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Some points to be considered when you do powerpoint presentations


When you are doing a PowerPoint presentation, which may be a competition or presentation in association with an event, certain points must be kept in mind.

We can divide the whole into two parts. One is ‘A’, which is about the work and its PowerPoint slides, and the other is ‘B’, which is about the individual presentation; means how you presented the topic before the audience.

Criteria of Marks (Applicable to competitions): From 1 to 10 marks (1= Not even commendable; 2 = Very poor; 3 = Poor; 4= Below average; 5 = Average; 6 = Above average 7 = Good attempt; 8 = Good; 9 = Very good; 10 = Excellent)

A. About the work and its PowerPoint

1. Originality of the work:

2. Relevance and utility of this work to the system:

3. Explanation of methodology (aims and objectives, methods, etc.):

4. Creativity and dedication of the presenter:

5. Quality of slides, charts, and audio visual aids:

6. Only points given in powerpoint, not the whole paragraph (6x6 rule: Each slide has maximum 6 bullet points with maximum six words in each bullet point):

7. Justice to the source of info (courtesy given or not):

8. Frankness to admit the limitations, deficiencies, problems to be solved:

9. Messages to take home:

B. About the individual presentation

1. Appropriate introduction and skills to capture attention of audience:

2. How presented before the audience (Logical, clear, planned conversation):

3. Level of confidence throughout presentation:

4. Language articulation and vocabulary:

5. Body language, postures, gestures:

6. Eye contact and interaction with the audience:

7. Details minimized, so points standout (Not too slow like a snail, not too fast like a rocket):

8. Explanation in own language (Not just reading PowerPoint):

9. No monotonous speech (How you manage with spotty wits, some questions to the audience, one example or an interaction with the audience that will break the monotonous effect):

10. Convincing and encouraging conclusion at the end:

11. Ending the topic on time:

12. Overall performance and the positive energy created:

13. Response to the questions from the audience (Correct and confident answer, and admitting the fact when the answer is not known):

At the end, let me give two more tips:

1. Never imitate others, but make your own style of presentation.

2. Practice, practice, practice. (Y) (Y) (Y)

About the photo: Dr S K Tiwari, Dr Chethan Singhai and Dr Muhammed Rafeeque evaluating the powerpoint presentation of Homeopathic students during Ekalavya Students Conclave 2018, organized by Bharathesh Homeopathic Medical College, Belgaum, Karnataka, India.

Photo courtesy: Ekalavya Student’s conclave, Bharathesh HMC, Belgaum.

©Dr Muhammed Rafeeque Kerala, India.

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Comment by Kavitha Kukunoor on April 23, 2019 at 1:04pm

Nice helpful tips Dr Rafeeque. Thank you for sharing.

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