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Nausea and Vomiting and Homoeopathy
© Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharma M.D. (Homoeopathy)
Dr. Swati Vishnoi B.H.M.S.

For well formatted and illustrated article, pl. see attached pdf.
Nausea and Vomiting and Homoeopathy.pdf

Article outline
Definition    1
Pathophysiology    1
Causes    2
A.    Mediated by effects on the gastrointestinal tract    2
B.    Mediated by chemical mechanism (usually via CTZ)    2
C.    CNS    3
D.    Vestibular    3
E.    Unexplained nausea and vomiting    3
Management    3
Goals of Management    3
Homoeopathic treatment    4
Bibliography    6
Nausea is a feeling of sickness and uneasiness of the stomach with an inclination to vomit (Psora).
Vomiting (Psora) is the forcible voluntary or involuntary emptying of stomach.
The organs involved in act of nausea and vomiting are-
•    gastrointestinal tract- stasis or irritation of the mucosa (Psora)
•    Chemoreceptor Trigger Zone (CTZ) in the base of the fourth ventricle
•    vestibular apparatus and
•    cerebral cortex
These areas stimulate the vomiting center in the brainstem via primary neurotransmitters- dopamine, serotonin, acetylcholine, and histamine (Psora).
Vomiting center coordinates the act of vomiting via autonomic efferents to the upper gastrointestinal tract, diaphragm and abdominal muscles.
Causes of nausea and vomiting can be categorized as under-
A.    Mediated by effects on the gastrointestinal tract
Gastro-intestinal transit time increases in advanced cancer. Delayed gastric emptying is main responsible cause.  
i.    Gastric outflow obstruction
o    obstruction (partial or complete) (Causa occasionalis/ Cancerous/ Syphilis/ Sycosis)
o    mass effect (hepatic or other tumor mass, carcinomatosis) (Causa occasionalis/ Cancerous/ Syphilis/ Sycosis)
o    constipation (Psora)
ii.    Gastric mucosal inflammation (NSAID’s, steroids, antibiotics, blood, ethanol, stress) (Causa occasionalis)
iii.    Gastric stasis (Psora/ Syphilis)
iv.    Vagal stimulation (Causa occasionalis/ Psora)
v.    Oesophageal causes
o    extrinsic or intrinsic compression (Causa occasionalis)
o    mucosal inflammation due to reflux or infections such as candidiasis or herpes simplex (Psora/ Sycosis/ Pseudopsora)
B.    Mediated by chemical mechanism (usually via CTZ)
i.    Drugs (Causa occasionalis)
o    opioids
o    antibiotics and anticonvulsants
o    chemotherapy and radiotherapy
ii.    Biochemical
o    Hypercalcaemia (Psora/ Sycosis)
o    Uraemia (Syphilis/ Sycosis)
o    liver failure (Syphilis)
o    Toxins (tumor factors, infection) (Psora)
C.    CNS
Raised intracranial pressure e.g. brain metastases, leptomeningeal disease, bleeding. (Causa occasionalis)
D.    Vestibular
Motion sickness. (Psora)
Cerebellar tumour. (Cancerous/ Sycosis)
E.    Unexplained nausea and vomiting
Sometimes, no cause is traceable. (Psora/ Causa occasionalis)
Goals of Management
•    To Identify and treat reversible causes whenever possible
•    Stop or significantly reduce the vomiting
•    Re-hydrate the patient
•    Abolish nausea
•    Restore appetite and oral intake
Homoeopathic treatment
ABDOMEN - Diarrhoea, enteritis - during stool - Nausea, vomiting aeth. Ant-t. Ars. Bism. camph. carb-ac. chr-ac. Colch. crot-t. cupr. fil. Ip. Iris Jatr-c. merc. opun-xyz. phos. Podo. tab. trios. Verat.
CHEST - PAIN - pressing - sides - left - nausea, with, before headache, yawning, lachrymation and vomiting ant-t.
Coldness - icy - nausea, vomiting, with valer.
EXTREMITIES - CHILLINESS - lower limbs - feet - extending upward, after nausea and vomiting vesp.
EYES - PAIN - left - extending to - occiput, with nausea and vomiting NAJA
FEMALE - MENSES - painful, dysmenorrhea - nausea and vomiting, with kreos. sars. verat-v.
FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX - FETUS - motions - nausea and vomiting from the motions arn.
FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX - MENSES - painful - nausea and vomiting Verat.
FEMALE SEXUAL SYSTEM - Complaints during pregnancy - Morning sickness acet-ac. acon. alet. Amyg-p. anac. ant-t. Apom. arg-n. Ars. bry. carb-ac. Cer-ox. Cimic. Cocc. colch. Cuc-p. cupr-act. cycl. gnaph. Goss. ing. Ip. iris kali-m. Kreos. lac-ac. lac-d. Lob. mag-c. merc. nat-p. nux-m. Nux-v. petr. phos. pilo. psor. Puls. Sep. staph. Sym-r. tab. ther. Thyr.
FEMALE SEXUAL SYSTEM - Complaints, preceding and attending flow - Morning sickness, nausea, vomiting Am-m. borx. Cocc. Cycl. graph. ichth. Ip. kreos. meli. nat-m. Nux-v. puls. Sep. thlas. verat.
FEMALE SEXUAL SYSTEM - Uterus - Haemorrhage - With - blood - clotted or fluid; paroxysmal or continual flow; nausea, vomiting - palpitation, pulse quick, feeble when moved; vital depression; fainting on raising head from pillow apoc.
FEVER, HEAT - GASTRIC fever - nausea, vomiting, dry, baked looking tongue, rapid pulse, abdominal tenderness and diarrhea, with bapt.
Foetus - movement - causes nausea and vomiting arn.
GENERALITIES - COLDNESS - nausea, vomiting, with valer.
HEAD - CONGESTION, hyperemia etc. - general - nausea and vomiting, with VERAT-V.
HEAD - PAIN - Sides - left - lying - agg. - redness and bloated swelling of the cheek with nausea and vomiting; with apis
HEAD - PULSATING - night - appears in the night, with nausea and vomiting sil.
HEAD - PULSATING, beating, throbbing - night - nausea and vomiting, with sil.
MALE SEXUAL SYSTEM - Coitus - Followed by - Nausea, vomiting mosch.
Migraine - nausea, vomiting, with ip.
MOUTH - CLEAN, clear tongue - nausea and vomiting, during IP.
Nausea - vomiting – amel phyt. pyrog.
Nausea - vomiting - and purging, with verat-v.
Nausea - vomiting - does not amel dig. ip. sang.
NERVOUS SYSTEM - Epilepsy - Followed by - nausea, vomiting bell.
RESPIRATION - ASTHMATIC - nausea, weak stomach, vertigo, vomiting and cold knees, with lob.
RESPIRATORY SYSTEM - Asthma - concomitants with - nausea, cardiac weakness, vertigo, vomiting, weak stomach, cold knees lob.
SKIN - ITCHING - nausea - scratches until he vomits IP.
STOMACH - HEARTBURN - accompanied by - nausea - vomit; with inclination to am-c.
STOMACH - NAUSEA - accompanied by - itching of skin - must scratch until he vomits ip.
STOMACH - NAUSEA - followed by – vomiting atra-r. gard-j. narc-ps. valer. ven-m.
STOMACH - NAUSEA - food - smell of - vomiting, not amel. By dig.
STOMACH - NAUSEA - inability to vomit chir-fl. Nux-v. tub.
STOMACH - NAUSEA - itching - scratch, has to, until he vomits IP.
STOMACH - NAUSEA - itching of skin until he vomits; with ip.
STOMACH - NAUSEA - pale, twitching face, with, no relief from vomiting ip.
STOMACH - NAUSEA - seasickness - eating again after vomiting mand.
STOMACH - NAUSEA - vomit; sensation as if about to - anxiety; with acon. calc. caust. Kali-c. lach. lyc. Merc-c. Merc. nit-ac. Plat. plb. sabad.
STOMACH - NAUSEA - vomit; sensation as if about to - cough agg.; during bry. Caps. Dros. hep. iod. Ip. Merc. Nux-v. Ph-ac. Puls. Ruta squil.
STOMACH - NAUSEA - vomit; sensation as if about to - drinking agg.; after nux-v. puls. rhus-t. teucr.
STOMACH - NAUSEA - vomit; sensation as if about to - eating - after - agg. agar. alum. am-c. anac. bism. bry. cham. con. cycl. graph. kali-c. phos. puls. rhus-t.
STOMACH - NAUSEA - vomit; sensation as if about to - eating - while - agg. cocc. ferr.
STOMACH - NAUSEA - vomit; sensation as if about to - menses - after - agg. puls.
STOMACH - NAUSEA - vomit; sensation as if about to - menses - before - agg. Verat.
STOMACH - NAUSEA - vomit; sensation as if about to - menses - during - agg. calc. caps. thuj. verat.
STOMACH - NAUSEA - vomit; sensation as if about to acon. agar. agn. alum. am-c. am-m. anac. ant-c. ant-t. apis arg-met. arg-n. arn. ars. asaf. asar. aur. bar-c. bell. bism. borx. bov. brom. Bry. calc. camph. cann-s. canth. Caps. carb-an. carb-v. caust. CHAM. chel. chin. cina Cocc. coff. colch. con. Croc. cupr. cycl. dig. Dros. dulc. euph. euphr. ferr. fl-ac. glon. graph. hell. hep. hyos. ign. iod. Ip. kali-bi. Kali-c. kali-n. kreos. lach. laur. led. lyc. m-ambo. m-arct. m-aust. mag-c. mag-m. mang. meny. merc-c. Merc. mez. mosch. mur-ac. nat-c. nat-m. nat-s. nit-ac. nux-m. Nux-v. olnd. op. petr. ph-ac. phos. plat. plb. podo. psor. PULS. ran-s. rheum rhod. RHUS-T. ruta Sabad. sabin. sars. sec. seneg. sep. sil. spig. spong. squil. stann. staph. stram. stront-c. sul-ac. sulph. tab. teucr. thuj. valer. VERAT. verb. zinc.
STOMACH - NAUSEA - vomiting – after dig.
STOMACH - NAUSEA - vomiting - agg. After calc. kali-bi. merc-c. sul-ac.
STOMACH - NAUSEA - vomiting - amel. ant-t. ephe-si. phyt. pyrog. visc.
STOMACH - NAUSEA - vomiting - amel. parth. phyt. tamrnd. visc.
STOMACH - NAUSEA - vomiting – before apom.
STOMACH - NAUSEA - vomiting - difficult, inability to vomit androc. ANT-T. arg-n. ARS. asar. BAR-C. berb-a. borx. brom. bry. calc. chim-m. chin. chinin-s. chlol. cic. clem. coff. coloc. cupr. elat. grat. hell. indg. kali-bi. kali-n. LAC-D. LOB. merc. myric. NUX-V. plb. podo. rad-br. raph. rob. sabad. santin. STRAM. tax. thal. tub.
STOMACH - NAUSEA - vomiting - does not amel. ant-c. DIG. ip. SANG.
STOMACH - NAUSEA - vomiting - not amel. Dig. IP. sang. tab.
STOMACH - NAUSEA - vomiting – without agar. ant-t. arn. carb-v. caust. clem. cocc. cupr-s. cupr. dig. fl-ac. GRAPH. hell-f. hep. ign. jab. kali-br. kali-c. kali-chls. KREOS. lil-t. mosch. nat-c. nit-ac. oena. op. osm. ox-ac. petr. plat. plb. puls. sars. sec. sep. sil. sol-ni. spong. stroph-h. sulph. tab. vib. wies.
STOMACH - Nausea - With - pale, twitching face, no relief from vomiting ip.
STOMACH - Symptoms and conditions - Nausea, vomiting aeth. Ant-c. ant-t. Arg-n. Ars. atro. bism. Bry. Carb-ac. carb-v. cham. cocc. Ferr. graph. ign. Ip. Kali-bi. Kreos. lept. lob. lyc. nat-c. Nux-v. petr. phos. Puls. rhus-t. Sang. sep. sil.
Stomach - Vomit - without nausea, he would bapt. ferr.
STOMACH - VOMITING - general - bile - trembling and great nausea, with, causing prostration EUP-PER.
STOMACH - VOMITING - general - eating - while, sudden - nausea, without kali-br.
STOMACH - VOMITING - general - incessant - nausea, with sil.
STOMACH - VOMITING - general - itching - nausea, with, must scratch until he vomits IP.
STOMACH - VOMITING - general - nausea – after apom. chel.
STOMACH - VOMITING - general - nausea – before calc. kali-bi. merc-c. sul-ac.
STOMACH - VOMITING - general - nausea – during aesc-g. aesc. aeth. ail. alet. amyg-p. amyg. ant-t. asc-i. bamb-a. bapt. boerh-d. bry. carbn-s. chel. cimic. eup-per. euph-c. ferr-act. form. IP. iris kali-br. kali-cy. lept. LOB. merc-chli. narc-ps. narcot. NUX-V. petr. phyt. podo. pop. ptel. PULS. sang. santin. sol-ni. still. sym-r. term-c. ther. ven-m. verat-v. verat. ziz.
STOMACH - VOMITING - general - nausea – without ant-c. apoc. apom. arn. ars. bapt. bry. chel. CITL-VG. ferr. kali-bi. lyc. med. merc-c. sabin. tab. verat-v. zinc.
STOMACH - VOMITING - itching of skin with nausea, must scratch until he vomits Ip.
STOMACH - VOMITING - nausea – with Aeth. amyg-p. ant-t. Apom. bamb-a. bry. calc. dulc. ferr. IP. iris kali-bi. Lob. merc-c. Nux-v. petr. Puls. sang. scol. streptoc. sul-ac. sym-r. Tab. verat.
STOMACH - VOMITING - nausea – without ant-c. apoc. apom-m. Apom. arn. ars. bry. chel. ferr. kali-bi. kali-p. lyc. med. merc-c. phyt. sabin. tab. tritic-vg. verat-v. zinc.
STOMACH - Vomiting, retching - with – nausea Aeth. amyg-p. ant-t. bry. Ip. iris Lob. Nux-v. petr. Puls. sang. sym-r. verat.
STOMACH - VOMITING; TYPE OF - bile - trembling and great nausea, causing prostration Eup-per.
VERTIGO - Concomitants - Nausea, vomiting acon. Bry. Cocc. euon. Kali-bi. Nux-v. Petr. pilo. Podo. puls. stront-c. Tab. ther.
VERTIGO - MOTION - agg. - vomiting and nausea pitu-gl. sel. Ther.
VERTIGO - MOTION - from - vomiting and nausea sel. THER.
VERTIGO - NAUSEA - with - vomiting, and CHININ-S. cocc. ferr. lappa lob. petr. sel. THER.
Vertigo - nausea and vomiting, with Chinin-s. cocc. ferr. lappa lob. petr. sel. Ther.
Vomiting - nausea, without ant-c. apoc. arn. ars. chel. ferr. kali-bi. lyc. phyt. Verat-v. zinc.
Vomiting - violent - nausea, without verat-v.
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