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PhD Thesis about the homeopathic remedy, in Portuguese

if you can read Portuguese, you can find my PhD thesis, with the title of "The homeopathic remedy in public health services" at or

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Comment by Amarilys de Toledo Cesar on August 18, 2010 at 2:26pm
Hello dr. Mas! thank you! The thesis was submitted to USP - Universidade de São Paulo, Faculdade de Saúde Pública (Public Health College) where I was for specialization, MSc and PhD degree studies in Public Health. For PhD my tutor was Evelin Naked. As I am a pharmacist that work with homeopathy since 1984, I had the opportunity to follow to the PhD and I did it: because I like to study and because I believe that it is also important for Homeopathy. After that I found people was listening to me more seriouslly, when I talk about Homeopathy. Did I answer to your question? my best wishes to you, Amarilys
Comment by Dr. MAS on August 18, 2010 at 1:36am

I am interested to know that

At which university you submitted your thesis?
Who were your supervisors?
Are you enrolled somewhere and was alloted this thesis or you decided yourself and started writing thesis?
What's your basic qualification and experience in homeopathic field?

Thank You.
Comment by Amarilys de Toledo Cesar on August 12, 2010 at 6:17pm
This is the English summary:
Cesar AT. O Medicamento homeopático nos serviços de saúde. [The
homeopathic medicine in health services]. São Paulo (BR); 1999. [Tese de
Doutorado-Faculdade de Saúde Pública da Universidade de São Paulo].
The aim of this study is to investigate and describe experiments of medicine
supplying in health care services, as well as to offer elements for the
formulation of relevant policies. These should (i) prevent possible difficulties
that may harm the setting up or maintenance of homeopathic medical care in
health services, and (ii) provide elements to increase the development of
Homeopathy, by offering easier and more effective proposals for the use of
medicine. A test study was developed, showing a wide diversity of
prescriptions. Other services, with distinct characteristics, were selected. The
frequency and presentation of homeopathic medicines was studied, through
visits, interviews, copies of prescriptions and analysis of clinical files. The
suitability of Homeopathy to the requirements of inclusion in an essential
remedy list was discussed, as the issues that hinder this development. This
study concludes that: (i) Homeopathy meets the necessary standards for its
adoption by the public health system, (ii) the supplying of homeopathic
remedies should occur, financed by the health care's "collective cost" scheme,
through stocks, establishment of local pharmacies, or settled by convention
near to the health service concerned, (iii) it is possible to determine a basic
relation of a limited number of medicines, with defined potency, scales,
pharmaceutical form and posology to address several pathologies, including
chronic ones, (iv) available information coming from well elaborated clinical
files is an important tool for research, and (v) the verification of clinical efficacy
must be improved.
Descriptors: Homeopathy. Homeopathic medicines. Homeopathy in health
Comment by Debby Bruck on August 12, 2010 at 3:13pm
Dear Amarilys - Its important to note that this is a Universal site that uses English.

Please post a summary of your paper in English for everyone to learn and know. You can go to Translate Google for help and then make changes to perfect what that does to your paper.

"Classical Homeopathy, established by Hahnemann, fundamental
on four principles: the law of similarity, the trial
healthy man, administration of the drug in small doses and
drug indication only. In practice, separating us from
ideal principles, we realize that homeopathy is a phenomenon
natural, it can also occur with the use of substances not
experimented with the use of mass doses of drugs and
even when more than one drug substance is used. The
principle of similarity always remains as the provision of essential
Homeopathy (5, 124).

Ideally, Homeopathy treats the individual, the patient. However, along
this work, we realize that many times the Principle of
Similarity is applied to the disease, ie, the proportion of symptoms or
characteristics of the individual. A review of the history of
Homeopathy, for coming to our country and aspects of
homeopathic medicine will be presented for better
understanding the context of this thesis.

The author has participated in events related to Homeopathy
since 1984, when he founded the Homeopathic Pharmacy Cristiano in
São Paulo. He was president of the Paulista Association of Pharmacists
Homeopaths (APFH), a position he held during the years 1989 to
1992. Over this period, he participated in meetings of the CEME
Brasilia, and the following year, the Committee for Alternative Practices
Health Task Force Development Program (GEPRO)
Alternative Health Practice A Homeopathic Pharmacy Cristiano
was one of the contractors to provide services Notion
Homeopathic revenue.

Attended Refresher Course in Homeopathy to
Pharmacists in the Paulista Association of Homeopathy (APH) in 1988,
and the following year the first course for Homeopathy
Pharmacists, becoming part of the group that has since
has taught courses in that year to pharmacists association.
Than, did the intensive course at the Escuela Medica Homeopathy
Homeopathic Argentina in Buenos Aires.

In 1990, the marriage of their pharmacy with a competitor, gave rise
HN-homeopathic pharmacies and a small laboratory Cristiano
industrial, dedicated to the production of mother tinctures and matrices
for homeopathic pharmacies. For this reason, the author participated in the
preparation of GMP standards for the homeopathic industry, next to
Pharmaceutical Industry Union (SINDUSFARMA).
Since 1995, holds the post of Secretary General of League of Pharmacy
Homeopathic Medical International, attending the Congress
annually, and the meetings of the Executive Committee and International fact
responsible for increasing their knowledge of Homeopathy

He spent part of the Commission of Medicine and Pharmacy
Brazilian Homeopathic Medical Association (AMHB) in 1997. Was
member of the Scientific Committee which prepared the second edition of the Manual
Technical Standards Brazilian Association of Pharmacists
Homeopaths. Provided proof of title of Specialist in Homeopathy
of this association, and was approved in 1998. In 1999 he joined the
board of this association.

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