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Communicating With Large Animals

In my 'line of work' I need to be able to communicate with the 1000 lb. critters without voices of their own. Horses are unique simply because of their size and because they are animals of prey rather than predators. This means they take off like a shot when they feel threatened in some manner, rather than acting aggressively towards the intruding threat.  The challenge to teach them how to  'think through' a scary moment rewards my clients with this important lesson.  One cannot simply 'talk them down' when they feel the need to flee from perceived life-threatening danger! One needs to encourage  them with 'thinking tools' in order to help them expand their safety zones.

It is said that horses mirror humans.
But, studies have shown that the opposite is true when speaking simply of heart rates and responses. A horse is animated with an elevated heart rate then the human's heart rate will also rise. On the other hand, the human heart rate has shown NOT to affect the equine heart rate.  (Horse Human Heart Connection Document

Where does the energy equation fall into this however?

If these 1000 lb. animals are capable of taking in and interpreting the vibrational energy of their environments then they truly do receive and mirror the humans in their vicinities (emotionally; not biologically/physically as interpreted in the study mentioned above.) This means that if a human carries anger in his or her heart the energy that is put out through vibrations is going to be such that may cause the horse to feel in danger of his well-being. The horse may respond by turning away and fleeing from a human who is so dark in his or her heart.

The opposite also stands true.

A human who approaches the horse with compassion, love and a true empathic heart with good intent will draw that horse to him. The horse will be able to then blend into the energy of the human and visa-versa. This blending will strengthen the energy surrounding the pair and produce a balanced, harmonious connection that will then, therefore, exude the same balanced, harmonious energy back out to 'the environment'.

Heart Energy

I keep this in mind when approaching horses who need healing. If I approach with a dark heart, emitting dark energy, then I will drive the horse away from me in heart. (I specify 'in heart' as a horse may be well-trained to stand quietly as I approach regardless of my intent.) Thereby, I am not able to receive what the animal may be trying to tell me in order to facilitate his or her healing. But when I approach with an open, honest heart that is filled with good intent for the horse's healing and well-being, the horse will remain 'open' in his or her communications with me and we can then ensue a mutually respectful 'conversation'. 

What has this to do with homeopathy?

Everything ... especially when 'interviewing' an animal. Horses are not the only critters able to 'read' intent and energy. Every animal is capable of this as is every human. While one cannot sit the horse down in an office and then verbally 'interview' as to how he is feeling, one CAN receive the energy of the animal in order to receive impressions of what is going on. It's difficult, at best, especially when the owner/guardian of the animal is interjecting his or her own 'interpretations' of what is going on. Humans tend to interpret others' emotions, feelings, energy as related to past events and re-actions of those past events. Learning to accept this and detach from our own re-actions of a similar past event is something that is vital when taking an animal case!  One absolutely needs to be objective when sharing 'symptoms' of his or her animals. But for many, that need eludes their capabilities at the time.  Objectivity can be developed and enhanced through practice and repeated use. 

Physical Symptoms Vital

The physical symptoms are vital to the case taking but more so, the emotional and mental 'symptoms' rank even higher than the physical and provide essential notes necessary to prescribing the proper homeopathic remedy. This is where the homeopath needs to finesse his or her own 'energy receiving' skills and animal communications skills. That way a direct line of communication can open between the homeopath and the animal patient. In addition, one may also realize the owner of the animal is so entwined with his or her own emotions that the animal is now also entwined with them. The symptoms that the animal is exhibiting may well be, in tremendous part, simply a 'mirror' of the owner's own issues. 

Ahhhhh, the colors of the tapestries we weave ... some with blending, harmonious colors while others tend to get muddied quickly with self-absorbed energies. 

For today? I am spending absolute time talking with my animal friends ... we'll discuss what's going on in their lives and how they're feeling about it. In love, with compassion, good intent and with empathy. 

Practice always makes perfect. Or ... almost perfect. When we get to the 'perfect' heaven then none of this will be needed cause we'll all be ... perfect!  


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Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on February 28, 2012 at 1:05am

Yes ofcourse, the elephants are often badly treated and tortured, that is the main reason for violence. Now there are many rules and regulation by the government, still many elephant owners and care givers do not follow. So, naturally, stress and strain make these poor creatures violent.  

Comment by Gwenyth Santagate on February 27, 2012 at 9:24pm

But if the situations and environment doesn't change for the elephants then the remedies will do little to no good, right?  I may be under the wrong impression but I understand that the elephants in festivals, circuses, etc. are not treated well and perhaps have a really good reason to become revengeful and violent?  

Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on February 27, 2012 at 1:00am

Our medicines work better when prescribed on the basis of highest level of smilarity that covers the mental and emotional aspects. Unfortunately, in vet homeopathy, these are not given much importance. I hope this approach can make vet homeopathy more popular.

Here in Kerala, elephants have main role in traditional, cultural and religious festivals. These animals are basically silent, but often become violent and creates many casualties. They need a remedy on the basis of mind!

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