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This is the case of 7-year-old Bhavesh More, who was cured of renal artery stenosis in 17 months. (April 1, 2009 – August 21, 2010). It is also a case that illustrates the switching of Miasms very rapidly with reversal of this process under homeopathic treatment. There were some twists and turns in this case with a devastating hospital experience included… but young Bhavesh eventually emerged healthy and happy.


Surviving A Death Sentence (Dur 4.25 min)


(For subtitles, double click and view in YouTube)


Bhavesh More was a 7-year-old patient whose chief complaint with renal artery stenosis.



April 1 2009: Bhavesh’s was a severe case of RASand his blood pressure was dangerously high. He was also HIV Positive, whichwas revealed during the course of treatment, The child barely spoke, he wasswollen all over, he had not eaten for days, and he had stopped urinating that had caused toxic build-up.



The boy’s health was deteriorating rapidly and he was admitted to hospital for around a month, where he was on allopathic drugs. But did not improve and was brought to my clinic a day after he was discharged from hospital.


Past history and treatment taken: On-and-off fever, for which he took allopathicmedicines.


Family history: Father diedof HIV-related illness, mother – HIV Positive, younger sister – HIV Positive.


Physical general:

Appetite: Lost

Thirst: Thirstless

Craving:  -

Aversion: -

Urine: Nocomplaint

Bowel: Nocomplaint

Sleep: Disturbed


Thermal modality: Chilly patient


Life Space with Mental/Emotional Details: 
Bhavesh began to fall ill soon after his uncle died. His own father had died when he was an infantand his uncle was a like father to him. Even more traumatic was the fact that the boy saw his uncle collapse and die before his very eyes. This sent him into shock and his young mind could not absorb the double tragedy. He became withdrawn and depressed and worse still, the shock had sent his renal artery into a spasm.



Pulse: 64/min

Blood Pressure: 210/ 120mm of Hg

Temperature: 99 F 

Tongue: dry


Systemic Examination:

Resp system: Chest clear

CVS: S1, S2 heard.

•Investigations: Low Haemoglobulin 

• Medical Diagnosis:

Provisional or final of chiefcomplaint: renal artery stenosis, hypertension.

Associated Diagnoses: HIV

• Case Analysis:

Susceptibility: Low     


Miasmatic analysis: Fast syphilitic – Diseases progressed soon after the shock and in a month’s time, his renal artery got stenosed. Even the pace of the disease at the mental levelwas fast. The boy was deteriorating day by day, emotionally and mentally. He wasnot interested in life, no desire to eat or converse.


Mentally = Mental level, boy who is very sensitive, and emotional who never shows his emotions toanybody. But when he saw his uncle collapse and die before his eyes, his youngmind could not absorb the tragedy. He became withdrawn and depressed.


Physically = This mental shock had sent his renal artery into a spasm, which in turn increases his blood pressure and he stopped urinating. The sudden shock caused renalstenosis, which is was fast destruction. Hence fast syphilitic.


Case Analysis:

7-year-old boy who was very attached to his uncle but after the sudden death of his   uncle in front of his eyes was a huge shock. He was very scared. He cried a lot and later, become very dull and refused to speak to anyone.

His blood pressure Increased.

As a child, he was very sincere in his studies.

He barelyspoke to anyone during his illness.

Very affectionate and mild in nature

Right-sided affection: Right Renal Artery affected


Accordingto the Predictive School of Homeopathy, in any given case, we need to pick upmost syphilitic rubrics. Also, it is of utmost importance to understand theperson or constitution from his childhood, his nature, behavior and his mentaldefences, his reaction to the situation.

Repertorial Analysis: (Rubrics Used, Remedies with differentiation)

Right side affection

Ailmentsfrom shock/fright

Sudden onset

Conversation agg


After repertorisation differential remedies were Silicea,Alumina, Nat phos, Phos acid, Ignatia


If he was Silicea - he would be obstinate, stubborn headstrong, fear of pins, pointed, sharp thing a/f: vaccination, childis cross and cries when spoken to, timidity and bashful about appearing inpublic. Conscientious about trifles. Slowness development and growth, recovery,delayed aggravations, late in developing relationships


Alumina - is conscientious and diligent. Due to slow thought process a confused state arises and at time alumina cannottake decision, even normal ones also. They have to ask others for instructions.A/f artificial food bottle fed babies. Peevish, hasty and hurried confusion ofintellect, loss of memory


Nat phos – Problem in relationships, withdrawing,hyperactive and marasmus, anxiety about home, fear that something will happen,startles easily


Phos acid  A/f – grief, anger, mortification Angry whenobliged to answer. Sad and indifferent, over caring for the other,homesickness, clairvoyance, desire to be alone Mental weakness followed byphysical weakness. Thirstless but loves fruit juices


Ignatia - would be studious, competence,quickness. Good boy image. Delicately conscientious, A/f grief bad news,Disappointment excite inner sensitiveness but try to keep it in. Desire to bealone silent and sad Consolation aggravates. Silent grief with control


Prescription given: Ignatia 200 I dose on 1stapril 09


According to Dr Sankaran’s point ofview:


It is aplant remedy


Sensation: Shocked,


                   Torn to pieces

                   Shock is so sudden so as toparalyse the person



Passive reaction: Paralysed cannot move


                             Cannot weep




Active reaction: Beside oneself



Compensation:  Composed and calm in the most shocking circumstances.



• Follow-Up: After 15 days 

Apptstarted improving

Bloodpressure came to above normal 170/100 mmHg.

Generalswere better


Follow-Up: On 11/5/09

He gotconvulsions

Ignatia 200I dose was repeated

He wasadmitted to hospital due to convulsions


Follow-Up: On 18/7/09

His BP was180/100mmHg

Ignatia 200was repeated

Later, he gota cold and cough.


Follow-Up: On 11/8/09

He wascomplaining of severe cough

On X- raychest - suggestive of right- sided pneumonia

Pain sorehold the chest

Hands heldchest

Paingeneral lying aggravate

Onrepertorisation:  Phos 200 I dose wasgiven to him.


Follow-Up: On 28/8/09

He wasfeeling better

Generalswere better



Going toschool now


• Discussion:

There was adramatic difference in the boy a week after we began treatment. Bhavesh wentfrom being completely uncommunicative and listless to a smiling, responsivelittle child.


But Bhavesh’s troubles weren’t over yet. He had been showing remarkable improvementbut a couple of months later, his grandmother scolded him severely. Thesensitive child, still reeling from his uncle’s death, regressed once more.This time, he began bleeding from his nose and he fainted.


Bhavesh was admitted to hospital once again, where doctors detected that his blood pressurewas dangerously high and he was suffering from HIV. What his mother hadn’t toldme was that her husband had tested HIV positive and that Bhavesh was also atrisk.


Back in hospital, the child was pumped with strong allopathic medication once more,this time for HIV. A few weeks later, when he showed no improvement, thedoctors told his mother that they had given up hope.


When theycame to me his body was swollen once more; his blood pressure had shot up andhe was very, sick.


It was along road after that. I advised the child’s mother to stop all allopathicmedicines as they were not helping and were instead further suppressing thedisease process that was fast advancing and ravaging his body. In fact, thechild was at an advanced stage of illness and if the disease process was notreversed soon, his life would indeed be in peril.


His mother cooperated. In just 17 months, Bhavesh, now eight, was a normal and happy childonce again. We had reversed his renal artery stenosis, normalised his bloodpressure and there was no sign of HIV. The family did not get a CD4 count doneas they could not afford it.


Conclusion: This case is an example of how homeopathic remedies work on the genetic constitution. It is a complete cure, a reversal of the whole destructive process in the body; and an improvement mentally and in his perceptions, sensitivity and tolerance.

Re-awaken the healer in you…

- Dr Anita Salunkne, MD


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Comment by Dr Piyush Kumar on June 22, 2011 at 8:06pm
Dr Anita , perfection comes with practice and experience. I am new comer in Homeopathy, and would like to be guided by you, How a beginner should begin his journey of clinical life? Please also mention the list of medicine and potency one should store, and preferable company?

The books to read and reread,and refer to often ?
waiting for your guidance...
Comment by dr.sunitakaul on April 1, 2011 at 4:03am

that was really a remarkable change the boy got mam.... congrats mam ...

i 've a quiery mam -- that when the condition of boy again got worse by allopathic drugs , then which medicine u prescribed .. was it phos 200 again or something else ..

one more question mam -- kindly explain that why u had taken the rubric- CONVERSATION AGG.

Comment by Dr Anita Salunkhe on January 15, 2011 at 12:47pm
Great to have your support, Dr Saleem. Wish you the same :)
Comment by Dr Anita Salunkhe on January 14, 2011 at 7:00am
Thank you, friends, Drs Nishant, Dr Kaswar, Dr Rafeeq. I'm glad to be back on the forum after a couple of hectic months. Your comments are like a warm "welcome back"!
Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on January 13, 2011 at 11:14pm
Congrats to the entire team of doctors. Keep it up.
Comment by Kawsar Al Mamoon on January 13, 2011 at 2:49pm
Excellent work.
Comment by Dr. Nishant on January 13, 2011 at 2:17pm
excellent !!!

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