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Spagyric Homeopathy Legislations in Germany and America

Spagyric forms a bridge between classical homeopathy and modern plants science. Although these are two seperate sciences.
Most Spagyric-homeopathic mother tinctures and potencies we come accross are actually imperfect hybrids of these two seperate sciences !
The energy of the Cosmos is captured in nature. Spagyric uses these forces of nature to eliminate the blockades, deficits and other pathogeni...c factors that cause disease
The use of Spagyric works on the spiritual, mental and physical level. The choice of the element their relationship and degree of dosage determines what happens.
Spagyric extracts hit you like a cosmic thunderbolt of healing energy. Spagyrics "opens" the plant and liberates medicine powers not available in the ordinary extract. These medicine powers have nothing to do with the pharmacologically active constituents modern science seeks to standardize.
Both spagyric and ordinary extraction methods macerate (soak) the herb in a menstrum (mixture) of water and grain alcohol between the new and full moon. Water dissolves the water-soluble nutrients; alcohol the alkaloids. The extract is then pressed out, leaving the plant fiber. With ordinary techniques, this fiber or marc is discarded, thus losing the many minerals, trace elements and nutrients, including glycosides, locked up in the cellulose matrix.
The spagyric method cremates the marc in an airtight, oxygen-free kiln at 1500 degrees Fahrenheit for a prolonged period of time (5 or 6 days). This calcination process produces a fine white, mineral rich alkaline ash that is then run (mixed) in a special kind of water, oscillated at a high frequency, pressed out, and allowed to dry into crystals.
Once this running in water process is completed a second time, the crystalline ash is recombined (reunited in the "chymical wedding") back into the original liquid extract, yielding an extremely high potency, fast-acting formula with the full synergy and aroma of the whole living herb and of the etheric cosmic forces that created it.
Why are spagyric extracts infinitely more potent than ordinary ones? Because they release all the nutrients and minerals; because they work with the universal energies of the cosmos; and because they draw upon the spagyric practitioner's mindful intent and inspired heart.
Spagyric Homeopathy is governed in
Germany under section 39 of the Federal drug law.
Under the Federal law Decimal dilutions and succussions
are registered. Centismal potencies are not registered under this law.
In market Homeopathic physicians, chemists and patients come accross
Centismal dilutions of medicines with 'Spagyric elements' these are not
registered under German law. Annexed copy of concerned page from
German Government publication. In Germany, Zimpel, Krauss, Beyersdorff, Strathmeyer,
Gluckselig and Bernus prescriptions are covered under this law.
Spagyric Homeopathy is governed in United States of
America vide Revision Service Official Compendium from July 1, 1992 Pages: 34-35 ,December 1998  of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States(HPUS).
Under this HPUS revision Zimpel, Krauss and Beyersdorff(Pekana) prescriptions are registered. 

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Comment by Prof Dr Debasish Kundu on January 31, 2013 at 10:05pm

Because of the distillation process Spagyric Homeopathy retains the electrolyte properties of the plants and this is critical to the healing process.

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