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In this part I will dilate upon Hormone therapy in various aspect and also talk about how Homeopathy can be of use.

The use of Homeopathy is based on “ simila similibus curentur” or “like cures like”

I will try to mention the homeopathic remedies under each heading of the application of Hormone therapy. It is not going to be exhaustive, as only the most appropriate but general medicines will be mentioned depending on the generalized symptoms which hormone therapy is covering. Homeopathic treatment will depend on each case taken individually.

What is important is to understand is that Hahnemann's homeopathic science offers a good alternative .,to help patient overcome his so called their hormone problem with appropriate homeopathic medicine,without resorting to HRT;

I will here give one illustrative example of Byrata Carb which homeopaths often use for stunted growth of a child, where Boericke,s states

1“ specially indicated in infancy and old age. This remedy brings aid to scrofulous children,specially if they are backward,mentally,are dwarfish,do not grow and develop have scrofulous opthalmia,swollen abdomen, take cold easily and then have swollen tonsils”

.2 See what Boerick,s mentions about CALC CARB, “Pituary and Thyroid dysfunction. And note what he mentions about homeopathic remedy, THYROIDINUM. “ Thyroid exercises a general regulating influence over the mechanism of the organs of nutrition ,growth,and development”

As per Wikipedia, Hormone therapy or hormonal therapy is the use of hormones in medical treatment. Treatment with “Hormones Antagonised may also be referred to as Hormonal therapy”

Hormonal replacement therapy is a procedure which refers to the various methods by which the hormone is delivered in the patient. Generally intramuscular injections are administered.

Synthetically prepared Hormones, ( example Testosterone) or bio-identical hormones in predetermined intervals are injected and their levels are monitored.


Today hormones are being utilized for various problems in human and animals;

It is being used in animal feeds for fattening the chicken,in cattle for more meat, and also in agriculture.
You can understand it better if you see an old video “ FOOD INC ”, You may feel nauseated if you see how hormones are affecting us health wise indiscriminately.


There are various conditions in which Hormone therapy are used in human.


Testosterone is produced in testicles, it helps bone density,fat distribution, muscles and mass, red blood cells, sex drive and sperm productions. Testosterone replacement therapy may improve the above condition. It can be given in form of injections pellets, patches or gels.

If there is prostate cancer,then hormone therapy is utilized to stop the production of male hormone testosterone because cancer cells rely on male hormone for their growth. It is also used in men after prostate surgery or radiation to slow the growth of any cancer cells.

Homeopathic application

Dr N K Banerjee in “ Realastic Materia Medica gives the following medicines for various male sexual problem, Agnus Castus, Caladium, Picric Acid, Selenium,and Lycopodium.

Other useful medicines are Medorrhinum, Conium.Acid Phos.

For cancer of the prostate Kreosotum is considered useful.


After Hysterectomy women may be aided with the use of hormonal treatment, because after hysterectomy women experiences artificial menopause. This is because production of female hormone
ceases. During normal menopause this is gradual. The treatment consist of dispensing Estrogen/Progesterone combination or individually. This may be in form of pellets taken orally, or use skin patches, or as cream.

Hormone therapy is also used in treatment of breast cancer. The most common forms of hormone therapy works by blocking Estrogen from attaching to cancer cells or by reducing the production of estrogen.

Please note that research in last decade shows that HRT after all may not be advantageous in case of women unless extremely needed because of many side effects.

Homeopathic application

Note what Garth Boericke has to say “ The menopause symptoms of flushing, headache,sweating, and palpitation are not always controlled by hormone treatment. Our group of medicine for this condition include Lachesis, Sulfur, Sangunaria, and Sepia deployed on the outstanding complaint of the patient Beside this other medicines are, Pulsatilla, Platina, and Medorrhinum.


Hormone therapy has been used for children who are abnormally short,to increase their height with a hormone termed as Growth Hormone, which is secreted by Pituitary gland in our brain.

This can be applied to children even if they are not found to be growth hormone deficient. It is a known fact that GH which as mentioned earlier is naturally secreted by pituitary gland, help children who are known to be deficient in GH.

Homeopathic application

This topic has already been discussed in the introductory paragraph.


It is worth while to keep in mind the numerous side effect that may generate with use of this therapy.

Let me list some of them. Abdominal pain, addiction, Anemia, Anxiety, appetite changes, Armpit discomfort, axillary web syndrome, back pain. Bleeding and bruising problem, blood clots,bone and joint pain. Chest pain,breathing problem, cold and flu symptoms. Constipation, coughing, dehydration, delayed wound healing, depression, dizziness, dry mouth, dry skin, electrolyte imbalance, endometriosis, fainting , fatigue , fertility issues, fever, flatulence, hair changes, headaches, hypertension, high cholesterol, hot flushes, insomnia, liver problems, loss of libido and more;

NOTE: I would like to mention here that many hormones/hormonal glands have been utilized in making of homeopathic medicine, some are being mentioned here. Thyrodinum, Pitu, Insulin, Testosterone. Though they may not be directly applicable in case of hormonal problem but they have part to play where symptoms match.

This brings us to the second and final part of this article, which is a humble effort on this topic. The readers are free to comment openly, that any gray areas can be pointed and cleared for better presentation.

REF: Wikipedia,Boerickes, WebMd, Mayo clinic,

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Comment by Dr. Wequar Ali Khan on May 25, 2012 at 8:12am

You are right Dr Rafeeque,look at the side effect listed above. Its really worrying and one must think twice before going in for HRT;

Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on May 24, 2012 at 11:54pm

I think hormone therapy is responsible for a major portion of diseases encountered now a days!

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