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Preparing For The Walk - What The Stars Tell Us About Homeopathy Today

In a previous life I was an astrologer. Just as you don't forget how to count even if you're not using maths in your profession, I'm still looking in the stars every now and then, especially when planning an event. What I see for October 15th, the start of the walk, is a karmic constellation on Gemini 3-4°.


I often use the mandalas published long ago by Dane Rudhyar to make meaning of that kind of information. The images presented are on the one hand the Tuileries in Paris and on the other hand Mistletoe and Holly. It takes some brooding over these images to figure out what they might mean, of course, like dream-solving, they are very individual. Nevertheless I think they can be seen generally for homeopathy as follows. In the Tuileries nature has been forced into nice, regular, measurable shapes.


In mistletoe and holly, we find magic, the druid's secret healing qualities. So maybe these images stand for regular medicine that wants to control our natural self-healing powers, whereas homeopathy appeals to the magic, archetypic, non-measurable healing qualities that lay hidden in nature and help us to restore ourselves without controlling but by guiding? Also the Tuileries are very yang, whereas, Mistletoe and Holly are rather yin.

Anyway the Pieterpad that Anne will walk in Holland certainly is not a straight traject shaped by human hands but a coiling small sandy path on the side of civilisation as it were. Isn't all that very symbolic for homeopathy? And do we want to stay on that road, or do we like to meet our brothers and sisters who live in cities nearby and lead completely other professional lives? What would such an exchange bring us? What questions could we ask? And even more intriguiging : what answers would we get?


Astrology and Hahnemann

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