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Creating Waves of Awareness

Physical short overview:

Quantum physics suggests that the body and consciousness together are an energetic field. In this field, and all values measured by the measurement itself has changed. So it is for us not to reach so far in fact. The awareness has a bio-gravitational field. The body has a gravitational field. By the subconscious, it was assumed it would be in the region of the pituitary gland, hypothalamus, thalamus, and the epiphysis. It has demonstrated in animal experiments that the sub-/conscious, however, was not linked to one of the organs. It is an energy field.

To get an idea, we can compare it with a hologram.

The hologram is a three-dimensional representation. In contrast, a photo is two-dimensional. From a photo we can cut out some of us and this regardless of the cut-out look around. However, we share the hologram, so again we get an overall picture. This is done twice, because the divided portions are also a complete hologram. When hologram always remains the entirety obtained (see mitosis is the division also received after every "new" cell of the total).

With this comparison, we can better understand consciousness. In every part of our being, all information is stored with which we have been ever face in life.
This pool draws the subconscious when it does its daily work.

The subconscious mind does 95%. Consciousness deals with the remaining 5%. If you drive a car, then you do not think about, if you press the accelerator, clutch, and brake. You direct, without guessing, if you fit the curve. You speak without thinking of the word education. You swallow the water without consciously press tongue and larynx. Only the suckling the baby is innate. Everything else we learn step by step.

We are not a bio-robot. The energy field with which we express the mind, body, and soul, is not only capable of learning. We can use what we have learned. We can modulate how we deal with our experiences.

If we have a bio-computer, we can say that our subconscious mind has a working processor of 400 megabits, while our consciousness works with 40 bit. We are not a bio-computer, but the comparison shows how power we rely on our subconscious.

The bio-computer cannot make decisions. However we can. We have the ability to revoke old decisions and establish new routines.

The pool of the subconscious mind grows with each new decision. Our opportunities grow with each new decision. Since life on growth, food and exercise is defined, it is growth, food (information) and movement (decision), which allows us to be healthy. Fixed routines correspond standstill. We need to move, to inform, and to decide to be healthy. Only then we can live.

We are an energy field. Probably we all together form an even larger energy field. This moves through countless other energy fields ... This arrangement goes beyond our imagination. Therefore it makes sense to deal primarily with ourselves. What we can see to the horizon, we can still include with. Such information is available in a familiar context. Within this context, we are capable of action (movement).

As an energy field we can be active. So we are not the victims of a situation or disease. We can rethink our decisions again to recover. This decision is in us.

On this basis we can work on quantum physics. It suggests that the body is an apt expression of the soul. Soul, we can define this as a mind and consciousness as well as feeling and subconsciousness. We have the feeling that if we decide / do something. The broker on the stock exchange shows how intense financial decisions depend on feeling.

In these areas of life, we can see how strong we are living as an energy field. We can also recognize how important it is to take care of this energy field.

Another word on homeopathy in my view:

There were and are thousands of homeopaths in the world. These homeopaths know their remedy pictures. This knowledge is embedded in the energy field. This makes it accessible to all who come into contact with this field. Each plant has such an energy field. This energy corresponds to our being. Potentiates this energy affects our energy field. In this way it comes to healing, because now with new effects, new decisions taken.


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Comment by Debby Bruck on May 4, 2014 at 2:00am

Plant Communication. Plants Speak Their Own Language. Plants Help Each Other. Plants Warn Each Other In Order To Create Protective Chemicals. 

Time : Plants Talk To Each Other To Warn Of Danger

The researchers analyzed leaves from exposed and unexposed plants and found that out of the 8,226 compounds identified, only one showed up more frequently in the exposed plants, a substance called HexVic. And indeed, when the researchers fed HexVic to cutworms, it knocked down their survival rate by 17%.

Looking for the source of this protective substance, the scientists fingered a chemical precursor to HexVic among the cocktail of volatiles released by the infested plants. When they wafted it over uninfested plants, the plants began to produce HexVic, suggesting that they were turning the volatile into the caterpillar-killing chemical. A series of other tests confirmed that idea: Uninfested plants don’t have this precursor lying around, and must build their own weapon from the early warning message released by their infested relatives.

It’s an elegant tale, and it may be happening in far more plant species than tomatoes and with far more chemical signals that are still unintelligible to us. For now though, it’s hard not to have at least a little more respect for a type of life that not only communicates but, in its own invisible way, looks after its kin.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Science

Intake and transformation to a glycoside of (Z)-3-hexenol from infested neighbors reveals a mode of plant odor reception and defense

Plants receive volatile compounds emitted by neighboring plants that are infested by herbivores, and consequently the receiver plants begin to defend against forthcoming herbivory. To date, how plants receive volatiles and, consequently, how they fortify their defenses, is largely unknown. We found that tomato plants absorbed the airborne green leaf alcohol (Z)-3-hexenol emitted by neighboring conspecific plants under attack by herbivores and subsequently converted the alcohol to a glycoside. The glycoside suppressed growth and survival rates of cutworms. The accumulation of glycoside in the receiver plants explained the defense acquired via “smelling” their neighbors. This study showed that the processing of a volatile compound is a mechanism of volatile reception in tomato plants.


Plants receive volatile compounds emitted by neighboring plants that are infested by herbivores, and consequently the receiver plants begin to defend against forthcoming herbivory. However, to date, how plants receive volatiles and, consequently, how they fortify their defenses, is largely unknown. In this study, we found that undamaged tomato plants exposed to volatiles emitted by conspecifics infested with common cutworms (exposed plants) became more defensive against the larvae than those exposed to volatiles from uninfested conspecifics (control plants) in a constant airflow system under laboratory conditions. Comprehensive metabolite analyses showed that only the amount of (Z)-3-hexenylvicianoside (HexVic) was higher in exposed than control plants. This compound negatively affected the performance of common cutworms when added to an artificial diet. The aglycon of HexVic, (Z)-3-hexenol, was obtained from neighboring infested plants via the air. The amount of jasmonates (JAs) was not higher in exposed plants, and HexVic biosynthesis was independent of JA signaling. The use of (Z)-3-hexenol from neighboring damaged conspecifics for HexVic biosynthesis in exposed plants was also observed in an experimental field, indicating that (Z)-3-hexenol intake occurred even under fluctuating environmental conditions. Specific use of airborne (Z)-3-hexenol to form HexVic in undamaged tomato plants reveals a previously unidentified mechanism of plant defense.

Comment by Gabriele Sielmann on October 14, 2012 at 4:33am

Thank you for these extensive thoughts. It's a good base to think and speak about.

Truths are not contradictory !

The Secret Life of Plants I know. Especially the "unscientific experiments" with a polygraph are interesting. "Unscientific" (remember!) is only so called by those who think that the own method is the only which exists. In German science is called "Wissen-schaft" (withoug this hyphen). "Wissen" = knowledge, "schaft" = getting, creating. The German word shows, that here knowledge will be got. That's something everybody can do. Also the work of Backster creates knowledge!

As well Buddhism as Hinduism explain since centuries, that there is more than the modern knowledge explains. Effects of quantum are to read in old mythic texts of the old Gita / Upanishads (right written?). Somewhere you find the idea God/dess and Creation are one. Nirwana and Maya are very good explaination for that the unscientific quantum speaks about :) Lobsang Rama is well known over here too.

Kirlian fotography indeed is very expensive. And if you do it (only as often as necessary), you see wonderful pictures, but you don't know how to intepret without experience. But you can learn to see it yourself to get experience. It needs between 1 and 3 years mostly. The aura exists; thank Kirlian we know. But humans learn to ignore all informations, which are not accepted by the surrounding / relatives. We learn to see only that, what is "allowed". We are like a Quantum light particle/wave which stops on its journey to look, what you expect to see (wave-particle-duality) = we want to placere (be liked). Therefore "placebo" (I want to be accepted / liked) is the best definition of healing. I will explain, how to learn to see the aura in another blog. I could learn = you will be able too.

Emoto / water's knowledge makes it possible to transport information. So that we can put a pellet into a water fulfilled glass and the whole water "knows" the information of the remedy. Logical for each of us. Take a glass of water, take a pen and write "love" - "trust" - "joy" on it and drink it - sip by sip each day. Then you drink / takes up to you all the saned miasms. Love = healed psora; joy = healed sycosis; trust = healed syphilis. Why? I can explain (like aura seeing) in another blog.

If healing would be scientifically complicated, the (wo)manhood would not live anylonger. But we all live - since minin 200,000 years (if science is right). So we can suppose that healing is easy. Only to go a well targeted way we use homeopathy. This science of treatment makes it possible to explain (and to demonstrate) how all works (like Buddhism, Hinduism, Naturalism). Because healing must be easy I try to understand feeling ill for finding the meaning = for finding the way to feel good. I call it psychosomatic homeopathy.

And now I write the other blogs - thank's sunday and the existing time :)

Comment by Dr Gopal Patel on October 14, 2012 at 1:34am

Hello Gabriele I have been going deep into this subject to find the unknown, 

I have read many interesting books where scientists had been trying to monitor this energy field and its effects, an interested book i suggest is The Secret Life of Plants its quite and old book but many experiments in it make many things clear. many experiments related to plants were conducted.

as all this falls in metaphysics.

another interesting old books series of Lobsang Rampa i have read his full series particular in then is one beyond the tenth that explains what you have said about the mind being active, we are only one tenth conscious but the 90% of the mind is still mysterious and has a lot of metaphysical power.

I want to know if any one knows someone who can see the aura as it would interesting to monitor the aura of different medicines in different potencies. 

Nearest to monitor the Aura is Kirlian Photography but all this equipment is costly.

maybe in the future we shall have a device that would diffrenciate practically one medicine from another or the energy pattern from one potency to another by an electronic equipment. because unless if we can prove or diffrenciate  one from another we homeopaths will always be blamed of giving placebo over time.

many things interesting in the book secret life of plants is monitoring its growth over exposure into different conditions , monitoring in deep microscopic level its effects on different stimuli or music etc.

another similar experiment was done by Masaru Emoto hidden messages in water where he found out that water is very sensitive to the surrounding even words good and bad changes its structure , he photographed them just before crystallization and there are many photos which can also be seen on the net.

I currently trying to buy a high end microscope with video recording to study the effects of our medicines in the cellular level of plants.

Comment by Gabriele Sielmann on October 13, 2012 at 11:29am

I just found this website, it's the same topic, but another view. May be interesting:

Dr Matai Quantum Entanglement — Beyond Cause and Effect — Towards the Future?

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