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‘Vision Of A Physician’ Series
Sex Brings Longevity
by Dr. M. A. Usmani

‘Sex brings Longevity’ is well-proven and well-discussed proposition. If you surf the internet, you will find a lot of literature on the subject, which amply proves that sex, and the proper attitude about and involvement in sex, brings health, happiness and, in its wake, longevity.

Dr. Maoshing Ni, A member of Medical Panel of Yahoo, for Alternative Medicine writes in his article on “The Secrets of Longevity”, he says:

  • “Healthy loving lengthens your life span; it's nature's fountain of youth. Intimacy raises your levels of endorphins, DHEA, and growth hormone, which increase longevity. Simultaneously, lovemaking lowers levels of the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol, which decrease your life span. While healthy loving adds years to your life, it also takes years off your face, making you actually look younger. Studies show that people who are highly satisfied with the quality and quantity of their sex lives looked 4 to 7 years younger than their peers. This no doubt results from reduced stress, greater happiness and contentment, and better sleep — in addition to the hormonal and chemical changes that satisfying sex can bring. An active love life is good for both your health and your relationship. In fact, people who enjoy regular intimacy live longer.”

In addition to the above genuine facts, my observation as a physician, is that sex generates ‘optimism’, buoyancy and enthusiasm in life. Optimism is an emotion that keeps the energies of life harnessed and tuned for health and healthy expression. It creates a will to live, and a deeper sense of attachment with life, not with wealth and worldly aggrandizement. A person with a healthy attitude and natural involvement in sex cannot be morally depraved, decrepit or in the least inhuman. He cannot be greedy and misanthropist. Positivity begets positivity. Such a person is the citizen of the world, never ever a parochial being. He will be a universal sympathizer.

  • ‘Mera paigham muhabbat hei, jehan tak pohnche.’that is: ‘My message is love to the farthest extent to which it can reach.’

Youth can be prolonged by keeping the youthful attitude intact, and keeping the flame of sex alight. There is an allegory of a person who bought a newly born foal and used to take her upstairs daily in the evening, as he lived upstairs, by lifting her on his shoulders. The story goes that he kept this practice even when the foal had become a fully grown up mare.

Evidently this is an exaggeration, but the lesson it imparts is abidingly true. That is if you keep your youthful attitude and activities intact during the onset of advanced or mature age, you prolong your youthful vigor well into mature years. You delay the change of life, by compelling the endocrine system to keep on producing secretions in the same ratio and proportion longer, much longer, than usual.

For example the continuation of the active sexual life, mentally and physically, by amorously tactile manipulation of the erogenous zones, even at the menopausal nexus, and maintaining regular sex, will either delay menopause, by compelling relevant glands and gonads to go on secreting their wonted ratio of hormones, or dilute the sufferings connected with this change by making the inevitable menopause less drastic and less troublesome for her. When, for example, the titillation and fondling of breasts go on with usual indulgence and gusto, estrogen production would never fall drastically low; and will keep the woman’s moods up and the breasts shapely. In fact, the whole body shapely, as sex ensures universal health.

Active sex, moreover, boosts the energies of the heart, by increasing the pumping vigor, and thus increasing the efficiency of the heart. So sex keeps the heart young, in every respect. Sex prevents ED (i.e. Erectile Dysfunction) by sustaining the gonadotrohic activity of the body. A person with rich sexual life is a solid personality with optimistic views on life, sans stress and anxiety. “Sex is the greatest stress reliever”, says Dr. Irven.

There is then no need to prescribe estrogens for menopausal blues, since the regular sex keeps estrogen producing glands functioning normally (or near to normal); and the estrogen and other relevant hormones keep the body in shape and rotundity. Menopause should not be looked at with foreboding and grave concerns, but should be reckoned as an opportunity given by the Providence to enjoy more intimate sex without fear of pregnancy, and use of condoms. Ushering in the menopausal period should be welcomed and celebrated as an exuberant opportunity for more intimate and unhindered sex. The scare of sagging breasts and wrinkling of mammae can be obviated by exquisitely amorous foreplay. Fondled breasts seldom fall victim to cancer or malignancy.

I’m narrating a factual story to prove that stimulation of an organ will produce relevant hormones. There occurred a heavy earth-quake in Kashmir few years back. A sort of decimation occurred as far as the population was concerned. A patient of mine lost his wife in this devastation. He told that there was his infant son whom she used to suckle. Now the child refused sucking bottle. His grand mother, who was past menopause, gave her mamma, by painting honey on the nipple. In the matter of few days, with her tenacious resolve, she started lactating. Now she is regularly nursing him. The titillation of the nipples by the child’s avid sucking compelled the system to produce estrogen and prolactin, and perhaps many other hormones.

Elderly people, who cannot perform sexual act for long intervals, can keep themselves and their partners fit and young at heart by indulging in prolonged foreplay in ingeniously creative ways. Variety is spice of life. Avoid monotony. And there should be no harm if your sexual session is composed of nothing but foreplay. It is no less gratifying, as it is hormones boosting. And one should not feel any compunction or prick of conscience in taking intellectual and also sensual interest in erotica. Erotica is part of life and has definite therapeutic value. I have restored many old bachelors and spinsters to normalcy, when they desired to marry.

If an old bachelor is compelled by relatives to get marry, or his own friendship is ready to come to fruition in marriage, but finds, to his dismay, that he is destitute of everything that belongs to sex; I usually advise in such cases to go for fine erotica literature and movies to re-quicken the slumbering sexual passion, which is the first proviso to tread on the road to sex, to reach a blissful marital life. After re-awakening of the sexual passion, now is the time to give the gonadal apparatus a start, so that it may begin functioning.

Periodical self-indulgence that may lead to orgasms is the only road to recovery. Prescribing the right diet, that is rich in nuts and protein, with the right indicated homeopathic medicine, on the nutritive level, will do wonders. Agnus Castus is the most relevant medicine for the destroyed sexual life, where even the most erotical scenes can’t provoke even the rudimentary titillation in the phallic region; but when passions do exist with weak or no erections, Phos.Acid should be preferred.

Between erections, and ejaculation there is another factor that gives meaning to the first mentioned factors, that is retention. For retention one should consult two rubrics in a repertory. One, “seminal discharge too quick”, and the chosen remedy, according to the case, be given in potency, for its homeopathic effects. The second rubric is “Seminal discharge too late”; and from the remedies mentioned here only the herbal remedies should be selected, and dispensed in sizable doses of the mother tinctures for their physiological effects. In this rubric, e.g., you will find such remedies as Berb.v., Eugen., and non-herbal remedies such as, Sel., Calc.Fl. (a combination of Calcarea with and Zinc. The latter should be given in 3X to 6X potencies.

Few more thoughts on erotica. I’ve already discussed it in the foreword to my 
Chapter on Male Organs in the Gleanings. Erotica has very important, rather vital, role to play in the modern world and modern life. Economic race and daily monotonous drudgery at offices is sapping the vitals out of the daily life. Materialism has eaten up the sexual impetus of the executives, and the people who have already been consumed by the rat race of making bucks.

Arts, poetry and sex are oasises where tired souls can get solace and rejuvenation. Erotica is a balm to the tired nerves and injured sensibilities. Modern man has lost all his finesse and taste for the fine arts and gust for erotica. Psychologically he has started fearing his passions, as if they would reveal his weakness. He wants to maintain a calculated demeanor: a mask behind which there is indeed a very weak and poor personality. A man with his primordial impulses and primigenial cravings is hard to find. It is as primigenial as when Adam asked for the Eve. And what he did with Eve, and how Eve behaved, was sheer beauty, sheer innocence and sheer nature. Depiction of these primordial responses and behaviors by masters like Michelangelo, Raphael, et al. is the nascent erotica that is as sacred as the Church or the scriptures. So, we conclude that whatever keeps the flame of sex burning bright, (e.g. erotica), is ipso facto meritorious, and such be put on the pedestal of respect, and labeled as ‘pro-life’.

When a couple departs very little from the normalcy, but, in spite of the years, keeps near to it, and thereby their hormonal picture is least disturbed, then the woman never experiences dry vagina and painful coitus. And that is gratifying to both. Her desire for coitus suffers no set back; even it is enhanced--as there is left no need for coitus-interruptus, or the use of any family planning devices. They are free to enjoy each other’s company without any let and fear.
Man’s case is quite separate. Man’s life is riddled and infested with challenges, from cradle to grave. He cannot perform sex when he is in no moods for it. Nor can he be raped. And when in sexual act proper, the show is totally dependent on him. He is no match with the woman in controlling the duration and quality of the whole intercourse. As a rule it is the man who ends a coitus during an intercourse. In 99% of cases the woman is left in the lurch by man’s sudden orgasm or ejaculation. She could still endure it from three to five multiples of duration that the man took; even much longer. I have rich experience in nuptial consultancy and marital problems. In case taking, I usually ask question about the married life of the individual. Most men I find become less vigorous after 50’s. People come directly for sexual incompetence. Some even become morose, to the extent of finding life as burden - perhaps because of wife’s nagging. Or become suspicious of hers: that is, becomes cuckold.

So this is where a physician is needed. This physician should have rich seeping in psychology and sociology. And he should also be broad minded person and well-read: never shackled by faith and religion. He has to take off many masks that such patients will be wearing. Some would have become overly religious with pious looks on their countenances, always muttering some religious chants, to impress others, especially their wives, whom they cannot face, showing as if they have become very godly. I always tear the veils of their hypocrisy; and make them converse with their real self. Come face to face with their naked self. Address the factor where you are lacking. Sexual facts are universal. Your nuptial oath was in fact a sexual contract. There is no hush-hush where sex is concerned. Your wife is a sexual being, and you are sexual symbol for her, (offspring is the outcome). Don’t betray the sexual factor in your private life. Keep her sexually alive and be yourself sexually alive. A sexually vigorous couple finds most differences drowned to oblivion, and live a life rich in passion. People whose sexual vigor has totally been wiped away, but still have sensual craving, I advise them tactical stimulation of each others erogenous zones, as I have talked about above.

Resume of the Benefits of Sex, as Detailed by the Specialists:

  • Sex burns calories and keeps you fit.
  • Sex is the greatest source of endorphins.
  • It keeps you fit and toned.
  • It helps you relax and frees you from stress.
  • It reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • It will make you look younger. (Produces Vit. D)
  • Make you live longer.
  • “Active sex life means longer life.”
  • Active sex life is a shield against prostate cancer.
  • Low sex drive can be indicative of fault with any one or more of the four brain chemicals, viz. Dopamine, Acetylcholine, GABA, and Serotonine.Download the file Vision of Physician

Photo credit: 
Adam and Eve, 1504 Albrecht Dürer (German, 1471–1528) Engraving

Photo credit: Michelangelo's Creation of Adam, from the Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo shows God creating Adam, with Eve in His arm. While not strictly true to the Genesis account, this is one of the most famous depictions of the creation of Adam and Eve in Western art.

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Comment by Veeraraghavan A.R. on October 6, 2017 at 11:57am
Everything revolves around sex.
Comment by sajjadakram on May 23, 2012 at 8:01am

Dr Waquar,

Sex is the best and also worst thing on this earth.



Comment by Dr. Edward Meiggs Ph.D.,ND on May 18, 2012 at 8:38pm

I am vary glad that Mashkoor Ahmed pointed out Galen's attributes of the humors in Traditional Greek Medicine with regards to the semen.

I believe this plays an important role when choosing a constitutional remedy for Erectile Dysfunction.

Thank you Mashkoor Ahmed 

Comment by Debby Bruck on May 18, 2012 at 2:03pm

I had no idea the Dr Usmani was "The Dr Ruth" of his part of the world.

Comment by Dr. Wequar Ali Khan on May 18, 2012 at 9:15am

A very timely but seldom talked about topic, normally considered a taboo in the subcontinent. Has a lot to show us what sex in truest of sense is all about.It started with Adam and Eve;Exist in all living being.Thank you Dr Usmani.

Comment by Mashkoor Ahmed on May 18, 2012 at 5:17am

Sex is Good for You

Learned physicians find that sexual intercourse yields essential health benefits.

Galen attributes semen to the elements of fire and air, and describes its humors as hot and moist. This is because semen is rich in prostaglandins, which are hormonelike fatty acids found throughout the body and particularly in semen. Prostaglandins are primary nutrients that affect essential body processes, including blood pressure, metabolism, and body temperature among others. Hence, understanding the value of this most unmitigated and purest form of blood an its preciousness requires great consideration in discharging it.

This means to wisely value the reasons behind dispensing of this precious water of life for either conceiving a child, or emitting it through lawful sexual intercourse upon congestion.

In fact, congested semen which are retained for an extended period can cause various illnesses and infirmities, including obsession, habitude, lunacy, and even insanity, and sometimes, engaging in lawful sexual intercourse may aid in the recovery from such illnesses.

On the other hand, congestion and prevalence of semen for an extended period can cause its corruption, and turns it into a harmful toxin that the body cannot easily dispose of. However, sometimes, nature produces a spontaneous and involuntary emission of excess semen, usually during sleep, and without sexual intercourse.

Some learned predecessors have concluded that the human being should pledge:

1. To walk at least a certain minimum distance every day.

2. To feed his stomach at regular intervals, and not to extend fasting from food beyond the religious requirement.

3. Not to abstain from having lawful sexual intercourse, for a water well drains out if its water if its not used regularly.

Imam Muhammad ibn Zakariyya once said:

"Abstaining from sexual intercourse for an extended period weakens one’s nervous system, can cause obstruction of the urethra, and shrinks the penis."

He added when he observed some people who vowed temporary abstention from sexual intercourse, that their sexual energy diminished, they suffered general weakness of their bodies, became doleful, lost their desire, and their digestive system became corrupt.

(Abstract from : The Modern Religion Website)

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