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My feeling- or is it my wishful thinking?- is that plants will help us out.  The movie Carol Boyce is currently making about Homeopathy on the Farm is a brilliant idea. Farmers are pragmatic people and it seems they are powerful as well, at least in the UK. They will use homeopathy if it works and when it doesn’t they won’t give it a second chance. I even asked myself if it wouldn’t be a good idea to distribute homeopathic remedies for free for a year in order to give the farmers a tryout.

My own only little experience with homeopathy in my garden is promising, I must say. Last few years, the potatoes and tomatoes harvest got lost due to blight; raspberries, gooseberries and several flowers suffered from fungi, the cherries turned bad by monilla, there were aphis on the roses and slugs eating my beans and cabbages. While it is true that an organic gardener should not begrudge the cabbage whites eating a few of his crops and understand that weak plants are removed naturally. And non-toxic measures like extract from nettles, compost and colloidal silver gave good results but still a lot got lost, regardless of the work and the care.

Then the book ‘Homeopathy for Plants’ by Christiane Maute came under my attention. Surprised that I never thought of that myself, I bought it and tried it out. The prescriptions are very simple, straightforward and clear. And guess what: they work! Carbo veg revived the cherry trees sick from monilla and Thuja worked great for fungi on the berries.  The leave curl on the peach tree disappeared on no time with a dose of Natrum sulphuricum. I’m enthused to try out more now. 

Imagine what a fantastic new perspective! It is very easy to do experiments with plants, a child can do it. The result is prompt and visible: one can take pictures daily or every few days. It will be hard to argue that the sugar pills or the drops with shaken water only have placebo effect on plants. And it will be even more difficult to claim it is the good conversation or the time and attention spend on the sick plant that cured it. If the inert remedies turn out to be measurably beneficial for plants (and animals, as is already accepted by veterinarians) how can they all of a sudden become useless or even dangerous for humans?

I can’t fathom a law that would forbid people to use homeopathy for their plants (but I realize that reality exceeds imagination, cfr the Belgian new law on homeopathy): this means the remedies must be available. That is good news for the plant owners as well! Maybe we can all become homeopaths for plants? Ask the people to bring in their houseplant when they come for a consultation?

OK, I agree, I got carried away a bit but seriously: plants will show us the way out. Because, plants are the mediators in the third dimension, which they share with animals and humans. They process light by photosynthesis, capture it and make it accessible for animals and humans. In this way they are our stepping stones to the light, meanwhile giving us freely their beauty, abundance, food, refinement, colors, joy, herbs and spices and most important: medicines. Plants are the alpha and the omega of medicine.

Did it occur to you that in the last years not only Sankaran published a book about Plant remedies, but Frans Vermeulen and Linda Johnson did, as well as, Jan Scholten and Michal Yakir?

As I said: not only the alpha but also the omega of medicine…. (to be continued) . . .


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Comment by Debby Bruck on August 22, 2013 at 2:15am

Dear Anne, Did you mention the calming effect of simply sitting in the garden. You look at peace next to the black-eyed Susans. 

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