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"Mind the Mind Rubrics in Mind Chapter"

ROD (Rubric Of the Day)

SOLEMN Serious and formal always. Never cheerful and never laughs or make jokes. They neither enjoy jokes nor  crack jokes. They are circumspect and serious always. Never entertain humor. Watch only serious channels in T V. Never watch comedy shows or cartoon channels. They will either ridicule or react seriously towards even innocent humor.
Remedies: HYOS, PLAT, podo, dulc


Opposite of SOLEMN

Frivolous Casual Always. Not seriousness in any matter. Pleasure is his ideal. He will smoke cigarettes, get drunk, engage in debauchery, watch adult/lustful movies and will lead a listless life. He will laugh even on serious matters. Seriousness is not a word in his dictionary. He earned nothing except the name "heedless".
Heedless - Will be discussed in next blog
Dr.S.G.Biju BHMS MD (Hom)

Heedless It is nothing but carelessness. Carelessness in personal appearance. Carelessness while walking, driving and even talking. Frequently hits little toe on tables and chairs illustrates one presentation of heedless. There will be repeated accidents in his past history. It is almost near to chaotic.
Chaotic - will discuss tomorrow

VENERATION: The highest degree of respect and reverence; respect , dignity, sacredness of character, he bends forward before others. Podo, Puls, Vanila

FANATICISM: A person with Ardent belief not only on religious subjects but in politics, or certain other beliefs. SUL, Thja, Rob,Lach

UNOBSERVEING: An inability to observe things, Inattentive, forgetful and absent minded. Careless and unaware about circumstances. Hell, Sep, Caust

Rebellious: To refuse allegiance to and oppose by force an established rules & ruling authority in family and society. CAUST, Carc




RITUALISTIC BEHAVIOUR: Some type of Orthodox mentality with things should be done in certain repetitive order. A repetitive movement of autism is not the exact meaning of this rubric. It is a passion to continue the custom of a community or society in the exact manner it done in the old era.  Lyssin, Tub, Theridion.


PAVOR NOCTURNUS: It is “sleep terror disorder” of Children. Fear and anxiety shortly after falling asleep in children. Poor recall of Dreams. KALI BROM,TUB. S.G.B


 PEDANT: A show of his knowledge. Self boosting presentation about his knowledge. Ostentatious display of his knowledge (Sycosis). NAT SIL, Carc plat. S.G.B

 BUOYANCY- Extreme amount of dynamicity to encourage with cheerfulness & vivacity. - SARRACENIA (Medicine for scar of pimples), Fl.Acid. Nux, Vom. SG


ROD: PERFIDIOUS: Deliberately and purposefully breaking trust, faith and is a usual Happening between couple and between friends. LACH. Ars, Lyc 


NAGGING: Constantly complaining, annoying, urging, demanding and in a sense tormenting others by complaining or fault finding. – Cann Ind, Plat, Kali Carb


ROD: MEDDLESOME: Putting their nose in to others matter. Interfering with personal or family matters of others and thus make things worse. Gossiping is behind their nosy nature. Hyosc, Lyc, Plb


ENNUI: It is boredom. Nothing attracts him. Everything seems old, monotonous and featureless. Think past was better and cannot appreciate anything new.  CALC, LYC, MERC

FATALISTIC: Those who believe that all things are happening according to fate. Nothing is under his control. He surrendered to this belief and blame fate always. NIT ACID, LAVANDULA


ROD: AFFABILITY: Very pleasant friendly and communicative. We like such person very much because he will be smiling and cheerful always. He makes others happy by his presence and speech. Everybody likes to speak to him. – Phos,podo,tub


INSOLENCE,IMPETUOUS: Lack of respect, excessive casualness, ill-mannered and lack of modesty. You can observe this from mannerisms and body language of patients. LYC, PLAT, VERAT, SEP, HEP, NIT AC  


Rubrics Translating Language Into Repertory Rubrics

ROD: NIBBLE: To eat or chew small bits. Bite gently. NAT CARB
ROD: POMPOUS :excessive self-esteem or exaggerated dignity; pretentious. Enjoying ordering than obeying: PLAT, Verat,
ROD: QUAKING: It has nothing to do with Quackery. It is shivering or better to say shaking body from strong emotions. VESPA

ROD: TEMERITY: Disregard of danger. Reckless. It will be evident in driving, quarreling, drinking and putting their nose in to issues. Audacity is similar but Temerity may leads to some risky ventures that may en in success. Arnica, Staph, Spongia
LACONIC: Concise and to the point in communication. Using minimum words and time to communicate And Never a descriptivist. CHINA, MUR ACID

ROD: Clairaudient: The ability to hear sounds and voices that are outside of the natural range of hearing. It is just like the acute smelling ability of a dog and sees lyssin is one among the remedies for this condition. It may occur in delusion disorders but the sounds are imaginary (auditory haluucinations). Clairaudient will say the kitchen menu of neighbour or he can appreciate the smell of an elephant walking far away. Some tribal leaving in forest are having this ability to hear the sounds of animals that they developed themselves to escape from wild animals – Cann Ind, Anac, Lyss

ROD: Inclined to judicial contest. Enjoying suiting files in court and proceeding in court. Eg: Late Navab Rajenbdran – ACID NIT

ROD: MYSTICISM: Belief that he can tell occult truth because of hios spirituality. Med, Lach, Camph

MYSTICISM: Belief that he can tell occult truth because of his spirituality. Med, Lach, Camph, IF THIS MZG IS REPEATING REPLAY - R. TO ME
GOURMAND & BULIMIA: Eating more than his capacity. Gourmand will eat more quantity of his favorite food. In Bulimia one will eat anything and everything. VERAT, Carbo Veg
ROD: REVELING: Make his feast noisy and merry. He will make noise from chewing. Remember it is not reve’A’ling - Nat Carb, Nux, Ant Crud


ANIMUS POSSESSION: Losing femininity in women.  It is the inner masculine side of a woman.  It is a symbolic masculine character like leadership, Logical thinking, Taking responsibility of men. Plat, Lill Tig


MOCKING:  It is a false humour with an element of indirect aggression to humiliate and ridicule his adversary. It will be deliberately ironic.  Lach, Carb V, Verat Alb  

LEWDNESS: Openness in speech and behaviors especially on sexual matters without any sense of morality of the society. Certain action exposing or mimicking sexual organs but never reach up to exhibitionism.    Behavior that is deemed morally impure or unacceptable in a sexual sense; open and public indecency tending to corrupt the morals of the community; gross or wanton indecency in sexual relations. An important element of lewdness is openness: Phos, Pic Acid, Raphanus

Feigning: To pretend falsely, as if he is sick, as if pregnant etc. It is the rubric for “Monday morning sickness” – VERAT A, Tarentula, Puls

ROD: NIHILISTIC: A person who believes human existence has no objective meaning, purpose, or intrinsic value. A typical Syphilitic Rubric:  SYPHIL, Nit Acid

ROD: SENSUAL: Looking for satisfaction of senses, especially the sexual senses. There is nothing passionate in mind only in body.  Even A visual sense satisfaction(sexual)  by a penetrating look shall also include in SENSUAL – Bufo, Rhus Glabera

LAMENTING:  Express his symptoms with cries, moans, sighs and lot of distress and pain. Actually he is doing this to get sympathy of others.  AUR, VERAT, HAMAMILIS


Abstraction of Mind:  He is not here, he is not present here, he is preoccupied, it is a mental withdrawn – Kali Phos, Nux Mos,

Impressionable: Readily or easily influenced; suggestible. Capable of receiving an impression. Most of the interpreted Sympathetic shall be impressionable. Sympathetic will respond to the suffering of others in a positive way. Impressionable make it as his grief too but never responds with a deed than word. They will take the impression of sufferings of others to their mind and think that if it occurs to me what will be my feeling? They will share it with others and make them sympathetic but didn’t do anything for which they are letting tears.  But a sympathetic person will do something for them. He himself jump into the issue and lead for an action. His deed will be appreciated by others than his words. But the word of an impressionable man will be appreciated by others. 2 Patients reached in my clinic after few days of a bus accident. Both of them were reached from the same rout.  One among them was suffering from sleeplessness after seeing the pitiful seen of accident dead bodies, injured people etc. The other person was suffering from IVDP due to lifting people who met accident. He was not able to get treated because he was running after the injured for rescue operations and to console the relatives of dead people.  The former included under impressionable and the later under Sympathetic. TUB, IOD, CIC


VAGABOND: A wanderer who has no established residence or visible means of support, move about aimlessly or without any destination, often in search of food or employment. :Oxygen

CHARLATAN: A person who makes elaborate, fraudulent, and often voluble claims to skill or knowledge; a quack or fraud.  A retired air force officer told me that he is an encyclopaedia in aviation. Whenever he reached in my clinic he narrated something that I couldn’t get in terms of aviation. He uses technical terms of aviation. He knows only aviation and what he told was aviation always. I took his rubric as boaster, flattering desire to be. Etc. After few months I purchased a new car. It was written on the dickey of the car that “Quadra jet”. I hesitate to ask Car Company about the meaning of “Quadra jet” and I thought that I can ask aviation man who is well versed with engines and all as he stated. Meanwhile I got information that my new car’s is engine is “turbo” that too I don’t know what is. I kept both questions for aviation man. When he reached I just asked him both questions. He was literally hunting for words, he don’t know the answer of both questions.  Later I invited him for a speech in the nearby school in connection with Independence Day organized by Rotary International. He skulked from that invitation by saying some unbelievable excuses. I called him for another occasion for a speech about aviation in Rotary club. At that time I told him to choose the date and time but till date he postponed it even after my repeated request.  It was actually a fraudulent clam about his aviation knowledge! His rubric changed from Boaster to Charlatan and thus received a dose of CALC instead of Verat Alb & Medorrhonium that was prescribed most to him. : Calc, Nat M, Puls Plat Sul


ALOOF: Distant physically or emotionally; reserved and remote. At a distance but within view. He is reserved to keep dignity. An Aloof patient doesn’t get along with people easily. They never enter in to the intimate zone of others in physical and mental level. 75 centimetres around a person is considered as his intimate zone. Only a very close person shall enter in to your intimate zone for communication. Aloof person never enter in to this zone. He hesitates to shake hand with you without an invitation. He never asks your personal matters and even personal details. One of my friends in Jaycees (An international youth organization) doesn’t know the whereabouts of his fellow members. Once he was appointed as the program director of an event. His duty is to call every member over telephone and to welcome the gathering. He literally failed in these 2 duties because he doesn’t know what his fellow members so as to guests! Remember he was the winner of 100% attendance Award in the previous year. He presented in all meetings attended all training programs but keep a distance from his fellow members! In another occasion one of the members of the same organisation brought all members and beautifully introduced not only the guest but also all members! He introduced each every member of our organization by narrating an event in their life and their reaction to that event. This introduction was a part of each event! He took initiative in others matter and played his role without anticipating a negative outcome. He made certain condition worsen because of his interference. When both these patients consulted me on different occasions I take Aloof for former and Meddlesome for the later.

Amativeness: Relating to or inclined toward love, especially sexual love.  It stands for the reproductive instinct and the sexual desire. It is the faculty concerned with physical love and sexual attraction it has nothing to do with the eternal love. It is more or less physical attraction than a love from the bottom of heart. : Cantharis, Hyoscyamus, Lyco.

WRETCHED: A miserable, unfortunate, or unhappy person. A person pitied for his misfortune. He will blame his fate and will talk negatively and thus makes others unhappy. RUTA, Tabacum

SATYRIASIS: Excessive, often uncontrollable sexual desire in and behaviour by a man. It is excessive or abnormal sexual craving in the male. One of my patients reached in our de addiction clinic told me that he is not satisfied with his wife and even after having a number of extra marital relationships. He was depending alcohol to get a sound sleep otherwise he will think about sexual relation with all ladies irrespective of their age that he met on that day. Irresistible desire with erection was his problem. Few doses of Verat Alb saved him from both alcoholism and loss of morality. Verat Alb, Kali Brom, CANTH

SERVILE: Submissive and permissive. They are suitable to a slave or servant. If they reach in leadership they will be used as a doormat. Others will play on their shoulders. PULS, Gels, Lyc.

SOBERNESS: The practice of refraining from use of alcoholic liquors. It is an increased self-control of addicted people who are able to withstand the temptation to go to drugs, narcotics and alcoholic beverages because of their will power. When I was working in a Hospital some 10 years back, one day a patient reached in O.P and while taking case he revealed that he had been taking alcohol on a regular base for 18 years but has stopped for 3 months without any reason. One fine morning he thought it is a bad habit and thus he stopped the habit all of a sudden. Still he is sharing his time with his old alcoholic friends in every evening but never took a drop of alcohol. After taking the case one of my fellow doctor told me that he really deserves a salute as he can stop it with his will power but outr doctor can’t stop even after medication! The former comes under SOBERNESS and the later comes under ADDICTED Tendency to become. Former received Kali Phos for sleeplessness and later (Doctor) received Carcinicin for addiction.  Kali P, Nat Sil, Hyper


AMOROUS: Strongly attracted or disposed to love, especially sexual love. Full of love, making love & showing love. PLAT, VERAT, GRAPH

QUEER: Deviating from the expected or normal; strange, Odd or unconventional, as in behaviour; eccentric: HYOSC, LACH, Stramon

PENANCE : RELIGIOUS AFFECTIONS - penance, desires to do:  An act of self-mortification or devotion performed voluntarily to show their dedication to god/as a part of worship– Platina

SQUANDERING: To Spend wastefully, Poor money management, Useless purchases, Spending more than earning. MERC, Syphil, Lach

ANARCHIST: A belief that society should have no government, laws, police, or other authority, but should be a free association of all its members. A rejection of all Authorities: Arg Nit, Merc

TIMIDITY: Shyness, lacking in self-assurance, courage, or bravery; easily alarmed, One can observe it from body language and speech of a person. PULS, Baryt C, LYC

PERTINACITY:  Persistent determination, Un yielding adherence to an opinion, adamant decision, Never compromising (“The rabbit I captured having 3 horns!) – Dros, Caps, Nat Sil

ELOQUENT: Talking or writing in a fluent, clear and graceful manner. We like the presentation of patient as it is attractive- Opium, Cannab-I-S

ABRUPT: Unexpectedly sudden: an instant change or reaction from a person. Surprisingly curt brusque: a sudden answer made in anger. CALC, CAUST,NUX

HATRED: Strong aversion; intense dislike; hate

PROPHESYING: Predict the future as if by divine inspiration, predict with certainty (A fact or truth unquestionable, established) as if by divine inspiration-LACH, Medo, Arg.Nit.

TIDY : Arranged in good order; orderly; appropriate; neat; kept in proper and becoming neatness. Their dress is tidy & home is kept neat and clean. Nat Silic, Carc, Vanila

Offended Easily: Sensitive to harmless jokes about him or easily hurt by displeasing remarks about him. He will take the negative side of the said things because he is either insecure or he is having over self-esteem/ego. STAPH, TUB, NUX

VENERATION: The highest degree of respect and reverence; respect , dignity, sacredness of character, he bends forward before others. Podo, Puls, Vanila

FANATICISM: A person with Ardent belief not only on religious subjects but in politics, or certain other beliefs. SUL, Thja, Rob,Lach

UNOBSERVEING: An inability to observe things, Inattentive, forgetful and absent minded. Careless and unaware about circumstances. Hell, Sep, Caust

Rebellious: To refuse allegiance to and oppose by force an established rules & ruling authority in family and society. CAUST, Carc


Let us study few Body languages: Gressus Gallinaceous: Walking like a BIRD with adducted lower limbs: Lach, SIL Rubric Extremities Walking Gressus Gallinaceous.

Gressus Vaccinus: Walking like a Cow: Rubric: Extremities Walking Gressus Vaccinus. PHOS, Iod, Sec Cor, Cicuta

GRIMACES: A sharp contortion of the face expressive of pain, contempt, or disgust, habitual, from affectation, or momentary aad occasional, to express some feeling: Hyosc, Cuprum, Stramon, Olnd

WHIMPER (Mind Weeping Whimpering): To cry or sob with soft intermittent sounds apart from sobbing. MERC, CAUST, Veratr




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Comment by Dr. Aamir Mustafa on October 8, 2013 at 10:33am
Thanks very nice topic
Comment by Mashkoor Ahmed on October 7, 2013 at 4:26am
Dr. Hahnemann was the first person who rightly said that “mind is the key to men".
Comment by Veeraraghavan A.R. on December 26, 2011 at 10:56am

Very informative Doctor. I am also interested in Mind section.

Comment by Dr. Habib Khan. on August 25, 2011 at 2:36am
work in good direction
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Thanks for all comments
Comment by Dr.Lakshmi Priya.M on July 9, 2011 at 12:36pm
thank u sir .easy to understand and remember.
Comment by Dr. Aamir Mustafa on July 9, 2011 at 9:33am

very nice job Thanks

Comment by Dr. Sayed Tahir Hassan on July 8, 2011 at 1:10am
Good corelation between the opposites. Thanks.
Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on July 7, 2011 at 6:34am

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