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RHEUMATIC EYE A collection and additions of Rubrics and medicines for the Rheumatic conditions of the Eye.


The eye is commonly involved in various forms in rheumatology patients. The lead symptoms and syndromes: pain, “red eyes,” impaired visions, exophthalmus etc. The rheumatoid process involves the eye in around 1% of patients. The two principal manifestations are episcleritis, which is usually mild and transient, and scleritis, which involves the deeper layers of the eye. Histologically the lesion is similar to a rheumatoid nodule and may result in thinning and perforation of the globe. 15–20% of persons with RA may develop Sjögren’s syndrome with attendant kerato-conjunctivitis sicca.


Rheumatic Eye #1– ACON, anac, anan, ant-c, Ant-t, Apis, Arn, ARS, arum-m, arund, Bell, berb, borx, BRY, cact, calc, Cham, chel, chin, chinin-m, cimic, clem, cocc, colch, coloc, com, cub, dig, dulc, echin, euphr, form, graph, grind, hep, Ign, ilex, jab, Kali-bi, kali-c, kali-I, kalm, lac-c, Led-p, lith-c, lyc, med, MERC, merc-c, mez, mim-h, nat-c, nat-m, nat-p, nat-sal, NUX-V, phys, Phyt, psor, PULS, RHUS-T, ruta, sal-ac, (scopin), seneg, sep, sol-t, SPIG, staph, SULPH, syph, ter, thuj, verat, zinc.

,,-- right then left – nat-c, sep, spig.

Amblyopia, rheumatism; from – chel. puls. rhus-t.

Cataract, Rheumatic * – spig. ,,-- left eye * – spig.

Glaucoma, Rheumatic – Cocc. (rhod).

Inflammation, alternating with pain in joints - bry.

,, -- arthritic – achy. acon, Ant-c. ANT-T. Apis. arn. Ars. arum-m. arund. bell. berb. Borx. Bry. cact. CALC. caust. Cham. Chin. clem. Cocc. Colch. Coloc. com.(5). cub. (4). dig. dulc. Euphr. FORM. Graph. Hep. Ign. ilx-a. Kali-bi, kali-i. Kalm. Led. lith-c. LYC. med. Merc. merc-c. Mez. mim-h. nat-m. Nux-v. PHYT. Psor. Puls. RHUS-T. SEP. sil. spig. Staph. Sulph. syph. ter. thuj.

,,-- ,,-- left eye * – Led. spig.

,,--,,-- right eye * -- rhus-t.

,,--Conjunctiva, rheumatic – mim-h

,,-- Cornea, rheumatic * – Rhus-t. seneg.

,,-- Iris – rheumatic -- arn. Ars. bell. Bry. cimic. clem. cocc. Colch. coloc. Dulc. echi. Euphr. form. grin. jab. Kali-bi. kali-i. Kalm. led. merc-c. merc. nat-m. nat-sal. RHUS-T. sal-ac scopin. sol-t. Spig. sulph. syph. Ter. Thuj.

,,--,,--,,-- left eye *– cocc. Spig.

,,--,,--,,-- right eye *-- cimic. syph.

,,--,,--,,-- early stages – bell.

,,--,,--,,-- plastic – sal-ac.

,,--Sclerae – rheumatic -- chinin-m. euphr. kalm. Spig.

PAIN – rheumatic -- ACON. anac. Apis. Ars. bell. Bry. cham. clem. Dulc. euphr. ign. kali-bi. kali-c. Led. lyc. MERC. Mez. nux-v. Phyt. Puls. rhus-t. Spig. SULPH. verat.

PAIN – aching * – Bry. Euphr

PAIN – biting, burning * – Apis.

PAIN – darting *-- Euphr. Form.

PAIN – neuralgic * -- Spig.

PAIN – radiating – Spig.

PAIN – stabbing * -- Spig.

PAIN – stinging* – Puls.

PAIN – stitching* – rheumatic – apis. bry. Merc. Rhus-t.

PAIN -- tearing* – arn. coloc. Puls. Rhus-t. Spig.

PTOSIS, rheumatic – rhus-t.

VISION - DIM - rheumatism, during -- puls.

Associated symptoms

Bluish white ring around cornea, with – Coloc.

Dark urine, with – Ter.

Fear of going to sleep, with – grind.

Granular inflammation of lids – phyt.

Hemiopia, with right sided – lith-c.

High fever, with – Grind.

Iris, adhesions of, with -- Euphr.

Lachrymation, with – arn. coloc. euphr. Led. Spig.

,,-- acrid – euphr. coloc.

Large sensation of eyes, with – spig.

Malarial troubles, with * – chinin-m.

Pain in back, with – Ter.

Photophobia, with * – Apis. arn. Euphr. kali-bi. Led.

Rheumatic fever, with – colch.

Sand in eyes, with sensation of – ign. Led.

Aggravation *

Afternoon – cimic. syph.

,,-- 1– 3 pm – syph.

Evening -- chinin-m. coloc. Euphr.

,,-- 5 p.m.– chinin-m.

Night – Apis. Arn. Bry. cimic. Coloc. Euphr. Led. Rhus-t. sal-ac. Spig. Syph.

Cold – Bry. Grind. Rhus-t.

Motion of eye – Bry. Grind. Kalm.

Spring – Ant-t.

Suppressed perspiration of feet – Ter.

Thinking of complaints – Spig.

Warmth of bed – merc.

Wet, on becoming – Rhus-t.

Amelioration *

Cold – spig.

Dark room, in a – Bell.

Hot applications, from– rhus-t. sal-ac.

Lying down – cimic.

Pressure – Bry.

Warmth – arn. Euphr.

Notes :- A. (*) sign after a rubric indicates that it is a new rubric not present in repertories.

#1. In this rubric, remedies which are present in the sub-rubrics have been added in addition to those present in the original rubric in BBCR.


1.– Repertorium Universalis by Zandvoort.

2.-- BBCR.

3.-- Synthesis by Schroyens.

4.-- Concordant Materia Medica by Vermeulen, F.

5.-- The Rheumatic Remedies by Roberts, H.A.

6. -- The Homoeopathic Materia Medica by Teste, A.

7. -- Keynotes of the Materia Medica by Guernsey, H.N.

8. -- Additions to the Materia Medica by Stapf, J.E.

9. – Homoeopathic Therapeutics by Lilienthal, S.

10. – Guiding Symptoms of our Materia medica by Hering, C.

11. – Introduction to the principles of Homoeopathy by Wheeler, C.E.

12. -- A Manual of Materia Medica Therapeutics and Pharmacology by Blackwood, A. L.

13. – Characteristic Materia Medica by Burt, W.H.

14. -- Physiological materia medica by Burt, W.H.

15. – Ophthalmic diseases and therapeutics by Norton, A.B.

16. -- Plain talks on Materia Medica with comparisons by Pierce, W.I.

17. -- Hand Book of Materia Medica and Homoeopathic Therapeutics by Allen T.F.

18. -- Homoeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug, Pictures and Clinical Comments by Pulford, A.

19. A Cyclopedia of Drug Pathogenesy by HUGHES R. and DAKE J. P.

20. Text book of Materia Medica and Therapeutics by COWPERTHWAITE A. C.

21. Homeopathic Medical Repertory by Murphy, R.

22. Practical Homeopathic Therapeutics by DEWEY W. A

23. Keynotes and Red Line symptoms of the Materia Medica by LIPPE A. Von

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25. Clinical Materia Medica by FARRINGTON E. A

26. The Collected Works by GRIMMER A. H

27. Lectures on Homeopathic Materia Medica by Kent, J.T.

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Comment by Dr Dushyant Kamal Dhari on April 16, 2012 at 11:06pm

Thanks a lot Debby. You made my work successful

Comment by Debby Bruck on April 12, 2012 at 10:16am

Dear Dr Dushyant. I will refer to this handy eye repertory. I have always kept a special place in my heart to Dr John Clarke's eye symptoms from his "The Prescriber." a fine work, too.

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