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Creating Waves of Awareness


The day started with a crisp blue sky but no more than an hour later, dark grey clouds from oversea approached and tiny snowflakes danced down from the sky. It looked as if the seawater colored dark grey as well, contrasting with the snow covered beach. 

Heavier snowfall for the next two hours resulted in the most amazing scenery:  the horizon disappeared, the sand at ebb tide got covered with a layer snow and the few people on the beach became vague shadows.  Snow on the beach is very rare at our coast. We have to go back to memorable days in the 60s when the sea was frozen and the beach full of rocks of ice.

Walking in this magical display was ‘a present’, as one passenger said. I loved every second of it.


Looking at the way ahead of me, vanishing in a haze of snow and mist, my project The Next Step appeared quite similar. Even though part of it in front of me is visible, the destination is hidden.  Hopefully by walking it will reveal itself.

Pondering over the possible outcome of my walk, I realized that projecting a dream and working for a hopeful future in itself might be a pitfall. What are we hoping for after all? To finally get recognition, to be proven right, to be rehabilitated?  Isn’t this hope an expression of the good versus bad dichotomy?  Isn’t that the source of all fights and disputes?  Isn’t that exactly what we try to overcome?

Suddenly the concept of hope needed a closer examination. As homeopaths we measure the amount of hope or hopelessness and call it ‘miasm’. As such it is part of our delusion.  The answer is acceptance, I guess.

That doesn’t mean everything is equal or the same -without discernment there’s only madness- but it’s good to realize it’s a limited perspective.

During the Walk often the conversation focuses on the corruption, the ignorance or the conservatism, of ‘the other’. It looks as of the Walk is advertising a Beautiful New World, where things go according to our wishes.  And that is not what I intend to express by doing what I’m doing.

With a bit of a shock I realized I told my patients so many times that: indeed, what they experienced was true and realistic but it was only the projection in the outside world of their inner convictions. In the outside world everything is always present: good and bad, ugliness and beauty, right and wrong;  we resonate with a particular quality and therefor ‘see evidence’ wherever we look.

That, in fact in the message of the Walk.
And no, one doesn’t need to go anywhere for that…

The Walk might lead to the place all journeys  lead to:  the inner world.
Didn’t I write myself in previous books: There’s nobody out there?

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Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on January 25, 2013 at 1:14am

Hats off to your for the dedication.

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