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Fight For Genetically Modified GMO Labeling

MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO  Have you heard about Occupy Monsanto?

Every country, state, city and town may participate on May 25, 2013

The largest rally every organized at 2PM EST Everywhere

This is a Call to Action for a Non-Hierarchical Occupation of Monsanto Everywhere

Whether you like it or not, chances are Monsanto contaminated the food you ate today with chemicals and unlabeled GMOs. Monsanto controls much of the world's food supply at the expense of food democracy worldwide. Become an empowered citizen of the world to take action against Monsanto and it's enablers like the FDA, USDA, EPA, GMA, BIO, and the processed food companies that use Monsanto's products.

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Monsanto is one of the most malevolent organizations and considered the most hated company in the world. Genetically modified foods are now accepted as one of the biggest threats to all living things.

Seven Reasons To Never Eat Genetically Modified Foods

1. Increased Pesticide Use | US government data shows that in the US, GM crops have produced an overall increase, not decrease, in pesticide use compared to conventional crops. “The promise was that you could use less chemicals and produce a greater yield. But let me tell you none of this is true.” — Bill Christison, President of the US National Family Farm Coalition.


2. They Have Been Shown To Be Dangerous To Your Health and Unsafe To Eat |  Genetic modification is a crude and imprecise way of incorporating foreign genetic material (e.g. from viruses, bacteria) into crops, with unpredictable consequences. The resulting GM foods have undergone little rigorous and no long-term safety testing. However, animal feeding tests have shown that GM foods have toxic effects, including abnormal changes in organs, immune system disturbances, accelerated aging, and changes in gene expression. Very few studies have been published on the direct effects on humans of eating a GM food. One such study found unexpected effects on gut bacteria, but was never followed up. It is claimed that Americans have eaten GM foods for years with no ill effects. But these foods are unlabeled in the US and no one has monitored the consequences. With other novel foods like trans fats, it has taken decades to realize that they have caused millions of premature deaths. GM foods are an imminent threat to humanity’s food supply. Besides the ethical concerns, genetic pollution is self-perpetuating. It can never be reversed or cleaned up. Genetic mistakes will be passed on to all future generations of a species. Wind, rain, birds, bees, and insect pollinators have begun carrying genetically altered pollen into adjoining fields, polluting the DNA of crops of organic and non-GM farmers. This has been happening all over the world for more than a decade. Theoretically, it genetic pollution continues, it could obliterate the world’s natural organic food supply. Use of herbicide-resistant crops will also lead to an accelerated increase in the use of herbicides, resulting in even greater pollution of our food and water with toxic agrochemicals. “We are confronted with the most powerful technology the world has ever known, and it is being rapidly deployed with almost no thought whatsoever to its consequences.” — Dr Suzanne Wuerthele, US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) toxicologist

3. GM Foods Are Hidden In Animal Feed | As a spokesperson for Asgrow, a subsidiary of Monsanto, said, “If you put a label on genetically engineered food, you might as well put a skull and crossbones on it.” The GM industry has avoided, to a degree, the problem of consumer rejection of GM foods by hiding them in animal feed. Meat, eggs and dairy products from animals raised on the millions of tons of GM feed imported into Europe do not have to be labelled. Some studies show that contrary to GM and food industry claims, animals raised on GM feed ARE different from those raised on non-GM feed. Other studies show that if GM crops are fed to animals, GM material can appear in the resulting products and affect the animals’ health. So eating these “stealth GMOs” may affect the health of consumers.

4. GM and non-GM Cannot Co-Exist GM contamination of conventional and organic food is increasing. An unapproved GM rice that was grown for only one year in field trials was found to have extensively contaminated the US rice supply and seed stocks. In Canada, the organic oilseed rape industry has been destroyed by contamination from GM rape. In Spain, a study found that GM maize “has caused a drastic reduction in organic cultivations of this grain and is making their coexistence practically impossible”. The time has come to choose between a GM-based, or a non-GM-based, world food supply. Alfalfa is the main forage crop for dairy cows and one of the principle foods for beef cows, especially grass-fed cattle. Alfalfa is a perennial, easily lasting five years once planted. And it’s bee-pollinated, which means each year, every non-GM alfalfa plant within five miles of every GM alfalfa plant will likely be contaminated by GM genes. “If some people are allowed to choose to grow, sell and consume GM foods, soon nobody will be able to choose food, or a biosphere, free of GM. It’s a one way choice, like the introduction of rabbits or cane toads to Australia; once it’s made, it can’t be reversed.” — Roger Levett, specialist in sustainable development.

Donate to Organic Consumers Fund 
to Protect Our Food Supply from GMO

5. Long-term Economic Disaster For Farmers A 2009 report showed that GM seed prices in America have increased dramatically, compared to non-GM and organic seeds, cutting average farm incomes for US farmers growing GM crops. The report concluded, “At the present time there is a massive disconnect between the sometimes lofty rhetoric from those championing biotechnology as the proven path toward global food security and what is actually happening on farms in the US that have grown dependent on GM seeds and are now dealing with the consequences.”

6. GM Companies Cannot Be Trusted |  The big biotech firms pushing their GM foods have a terrible history of toxic contamination and public deception. GM is attractive to them because it gives them patents that allow monopoly control over the world’s food supply. They have taken to harassing and intimidating farmers for the “crime” of saving patented seed or “stealing” patented genes — even if those genes got into the farmer’s fields through accidental contamination by wind or insects. Monsanto has been the largest player in the GM foods game. They have single handedly made the United States the world’s biggest producer of GM foods, pesticides and herbicides. Founded in 1901, Monsanto has manufactured industrial chemicals (e.g. sulphuric acid), plastics and synthetics, and saccharin, a carcinogenic artificial sweetener. It has also produced or granted production licenses for most of the world’s toxic PCB’s which are now mostly banned worldwide. “Farmers are being sued for having GMOs on their property that they did not buy, do not want, will not use and cannot sell.” — Tom Wiley, North Dakota farmer.

7. GM Foods Will Never Solve The Food Crisis | A 2008 World Bank report concluded that increased biofuel production is the major cause of the increase in food prices. Biofuels are crops grown for fuel rather than food. GM giant Monsanto has been at the heart of the lobbying for biofuels — while profiting enormously from the resulting food crisis and using it as a PR opportunity to promote GM foods! “The climate crisis was used to boost biofuels, helping to create the food crisis; and now the food crisis is being used to revive the fortunes of the GM industry.” — Daniel Howden, Africa correspondent, The Independent (UK). “The cynic in me thinks that they’re just using the current food crisis and the fuel crisis as a springboard to push GM crops back on to the public agenda. I understand why they’re doing it, but the danger is that if they’re making these claims about GM crops solving the problem of drought or feeding the world, that’s bullshit.” — Prof Denis Murphy, head of biotechnology, University of Glamorgan, Wales. 

Author: Kelley Bergman is a media consultant, critic and geopolitical investigator. She has worked as a journalist and writer, specializing in geostrategic issues around the globe.


May 1, 2013 | Become an activist. Do your part. Click the Action button to sign a petition. What else can you do to get your voice heard? We are up against enormous power and money.



The Genetically Engineered Food Right-to-Know Act was introduced April 24, 2013 in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. The bill, sponsored by Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR) with nine cosponsors in the Senate and twenty-two in the House, would require food manufacturers to clearly label any product that has been genetically engineered or contains genetically engineered ingredients, or else the product would be classified as “misbranded” by the FDA.






Donate to Organic Consumers Fund to Protect Our Food Supply from GMO




Genetically Modified Foods Are Not Labeled In America

We can change that!  Go To My Campaign Page

Dear HWC Friends,

I took the action step to help friends in California. Why would I do that? Because what happens in one state can happen across the country. California is the front line battle grounds for transparent government and industry. 

Lobbying efforts and corporations (with the same status and rights as individuals) have changed the political environment. YOU don't have a say in this country if you keep quiet and leave it to the next person. YOU will not know what is in the food you eat every day. 

Do you want Genetically Modified Organisms hidden inside every package, vegetable, fruit, fish, and piece of meat you eat? Do we have enough science to tell us the outcome of feeding these Frankenfoods to developing children over the period of decades?

The answer is NO we don't. However, we do know that signs are beginning to show up that disease is out of control in America, while every other country on the planet seems to have made Labeling GMO a requirement. 

I encourage you to click the link. Go to my campaign page. I have already donated to the cause. I will be making phone calls before it is too late. I have endorsed the campaign.

VOTE YES on PROP 37 in California so we have set a precedence in this country.

The same vote will be coming to North Carolina and every other state to show our consensus on this issue. Then maybe the federal government will step in and make it national law. 

Go To My Campaign Page to donate or learn more. 

I love comments. Let me know if you have taken action, have a question or anything else.

By the way, I set my goal very very low at just $100. I know some people can donate that much in one giving donation. So, give whatever you can $5, $10 and the funds to support this effort will rise. 


This group Healthy Body, Mind & Spirit encompasses many aspects of health including diet, freedom to choose, right to know, nutrition and discussions about these topics. 


  • Corporations believe they can own the genetic blueprints that define Life itself. Biotechnology companies have launched a race amongst themselves to patent and possess that which defines plants, animals, our DNA. Life must be recognized as belonging to no person or corporation. It belongs to all of us that share this planet. Passing this proposition will send a message to more than the California legislators, it will create a wave to spread across the nation.

  • Reuters | Groups Petition To Have Truth In Labeling

  • I took action, I hope you will too.

  • Don't forget to join us on the Health Inn Show each Monday and BlogTalkRadio during Wednesday and Thursday



GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are plants or animals that have been created by splicing DNA into them from other plants, animals, bacteria, or viruses to create an organism that would not occur otherwise in nature.  Most GMOs on the market have been created to tolerate the use of herbicides and pesticides in agriculture.


A Video on Prop 37 


To all our Supporters,


We have so much to be proud of today. Every one of you should feel your place in history. We may have lost Prop 37 -- narrowly! -- but we will not be stopped. And when we win transparency in our food system, you will be able to say you were there on the front lines.

Please share our statement and our success today:


California Right to Know Election Statement

Yesterday, we showed that there is a food movement in the United States, and it is strong, vibrant and too powerful to stop. We always knew we were the underdogs, and the underdogs nearly took the day. Dirty money and dirty tactics may have won this skirm
ish, but they will not win the war.


Today, we are more than 4 million votes closer to knowing what’s in our food than when we started. This is a victory and a giant step forward. We are proud of our broad coalition of moms and dads, farmers, nurses, environmentalists, faith and labor leaders who did so much with so few resources to bring us to this point, and we will carry forward.

These results are also a reminder of the corrupting influence of huge multinational corporations on our electoral process. The world’s leading pesticide and junk food companies outspent Yes on 37 by more than 5 to 1, and beginning on October 1, spent about a million dollars a day on a hailstorm of false claims, misrepresentations and fear mongering over five simple words on a label. In the end, they spent enough money to hide the truth from the majority of voters. But the food manufacturers are on the wrong side of history; they should not fight their customers, but join them.             

Today is not the end of our campaign to secure our fundamental right to know what’s in our food. It is a strong beginning, and we thank the millions of Californians who stood with us. We are proud of our grassroots movement, our 10,000 hardworking volunteers, and the diverse coalition of health, faith, labor and consumer groups that stood with us. We will keep fighting for consumer choice, fairness and transparency in our food system.

And we will prevail.

To Victory!
The California Right to Know Campaign


RESULTS | No 37 Genetically Engineered Foods Labeling 4,277,985 46.9% 4,835,045 53.1%

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Comment by Debby Bruck on May 23, 2013 at 9:37pm

Hello Diane. There is a huge section on HWC about the bees. 

Comment by Debby Bruck on November 6, 2012 at 1:54pm

Major food industry corporations have spent about $25 million to market against Prop. 37 including Monsanto , chemical company E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Company and the Grocery Manufacturers Associations. They falsely charge the passage of Proposition #37 will raise food costs, increase taxes and add to government bureaucracy.

GreenBiz States:
“We support the position of the U.S. government, the American Medical Association and our customers that there is no health or safety need for labeling GMO food,” said Dow (NYSE: DOW) spokesman Garry Hamlin in an email to GreenBiz. “We recognize that some consumers want their food produced according to unique specifications. However, we believe that demands like these can be readily met by market dynamics, as demands for unique food products have always been met within free market systems in the past.”

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