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Motion on demand: Physiotherapy for constipation

'Motion on demand'
Physiotherapy for constipation

Dr. M. A. Usmani

I’ve contrived a physio-therapeutic solution for constipation; and have perfected it. It has no failures. It is a matter of training for the manipulation of the abdominal muscles, to synchronize with and invigorate peristalsis of the intestines. It can be performed by relaxing in a posture, whether lying or sitting. For the beginner lying posture is more conducive to speedy learning and mastery. After a full breakfast, lie down on your back and focus your attention on the right lower quadrant (i.e. the ileocecal region) of your abdomen. Now squeezing or contracting the muscles of this region, and, at the same time, thinking that you are propelling the contents of this region upward, along the ascending colon, up and up, till you reach the right hypochondrium and from there you propel the contents further across the abdomen to the splenic flexure, and from thence down the descending colon. By reaching near the left quadrant of your abdomen relax the contraction. This is one wave of the cycle. Repeat this for many such cycles of contraction and relaxation, while constantly thinking that by so doing you are propelling the contents of the large intestines further and further towards the rectum. With the sedulous practice of many days you’ll attain the mastery over the management over the waves of peristalsis of intestinal system. Soon you would be able to create very forceful peristaltic waves of contraction and relaxation, with the exhaustive movement of the contents of your bowels.

My patients after having the substantial part of their breakfast with the family go to their own rooms, with the teacup in their hands, sit in their sofa and sip the tea, while doing their bowel exercise (physiotherapy). Their cup is not yet finished when they start feeling strong urging for going to the lav.

For a boost to your exercise you can add a, so called, ‘pumping motion’ to the above exercise. While sitting on the commode you will continue your exercise by contracting your ileo-cecal muscles and taking this contraction up and across the abdomen and relaxing it the midway of the descending colon. Along with this you will add a pumping force by moving your right thigh in right-left oscillating movement. When you’ll move it toward your abdomen it will press on the ilieo-cecal quadrant that will boost your contracting impulse. When you become habitual of this exercise, you’ll find that by seating yourself on the commode you automatically start the pumping motion with your right thigh. And you will feel astonished to find that pumping motion alone suffices to trigger the whole process to its fruitful accomplishment.

So much for the exercise and its technique. But a person with costive habits must think of changing his lifestyle. Every food that creates constipation and dryness in the intestines must be shunned. Polished rice and fine flour and bakery products, prepared with this flour should be considered as harmful. Whole meal flour should be preferred and adopted. Body systems should be kept sufficiently hydrated with lot of water and other fluid intake. Take a full glass of warm water first thing on waking in the morning. Don’t take rice on consecutive days. Take lot of fruits every day; or compensate it with vegetables. Only partaking of dishes of meat or poultry is not a balanced diet. Consuming only meat or poultry is not only not a balanced diet, but can create constipation. Warm things are usually laxative and cold things are costive. Warm milk and warm water are laxative; and cold milk and cold water are costive. Fine foods and fine flour are costive and whole foods and whole wheat is not costive. Therefore most of the bakery preparations - made of fine flour, are costive. Whole meal bread is more salutary and conducive to health. Warm and hot milk is laxative and cold milk is costive; but when it is allergen to somebody it will upset the stomach, whether it is cold or warm. Summarily, take most of the things warm and hot to save yourself from bacterial infection.

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