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Anti-Malarial Property Of Artemesia Vulgaris


It was the ancient literature of Cinchona about its anti-malarial properties that lead to the birth of Homeopathy. Now, another drug, Artemisia Vulgaris, which is already a drug in Homeopathy, has given Nobel prize in Medicine to Tu Youyou, who is the first Chinese woman to win a Nobel prize. One the basis of information from the ancient Chinese literature, she has been doing the research on the efficacy of Artemisia Vulagris since many years, and the research got approved.

In Homeopathy, Artemisia Vulgaris is mentioned in the Materia Medica written by many physicians like Hering, Allen, Clarke, Hempel, Boericke, etc. Even though they have not mentioned it as Anti malarial drug, most of them have mentioned its indications like repeated attacks of epileptic convulsions, profuse offensive sweating, convulsions during puberty, convulsions during menses, epilepsy without aura, somnambulism, headaches, periodic complaints etc. In cerebral malaria, we also encounter neurological signs and symptoms. Hempel has mentioned it as a remedy for gastric fever. Once I have also read an article (I guess the Homeopathic Heritage) that Artemisia vulgaris has anti-malarial properties like Cinchona. It is also mentioned as a drug for Malaria in one research paper by Bagai U, A Rajan, S Kaur, Kalia S, and Sharma I, a few researchers from India. Also Theresa Partington has mentioned Artemisia Annua as a Homeopathic medicine for the prevention of Malaria, which is another species of the same plant, both contain same alkaloid. Artemisinin is the semi-synthetic drug that is indicated for Malaria now a days.

So, my suggestion to the Homeopathic fraternity and researchers all over the world is:

Try this remedy in Homeopathic potencies, from mother tincture to the higher dilutions for the malaria cases. We must try to connect the ancient literature with the current trends, as Hahnemann did, without drifting away from the cardinal principles. When we have our own tools in the Homeopathic Materia Medicas and pharmacopeias, why not try the same!

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Aude sapare!

© Dr Muhammed Rafeeque
Medical Officer
Department of Homeopathy
Govt. of Kerala.

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