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Richard Pitt to Present His Experience Practicing Homeopathy in Ghana

A Benefit for the Pacific Academy of Homeopathy (a 501c3)

Richard Pitt, former Director of Pacific Academy of Homeopathy, has been a long term volunteer at the Ghana Homeopathy Project. He will treat us to a visual presentation and discussion on his work.

Saturday, Sept. 11, 4-7 p.m.
Location: Jelly's (map)
295 Terry Francois Street
San Francisco, CA 94158-2105
$20 students and low income
$30-$40 general admission
hors d'oeuvres provided, no-host bar
RSVP to Elise Osner, CHom, or (209) 527-4420

An excerpt from Richard's Journal:

We just returned from the rural area about 3 hours outside Accra where we are supporting a homeopathic clinic that is part of a larger clinic offering health care to a number of villages in the region. Even though it's not far from Accra, there is still no electricity in many villages, including the village where the clinic is. From there, we take a battered old land rover, which is at least 25 years old and travel to many other villages, over rutted dirt roads which are often impassable in the rains. Many of the villages are therefore cut off from any larger communities and people often have to walk many miles to get supplies or if they need health care. Even when the roads are passable, there is little public transport for people so often we get people walking 5-10-15 miles to come to the clinic. We are now trying to get out to certain villages and see patients from as many surrounding villages as possible, so our outreach is as broad as possible.

At the clinic itself, people come in for care at all times. It could be a pregnant woman about to have birth, a person who has been injured falling off his motorbike or all sorts of other conditions. Often the clinic is visited by a nomadic people from Nigeria called the Fulani, who wander across the country with cattle, looking for land to graze on, and then moving on. They mostly don't speak the local Ghanaian languages and so case taking is rather primitive and often one has to prescribe on little information.  Myra's Blog Page for More Information

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