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The elements occur in all philosophies. Whether in Western or Eastern, Southern or Northern.

The elements are a symbol of life energy. Each represents a different part of our lives. Each intact medical system is directly or indirectly from it. Therefore we want to consider these energies here. They belong to the original knowledge that all of us dwells.


  • Water represents emotion. Again, there are various symbols such as spring, river or lake, sea and ocean. Also, rain and snow and fog are out here. In medicine, this manifests as fluid retention, edema, or as a liquid excretion. Sweating is also down here. Water filled the color blue.
  • Here also includes the flow and everything that makes a river (of life).


  • Air meets the fleeting thoughts and ideas. Symbolically represents itself as a breeze, wind or storm. In medicine, this is the breathing. Just as the bloating and flatulence. Color to air shows in bright shades of blue, but also in yellow.
  • Here includes the inhaling and exhaling, the give and take.


  • Fire stands for activity. There are different symbols, such as the sun. Each heat is out here. In medicine, this manifests as inflammation, fever, or as a hot flash. Fire is red. This red is a symbol of the fire and everything we associate with it.
  • Also here is the movement into and all that drives them: ie energy and muscles.


  • Matter is what makes this world stability. Symbolically it represents as the mountains and the earth rising from the ground of water. In medicine the structure are the tissue and bones.
  • Here is also the foundation and the stability of being.


From these elements is the composition of life. They are available in different weights for each operation. If we look carefully we can see what items are physically present. We can interpret into how this weighting is expressed.

  • Energy / Fire = life, power, energy
  • Liquid = feeling, emotion
  • Air = exchange, communication
  • Earth = the matter in the here and now

Likewise, everything can be applied to organs and activities.

The Hermetic law "As above so below" applies here. We can certainly assume that this law was familiar with Hahnemann.


Qualities of Elements

Each element has three different qualities:

  1. be born in life
  2. fixed in life
  3. shared with other(s)

If you think that's a bit of astrology, you are right. In the European kind of Astrology these elements are discussed too.

1. Water / Emotion

  1. The emotion is born with the birth. The birth is our origin here in this life. We depend on our mother who gives us nutrition, hygiene, and rest to grow up. We love our mother as our mother loves us. Here we are empathic. We love.
  2. Later on in state of fixing all till now we look in our surrounding. We learn that there is the territory of us and of others. We learn to live in the group, first the small one (family), later to larger one (friends, school, job). We feel to live in a fixed frame. Here we enjoy life.
  3. Becoming adult we try to live as part of all. All the others, all the circumstances, all the nature, all the creation. Here we trust in being a part of all and share each part with all. We desire to be a particle in being well thrived.


  • That's the balance of healthy psora. The balance between loving and be loved.


  • That's the balance of health sycosis. The balance between enjoying and being enjoyed.


  • That's the balance of healt syphiliny. The balance between universal fidelity and confidence.

All our living is based in our "water" (feeling, emotion). If you ain't engaged in something you do not think about. And very sure - you do not do anything. So nothing happens, it doesn't matter. Emotion is the impulse to live. Is the impulse disturbed; by not being loved, enjoyed, or intimated, we be become ill. If we cannot dissolve the problem, we ignore it. If we do so long enough, we get symptoms. Each symptom is similar to the undissolved problem we just ignore.

2. Air (thoughts)

  1. Be born in principles, to be able to decide "yes" and "no"
  2. The decision for "yes" and "no"
  3. Sharing the got knowledge with the rest of the world


3. Fire (action)

  1. the first impuls
  2. Organisation of action
  3. Sharing by going into the world


4. Earth (matter, ground, substance)

  1. the egg / seed, base to grow up, concentrated in one point
  2. the explosing nature, green, opulent, the feet on the ground to go into life
  3. the harvest to gather all together


In this frame we find the balance of life. To be healthy and to feel ill are two qualities of the same point - the oscillation between two pole. This old frame can help us to understand it. Energy is for ever, the form is for here. Form is reduced speed. Time is the sight of this reducing - for a better understanding of the detail. It's the time we have to collect knowledge and to sample. - Aude sapere -

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