guesswork there and simply wait and see and hope for the best. The boringly drab conventional cloakery in which they dress up their vague explanations fails to impress.

As William Blake said:

“The Prince's Robes & Beggars' Rags

Are Toadstools on the Miser's Bags.”

What else but miserly is modern medicine, with its attention to machines and its complete and utter disregard for the patient, the real sufferer.

Such types of clothes cannot even be designated as rags, let alone represent the Imperial robes, with all their splendour, beauty and glory. For their Emperor has no sable mantles, no pashmina shawls, no hermelin robes, no gold-embroidered silken shirts, no velvet trousers, no fine wool or cotton socks and no beautifully crafted shoes with gold-and-diamond clasps. He does not even wear an Imperial ring! Their Emperor wears consequently no clothes at all, but as in the fable, nobody dares to say anything.

We shall assume the mantle of the child and loudly proclaim that their Emperor is naked!

The Art of Healing

The Art of Healing finds its origins in charity and therefore cannot work but by empathy and sympathy. Since the law of homoeopathy is found in the oldest religious texts of the world and because it works along the same principles of empathy and sympathy, it can be easily inferred that it is the True Divine Art of Healing. Healing then, as in to make whole and Holy, cannot come out of speculation and self-reliance – it has to follow scientific principles, just like its material counterpart. It is not that anything you try should give it to you – no imaginative process will help, whether you call them ‘affirmations’ or ‘meditations’ or in a more down to earth manner call them ‘blood values’ and ‘antibody counts’ – you better be honest enough to admit that it is imagination either way.

Just as in any other art you first must learn the materials and the technique, so it is with the Art of Healing. It cannot be learned at university and no pope, emperor or king can confer this art or its qualifications upon the seeker. Just as there is but one Rembrandt and one Picasso and one Dali, so there are but few real Healers. And just as in the other arts, there are the assorted wannabees, the hangers-on and the charlatans. The Art comes through apprentice-ship and practise, practise and more practise, in following in the footsteps of the great masters – just consider the massive oeuvre Rembrandt left and his copying of previous masters, till he found his own style. It comes from diligently treating and studying the sick, according to the rules set out by the masters.

Healing – to make whole or Holy – involves more than a cure. A cure is more than the removal of mental, emotional and physical symptoms. The doctor – of what-ever medical persuasion – generally only deals with the body, and if he is somewhat more holistic, he deals with the mind and emotions as well.

Treating disease is not only medicine and healing, it is also and foremost spiritual practise, which includes nutrition, body care, right work, proper rest and recreation. Homoeopathy is about holistic health and happiness. Although not giving specific spiritual instructions, it exhorts mankind that the spiritual path is the greatest guarantee for long life and happiness. Any good homoeopath should also be acquainted with the spiritual practises of his patients, so he can assist them in this manner as well. For as we noted above, the Art of Healing finds its origins in Divinity and hence it must be directed there, to have the greatest efficacy.The Law of Similars is as old as the mountains and was reiterated for the first time in the Bhagavat Purana:

amayā yas ca bhūtanam yayate yena suvrata

tad eva hy āmayām dravyām na punāti cikītsitām

‘Oh good soul, does not a thing when applied therapeutically, cure a disease, which was caused by the very same thing?’

(Veda-Vyasa K.D. Bhagavat Purana 1/5/33)

The Bhagavat Purana is said to be the spotless purana. Because it does not contain any materialism in it. Hence every statement from that purana is spiritually pure. Therefore, the Healing Art described is the purest and most Divine of all.

Now, we reiterate it again, to impress upon the reader that ‘there are more ways to skin the cat’, as the saying goes. It was subsequently reiterated by Hippocrates, Paracelsus and Hahnemann – the latter two both ridiculed and despised for their insight and wisdom – yet modern medicine discards it as antiquated, vitalist, moon-shine medicine. However, we paraphrase Vyasa:

“This knowledge is the king of education, the most secret of all secrets. It is the purest knowledge and because it gives direct perception of the self by realisation, it is the perfection of healing. It is everlasting and joyfully performed.”

(Veda-Vyasa K.D.)

Homoeopathy, as the True Art of Healing, will not assimilate with the system. The mere mention of it is as nearly certainly the cause for a conventional reaction as is a glass of beer to a prohibitionist or an AA member. This reaction will be apparent from both sides, for they are wholly incompatible, having opposite principles and laws.

Again we quote David Bohm:

“The probability is always open that there may exist an unlimited variety of additional properties, qualities, entities, systems, levels, etc, to which apply correspondingly new kinds of laws of nature.”

(Bohm D. Wholeness and the Implicate Order)

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