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For the Teacher Meeting my talk was about the Walk for Homeopathy and what it brought forth so far. It started with the gift, of which I wrote in a previous post, that allowed me, or rather made me go on a Walk. This meant: ’being out there’ and thus being exposed. On the one hand this could lead to criticism, disbelieve, ridicule but on the other hand it could as well engender support, sympathy, encouragement, warmth and blessing. To my delight I got  an overwhelming wave of positive reactions from all directions.

‘Being out there’ also means I ‘m exposed to many other ideas, new people and unfamiliar experiences. The overall result was a strengthening of the inner dialogue and a growing feeling of fulfillment, from being on my path and doing exactly what I have and thus want to do.

Some observations so far: talking to people and especially when outing first, lots of homeopaths tell me what they really truly believe and how they work. Many of those ideas they wouldn’t share with everybody nor write in their books or articles. As homeopathy is under attack and in the process of being recognized as a legitimate healing system, for pragmatic reasons the majority of homeopaths chose to keep the magic out of view.  They fear losing all credibility if they would openly tell what  they believe or work with.

However we shouldn’t put too much effort in trying to fit our homeopathic healing system in the much smaller box of official medicine. The latter still bases its procedures on obsolete paradigms, which by real scientist are scientifically proven to be invalid. People who want to join in the scientific discussion should do some homework and read some scientific literature or inform themselves in order not to keep repeating an outdated perspective. While we understand the dynamics of conservatism and status quo for those interested, the fact is that homeopathy has moved forward.

What we call magic today might be science of tomorrow, of which we don’t understand yet the rules fully.  After all: magic has its own rules.
 Possibly we call it magic when we are confronted with the power of the mind. As I already wrote in “Homeopathy, Strange, Rare and Peculiar”, it is “mind over matter”. Although we believe that is true, it is hard to estimate the repercussions of this statement. If we really and truly believe that our mind and our thoughts are stronger than matter, by consequence we can influence matter with our mind. Research ( by, among others Lynn Mc Taggart  in “The Field”) proved scientifically (with measurable results and statistically relevant  data) that praying influences the healing process of people in hospitals and  a collective meditation of a group of people  in a city has a positive effect on the crime statistics. While we ‘know’ this, we rarely use it in our own lives. And as a matter of fact we hardly ever question ourselves regarding the effect of our mind and our thoughts.

Some might use Positive Thinking or similar systems, arising from the idea that we always have thoughts and all thoughts influence the manifestation of happenings in our day to day life. We might thus as well control our thoughts and chose to have positive ones, as the unconscious and/or negative ones will influence all the same.
The reason why Positive Thinking doesn’t work is that while saying these affirmations but deep down we believe the contrary. We feel ugly and say affirmations to the mirror that we are beautiful. We feel poor and ignored and we say aloud that we live in abundance and success. This obviously doesn’t work. The unconscious believe is stronger than the outspoken affirmation, which is merely a wish, not a conviction.

If one is really convinced, than one doesn’t need to drill his thoughts between positive lines. Then one ‘knows it is’ and all it has to do is to manifest… because it already is. What is a conviction in the ideas already exists.

What does this have to do with homeopathy? During my Walk I got more and more convinced of the idea that all kind of different systems ‘work’. Again,  in  “Homeopathy: Strange, Rare and Peculiar” I elaborated on  the difficulty to compare homeopathic result. Everybody claims that his system works and it would be very odd if somebody would apply a particular system for three decades or more that doesn’t. But we don’t have a standard to measure what we mean by ‘works’.
As homeopathy is a holistic healing system we could assume that it means health and wellbeing on mind and body. Nevertheless not all homeopathic systems have the same goal.

 There is a crucial difference between an’ effect’ of something that works and a ‘cure’. In my Training Program in Belgium I am happy when the students are able to distinguish between those two after 5 years of study. Hence while many systems definitely have effects, few really cure.

But even so, I believe the chance for curing is bigger when the homeopath is a healer who is strongly convinced of his or her method.  But a lot of our convictions are unconscious and we mostly don’t take their power into account.
Our mind is a very powerful tool and as we expand our consciousness everything becomes possible! We can’t make ourselves believe though. We can manipulate our thoughts but we can’t manipulate our convictions.
Much of our homeopathic procedures are no more than believe systems and rituals (as well as allopathic procedures are) and the main question seems to be: ‘what is left of homeopathy when we strip those off?’



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