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Construction of Pride

In Latin superbia. Pride is otherwise known as vanity or narcissism. Pride is to love self and to be big-headed, to be arrogant, over-confident and blind to the concerns of others. 

Synonyms and related words

Amour-propre, delight, dignity, ego, ego trip, egoism, egotism, face, gratification, happiness, honour, joy, pleasure, pridefulness, repletion, satisfaction, self-admiration, self-confidence, self-glorification, self-love, self-regard, self-respect, self-satisfaction, self-sufficiency, self-trust, self-worth, sufficiency

Pride is an inwardly directed emotion. It may be of two types-


This type of pride refers to an exaggerated sense of one's personal status or deeds. It is also called as hubris.


This type of pride refers to a satisfied sense of attachment toward one's own or another's choices and actions, or toward a whole group of people, and is a product of praise, independent self-reflection, or a fulfilled feeling of belonging.

Pride is a complex secondary emotion which requires the development of a sense of self and the mastery of related conceptual distinctions through language-based interaction with others. It is linked to a signal of high social status. It is a pleasant, exhilarating, emotion that results from a positive self-evaluation.

Short Repertory of Pride

MIND - AILMENTS FROM - pride of others grat.

MIND - FOOLISH behavior - happiness and pride SULPH.

MIND – HAUGHTY acon. agar. alum. anac. arn. asar. aur-m-n. aur-s. aur. bac. bell. calc. cann-i. cann-xyz. carb-v. carc. Caust. chin. chir-fl. cic. cina coloc. con. cupr. cygn-be. daph. dulc. elaps ferr-ma. ferr. gard-j. gran. granit-m. grat. guaj. ham. hell. hott-p. Hyos. ign. ignis-alc. Ip. kali-c. kali-i. kola lac-leo. Lach. lap-la. lil-t. LYC. marb-w. merc. myric. nat-m. nitro-o. nux-v. Pall. par. phos. PLAT. podo. positr. Puls. rhus-g. rob. sabad. sal-fr. sec. sep. Sil. squil. Staph. Stram. stront-c. SULPH. thuj. tung-met. vanil. VERAT.

MIND - HAUGHTY - alternating with – discouragement agn.

MIND - HAUGHTY – clothes con.

MIND - HAUGHTY - clothes - best clothes; likes to wear his Con. irid-met. lac-f. tung-met.

MIND - HAUGHTY - clothes - colorful clothes lac-f.

MIND - HAUGHTY - clothes - tasteful clothing lac-f.

MIND - HAUGHTY - intelligent; but nux-v.

MIND - HAUGHTY - look, self-contented ferr-ma. ferr.

MIND - HAUGHTY - mania; in cupr. glon. Graph. hyos. Lach. lyc. PLAT. stram. sulph. Verat-v. Verat.

MIND - HAUGHTY - menses, before verat.

MIND - HAUGHTY - pregnancy, during Verat.

MIND - HAUGHTY - races; to other human ars. hep. phos. plat. sep.

MIND - HAUGHTY - religious haughtiness Plat.

MIND - HAUGHTY - stiff and pretentious Lyc.

MIND - HAUGHTY - stupidity and hatred bell. calc. lyc. plat. stram. verat.

MIND - HAUGHTY – women Grat.

MIND - HAUGHTY - wounded self-esteem; wishes to be flattered PALL. plat. puls. verat.

MIND - INSANITY – haughty lach. LYC. phos. Stram.

MIND - RELIGIOUS AFFECTIONS - too occupied with religion - taciturnity, haughtiness, voluptuousness and cruelty; religious affections with Plat.

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