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Notes of Sepia The Cuttlefish Homeopathic Remedy




• The remedy seems to abolish the ability to feel natural love, to be affectionate.

• In the language of the mother: "I know I ought to love my children and my husband, I used to love them, but now I have no feeling on the subject."

• The love does not go forth into affection, there is a lack of realization, a lack of ability to register such affections; the love does not manifest itself..


• The affections are stilled; all things seem strange; she does not realize; she may even be estranged and turned aside from those she loves.


• Brought out in a woman during confinement, after uterine and other haemorrhages, after prolonged indigestion; high living with disturbance in the circulation, pallor, enfeeblement of body and mind.

• Comes on when nursing a child, from nursing an over-vigorous child or twins who require much lacteal fluid and drag her down.

• She who has been excitable, nervous, and fidgety becomes the opposite, cold, takes on a stoical state of mind.

• Excitability aggravated by noises, excitement, company, extreme irritability of tissue and mind; an excitable suicidal patient; melancholy, sits and says nothing; taciturn; answers questions in monosyllables when pressed to answer.

• Absence of all joy, inability to realize that things are real; all things seem strange; no affection for the delightful things of life; no joy; life has nothing in it for her.

• She is worse in company yet dreads to be alone; and when she is in company she is spiteful, in the midst of her dullness of mind she is spiteful; she vents her spite on those she loves best.

• No opposition to her opinions.

• Stupid and dull, thinks slowly and is forgetful; the mind is anything but active and we see it in the face.

• Dullness of intellect is the most striking feature and it reflects itself upon the face.


• Excitable temperament.

• Sensitive to all impressions.

• Anxiety: with fear, flushes of heat over face and head, about real or imaginary evils, towards evening.

• Great sadness and weeping, dread of being alone, of men, of meeting friends, with uterine troubles.

• Indifferent: even to one's family, one's occupation, to one's nearest and dearest.

• Greedy, miserly.

• Indolent.

• Weeps when asked about her symptoms.

• She is very sensitive, and must not be found fault with.

• Sadness and dejection, with tears.

• Melancholy and moroseness.

• Anguish and inquietude, sometimes with flushes of heat, generally in evening (when walking in open air), and sometimes in bed.

• Restlessness, fidgety.

• Dread of being alone.

• Excessively nervous, sensitive to least noise.

• Great uneasiness respecting the health, and about her domestic affairs.

• Pensiveness.
• Timorous disposition.
• Discouragement, often to such an extend as to be disgusted with life.
• Indifference to everything (to all surroundings), even to relations.
• Repugnance to customary business.
• Great disturbance caused by vexation.
• Great excitability in company.
• Susceptibility and peevishness, with great irascibility.
• Quarrelsome and caustic disposition.
• Weakness of memory.
• Distraction.

• Aptness to make mistakes in speaking and writing.
• Unfitness for intellectual labour.
• Slowness of conception.

• Comprehension difficult, heavy flow of ideas.


• Low spirit, sad, cries easily.

• Sadness associated with irritability.

• Manifests a condition of perfect indifference.

• She does not care for her household affairs or even for her family.
• A/F: anger or vexation.

• Weak and irritable nerves.

• Disturbed feelings induce congestion in head and chest.

Language coming slowly.


• Very irritable.

• Very indifferent towards everything and apathetic.

• Aversion to one’s occupation and family – to those they love the best.

• Indolent mood.

• Uneasiness in the presence of strangers.

• Propensity to suicide from despair about his miserable existence.

• “one dose takes away my ambition, I simply do not want to do anything, either work or play, an exertion even to think.”

• So nervous that I felt unless I held on to something, I should scream.


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Comment by Dr. Sanjay Solunke on May 1, 2012 at 12:10am
picture of sepia
she is brillient, she is independent, she is sparkles, everybody loves her and she love everybody, she is suppose to be a bussiness woman, all care for her..... And then the COLAPSES!!!!!!
Comment by Kavitha Kukunoor on April 30, 2012 at 11:56pm

Very nice info on Sepia. Thanks for sharing. One of my Sepia client felt like throwing her kid in laundry when she is angry, after Sepia her anger was much lessend and was under control and she was very happy with the remedy. Even her ovarian cyst resolved. 

Comment by Dr Ravindra Saraswat on April 28, 2012 at 10:46pm

Thank you Dr Sanjay sir.

Comment by Dr. Sanjay Solunke on April 28, 2012 at 4:19pm

awesome! Ravindra sir

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