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Eight esteemed Orthopaediacians,
Assembled on a Round Table,
To come to certain vital decisions,
On how to manage Joint Troubles.

The President was Dr. Bryonia,
And the other seven friends,
were Doctors Rhus, Ledum, Ruta, Kalmia,
Lyco, Phytolacca and Madam Acid Benz.

Dr. Ruta started the discussion,
Friends! which Joint Disease
Do you think is the most common?
Can You vote please?

“Gout” was Dr. Ledum’s opinion,
Seconded by Doctors Kalmia & Acid Benz,
What about “Osteoarthritis”, then?
Exclaimed Bryonia - feeling a bit tense!

Prof. Lyco gave a thought and said,
“Osteoarthritis in Old and Gout in Young”,
Dr. Phytolacca seemed unprepared,
Thought not to wag her tongue.

Dr. Ruta continued further,
“About symptoms, what is your notion?”,
Dr. Bryonia - “In persons who are older”,
Have Joint swellings and painful motion.

“But there are many who feel better”,
Said Dr. Rhus, “when in motion”,
And one thing is certain, Brother!
“Cold Air” is the chief cause for joint commotions.

“And in many others”, Kalmia remarked,
Numbness is attended by pains,
Downward they shoot from affected parts,’
In persons in whom heart disease reins.
Dr. Ledum too had a word to say -,
Painful parts are cold to touch,
And throbbing pains have an upwards sway,
When the patient is in a gouty crunch.

“Pains can also change sides”,
Empahtically stated Prof. Lycopodium,
From Right to Left they can ride,
And increase between 4-8 PM.

Now the quiet Phytolacca spoke in exasperation,
Any idea! why joint pains increase during waning moon?
And why one feels the fleeting pain,
When summer months change to monsoon?

“Its an interesting observation - Maam”,
The shy Miss.Pulsatilla said softly,
An assistant to Prof. Lycopodium
She was recording the Minutes deftly.

Her blue eyes neglected Prof. Lyco’s scorn,
She added, “We are three friends,
Stellaria, Me and Rhododendron,
All our joint’s pain with different trends.

Stellaria and I have pains that are shifting,
Worse in mornings and with warmth,
Better when cold open air starts blowing,
Unlike Rhodo’s dread before a storm.

One point was agreed in unison,
By Bryonia, Acid benz and Ledum pal,
Increase of pains at night and hot season,
Modalties not to be neglected at all.

At this, retorted Ruta and Rhus,
“We have many Chilly patients as well!!”
When cold winds blow in early morning hours,
Their joints are stiff, lame, sore and swell.

Infine, none of the Masters could attain their goal,
But certainly agreed on a vital point,
“Homoeopathy is for the Human whole,
And not only for the Joint.

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Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on September 7, 2014 at 10:29am


Comment by Dr. Aamir Mustafa on August 5, 2014 at 4:27am

very nice discussion 

Comment by Dr. Wequar Ali Khan on July 31, 2014 at 10:11am

Very nicely put;

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