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My Homeopathic Research Institute Poster Presentation Proposal was Accepted ;)

My Homeopathic Research Institute Poster Presentation Proposal was Accepted ;)

Please help me get there.

bout this project
One of my research projects has been accepted to be 'postered' (see project picture) at the Homeopathic Research Institute Conference in Rome, Italy in June 2015. I applied to present at the Homeopathic Research Institute because most of my publishing homeopathic colleagues are in Europe (and my heritage is Italian) and this is my opportunity to create important research colleagues and alliances to forward this world of research hopefully extending all the way back here to Canada. Sadly, in North America right now there is a strong 'skeptic' movement literally funded by pharmaceutical companies infiltrating the public and even to the extent of University level possibilities for education and (of course) research. This is the evident catch 22 of asking a homeopath for 'the science' on homeopathy and the very blatant lack of ability to find funding.

Where exactly would this money go?
Luckily - I am VERY good at finding deals:
Conference Fee is 320Euros = CDN$543
Flight to Rome is CDN$1059
Hotel (AirBnB) 6 nights is 360 Euros =$485
Plus other transportation and food!

So much can be changed with so little funding with homeopathy because of the strong principles of healing that homeopathy is based on and has been using in the very same manner for over 200 years. Once 'the science' of homeopathy can penetrate the narrow prevailing conventional medical system I see a way that it can quickly turn the tides on the current view of homeopathy and holistic medicine and allow the evidence of how perfectly useful that homeopathy can be to help ourselves, our societies and generations become healthier instead of less healthy. In essence, I am realizing the importance of 'infiltrating from within'. References made to 'the science' has become more of a belief system than the actual knowledge that science has been known to elicit. When systems become so closed and ideas so dogmatic that 'the science' is not even willing to question something in order to find the answer(s) ie. knowledge then it is no longer be described as science. I hear and see these kinds of references to 'the science' sounding more and more out of context and as if it is some kind of religion which is why I sometimes feel like it is used like a belief system. My goal is to highlight that as a societal problem with specific reference to the implications within our narrow focused health system.

As I am in the throws of trying to finish my second year of my MSc of Integrated Medicine and plan this presentation in Rome, I am started to realize how little our Canadian dollars go in Europe.  Plus there is the challenge of the previously stated reality of lack of funding for research in homeopathy which is why I am asking for your own generosity - your willingness to place your dollars into the faith that there are opportunities here for us to turn the tides and change perspectives on what are important aspects of health and healing.

While reading this plea, you might wonder to yourself of the reasons that I continue to follow my attempt to offer homeopathy despite the odds. That NOT doing so feels like an abandonment of the primary code of conduct as a health practitioner ‘do no harm’ and against following the code ethics within the principles of beneficence and non-malevolence 4. If I don’t offer something that I know can benefit someone’s condition of health; then I feel that I am not acting as the compassionate human being that I know I am. If you would like to find out more, please contact me.

I feel that this little poster presentation is imperative to the forward movement of homeopathy as an option in Canada and will have very positive implications on my abilities to pursue important avenues as a rigorous and relevant researcher of holistic health options for all of us.

Homeopathy has a long history of popular use (hundreds of years). It also has a history of being criticized in North America where the medical industry is dominated by the pharmaceutical industry. Homeopathy is second only to Jesus as the two most controversial topics according to Wikipedia 1.

Considering my previous career in political advocacy focusing on environmental and conservation issues, I sometimes ask myself; Is that what attracted me to homeopathy? No! It was the fact that once I gave it a try for my lifetime struggle with de-habilitating eczema, it did something that nothing else could do for me and so I was ecstatic 2. That success indeed was what made me passionate about ensuring that people have ACCESS and  know about homeopathy as an option if they so choose.

Fortunately (unfortunately?), that passion has led me here – writing to justify the amazing healing that I am now able to do for many others, now that I’ve spent over ten years continuing to study all aspects of homeopathy above and beyond my four year diploma requirement in order to call myself a homeopathic practitioner 3. Luckily I now have access to University level databases of research publication and you - reading this are lucky too, because I am writing to share this with you and others who can make a choice (and a donation) towards making important changes.


1. last accessed January 9, 15.

2.Medhurst, R. (2013). Homoeopathy for Eczema. Journal Of The Australian Traditional-Medicine Society, 19(2), 104-106.

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Risks and challenges
Risks and Challenges. This project may get the attention of some skeptics and could be somehow interpreted as a negative project, however, as outlined above, this is not from a love of rigorous science but for a fear of change. This - I have discovered is just part and parcel of being a professionally sought after homeopathic practitioner and will not deter me from my passion for the truth and knowledge of true health and healing for everyone.

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Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on April 4, 2015 at 11:57pm

All the best

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