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CASE-STUDY provided by our Friend, Dr. Kumar, for discussion:

Thank YOU for sharing, Dear!

MALE, 25 yr old, hyperactive urinary bladder.

CASE HISTORY: Ten years ago the patient had constipation. For this severe constipation he took some medicine, which relieved the constipation. But after a prolonged length of time, a urinary problem appeared which worsened day by day. Now, whenever the constipation returns, the urination problem is relieved. We see the correlation.

very poor flow of urine in urodynamical test...

Thank YOU for your message and query, that helps me study some more,
ask among my pairs and elaborate better along our experience with Homeopathy.

We also consulted a co-worker, a Urologist, who did his Internship at the MAYO Clinic about that case of Hyperactive urinary bladder:

He told me to make sure patient had an Ultrasound to evaluate the residual urinary volume in the bladder and IF there´s a problem with the results, this patient should have an Urodynamical exam as soon as possible:

THAT is within the physical part to be taken care with an Urologist.

We also suggest a few items for this urinary complaint:
01. Constitutional Homeopathy: - in one formula 

Avelos 3X
Thuja 1X
Aloe socotorina 2X
Condurango 2X
Mercurius iodatum ruber 

Sublimatus corrosivum 5CH                    - ã ã – 60ml

10 drops of this Formula in a small glass of water three times of day for 30 days,
after that period, please reduce dose to be taken twice a day until symptoms disappear.

02. Bach Living Nosode: MORGAN BACH : 30ml due to patient´s never ending thoughts...

05 drops of this BACH Living Nosode in a small glass of water two times of day, until symptoms disappear.

03. one BLADDER Living Nosode 30CH : 60ml

05 drops of this Living Nosode in a small glass of water three times of day for 30 days, after that period, please reduce dose to be taken twice a day until symptoms disappear.

04. Kegel exercises as frequently as possible during day time:


First published in 1948 by Arnold Kegel, a pelvic floor strengthening exercise for men and women. The person takes time to contract and relax the PC or pubococcygeus muscles of the pelvic floor.  These exercises tone the muscles in order to reduce urinary incontinence, reduce urinary incontinence after childbirth, in cases of vaginal and uterine prolapse, treating prostate pain and swelling resulting from benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and prostatitis in men, to help reduce male premature ejaculatory occurrences, as well as to increase the size and intensity of erections.  In addition, Kegels can help with fecal incontinence and rectal prolapse.
The exercises are accomplished by repetitively squeezing and isolating the muscle group. It can be attempted in the same manner as a person would stop and start the flow of urine or to avoid defecation with a holding and tightening of the muscles. Then release the tense muscles and repeat. 

All the above TOGETHER will help CURE Client.

Regina Rianelli.

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